Punishment: ‘I Lie About Being Pregnant with Famous Rappers’ Babies for Attention’

Punishment: ‘I Lie About Being Pregnant with Famous Rappers’ Babies for Attention’

– This is the part of
the show where typically we help people with solutions. We try to find something to help you, but in this case, we thought it was appropriate
to hold you all accountable. (applause) So… Here’s what the team, the
truth team, came up with. Since you love social media, since you want followers, since you want that
attention on social media, we want you to post this on
your social media account. I am a liar. And I hurt people to gain fame. That would be appropriate
because that’s what you do, and then we want you to
experience what it’s like, Celina, to really be pregnant. – [Celina] Oh, god. – So we have a little gift for you. So if you wear this
when you post that sign, and you can show everyone what it really is like to be pregnant, and Rosie– – Oh, no, no, hold it. It doesn’t stop there. – Okay. – You want to be famous. We’re going to send you
to Hollywood Boulevard, where have a special sign
to show everybody that says, I lie about being pregnant with famous rappers’ babies for attention. (applause) – I’m not doing that. (laughs) – Well, you may not do it, but everyone that watches this show, they see what you should
be posting on social media. – Almost needs a (both talking)
like, yes, okay, honey. Oh my god (inaudible). (all laugh) You say you ain’t got
no shame in your game? – Right? – You said you ain’t got
no shame in your game? – I don’t have no shame in my game, but people already know me,
– Okay, so you going to face the truth today.
– so when they see silly you, When they see Celina Powell,
they already know that. – Oh, they already know this much? Let me see this right here. – Yeah, they already know that. – Here’s the pregnancy belly. – Okay, well, how about
the pregnancy belly? – Yeah, I’m wearing a dress, no. No, thanks. (laughs) I already did that for like six months. – You wore a fake belly for six months? – Well, everyone in Denver knows me, so, yeah! I had to play the part. – Did you forget I did
the movie Kill Bill? (crowd woos) – I’d even–

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  1. no wonder why so many bullying in this 🌎 exept helping they make fun of her im dead why we live in tho

  2. So basically the truth team just rags on other women? Real women bring each other up.

  3. Y’all are bashing her self esteem instead of helping. I don’t agree with this show. Having a PhD or being well known is no excuse to look down on people no matter how much bad they do.

  4. If females couldnt speak?


  6. This is bullying… disgusting.

  7. Hate it when women bash other women. They are putting down her self confidence, and I really feel bad for her. She needs help and instead of helping her, they mess with her mental health even more.

  8. Her wig has me sooo dead that shit busted haha

  9. She’s mad annoying she deserves to be humiliated

  10. She need to get a new wig

  11. All that hair flipping that wig gonna fly off. 🤪

  12. Vivica's she knows nothing about the movie Kill Bill! She is way too young to know anything about that

  13. I'm from Denver.. nobody knows this bitch

  14. I think those professional ladies are even more mean than Celina. So disgusting! 🤮

  15. That’s stupid punishments. Js

  16. I cannot stand Selina Powell but this show is stupid and shouldn't get picked up.

  17. Celina look like the main female fish off the movie Shark Tales w a stale ass wig and I don’t like her BUT, this show seems pretty ass bc it’s just older women degrading younger women and calling it “help and solutions”. I’d expect a show like this to be ran by women ages 18-25 maybe but like GROWN women?

  18. U didnt help her 🙂

  19. I think these ladies who run the show need mental help if they think that's going to work

  20. Vivica plastic face ass is hating hard.

  21. This show is so dumb like this the opposite feminism

  22. These doctors and lawyers that are hosting this show lose their credibility being on this petty show

  23. This show is horrible. Is this show just about bashing?

  24. Yeah, the girl is bat shit crazy. But, they punked the shit out of her. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Maybe she needs some guidance instead of being made fun of.

  25. And yet they seem to have created this show exactly for attention. In no way am I excusing this young ladies behavior, but the behavior of these women is also so childish. Having a panel of women bashing other individuals' (men or women) while trying to gain views and subscribers (lets be real here), is no less attention-seeking than this young woman desiring fame and money.

  26. This is a disgusting way to treat a young woman who clearly has problems.

  27. I never support Celina …. but these old women are so mean to humiliate her…and that fat obesity girl who lose weight, I actually like her before… I always adore her motivation but after seeing this show …she involves with women and slut shame her …. she would have already been bodyshame before, and she should have understand what its like to be bullied … but still she bullied someone weaker than her …. im scared of these old immature women… they remind me of those popular girls in highschool who loves to bully weak ppl ….

  28. Instead of helping they are shaming and bashing her… it’s awful

  29. Their method isn’t dumb. It’s called tough love. It’s the same as kids going on Maury and getting put in boot camp or something. Don’t forget this is a grown woman scamming people. Everybody doesn’t have mental illnesses that makes them act up. That seems to be the go to reason for people to feel sorry for people who don’t deserve it. Sis shouldn’t have been able to leave until she held that sign and put that fake bump on tbh.

  30. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

  31. Just as with any other addiction, you have to own it. How do any of you commentors know Iyanla wouldnt approve? Doesnt she say, " Stand in it!" Celina is a pathological liar and isnt even remotely remorseful. No matter if you like it or not….lying gives some ppl the same buzz as any other drug.

  32. She just needs a good ass whoopin

  33. Someone needs to beat her ass I would love too

  34. lol you guys are feeling sorry for a bitch

  35. To be honest their both disgusting little girls.

  36. i was hoping they really got to the bottom of her issues and helped this poor girl out. they should of givin her like a therapist instead.

  37. My new obsession Show

  38. I see all the suggestions in the comments section . Lol what kinda help would y'all suggest or offer ??? I'm curious cause I see a lot of Counselors here and I'm curious to hear the advice from some of you to this young Lady.

  39. its better than been stripped butt naked walking thru the streets with your hair cut off people throwing rotten veg shouting shame with a bell ringing…the bitch got off light! that girl brings shame on women 2018

  40. This is really not helping

  41. Uno shud ah neva duh dat 😈😈dat mi very mean n rude😈at the end ah di day nuh matter if Celina Powell lies she neva fi get treated like dat😈

  42. Did her ass just right 😂

  43. wtf is this 💩💩😳

  44. This is humiliating and such a mean girl thing to do these old women need to go sleep…this is fully ng likeqtf😪

  45. Is this real??? I dont understand how any of these grown ass woman are sitting there laughing & humiliating another human being..

  46. Her hair bigger then her body.

  47. These women sitting on the chair are the mean girls! They are straight up bullying and humiliating her. Sick

  48. I hope cardi b whoops her ass 💪

  49. She deserves everything they doing to her bitches like that is what is wrong with the damn world today to much fakeass bitches 😡

  50. She wishes everyone in Denver knows her.

  51. Ok fuck them . That's mean asf

  52. This bitch is dumb

  53. People in the comments are really trying to say that they were being mean to her by humiliating her with the sign, the post, and the fake belly. OMG SHUT UP!!! If y'all feel bad for this girl you clearly support her and all the tomfoolery she's done to these men and their relationships. This girl has done multiple interviews and not once showed any remorse for the trouble she caused others. Just sat there rolling her eyes and nonchalantly saying "so what" "idc idc no one cares" like it was justification. Like the one lady said people who do things like this will later end up incarcerated later on in life. She's lucky she managed to dodge a fat ass fine or jail time with the amount of perjury and fraud she took the time to do. That sign and belly will give her the same amount of attention she's been asking for and receiving. the only difference is it's in a shape, form, and fashion she doesn't like. The girl really needs her ass beat, but clearly she didn't receive that in her home training growing up so maybe humiliation will straighten her up.

  54. America's 🇱🇷 Capitalism 🇱🇷 where you instantly rise to fame and fortune by fucking any celebrity and share it with the rest of the world 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  55. Someone lied to her and told her that wig was cute.

  56. I am from denver and girl i did not k ow who you were

  57. Wow no therapy or nothing❔ just make her look even worse in the middle of the road for your own personal amusement. She obviously has deep seeded issues this was a waste of time she needs real help

  58. Be careful of the type of attention your seeking you just may get it . And not in the form you see fit.

  59. Thats a little mean…how would they feel if they had to go out in public with a big sign that says what they did wrong?? A little unprofessional if you ask me…

  60. She’s fucking pathetic

  61. This whole segment petty as fuck. Lol

  62. 😂🤣😂 alot of girls need reality checks. those fake likes boost them up

  63. This show is terrible

  64. All hell has broke loose in her she's demon possessed!! Celina has no shame about herself very low down dirty nasty woman on porn hub, who in their right mind would marry her she has no morals the amount of men she bedded!! Akademiks may as well get with prostitutes he has no good hygiene judgement he bedded Celina, his brain is in his bell end!

  65. These women..and I mean the hosts, are really immature.

  66. Maybe you old ass middle aged women should be helping this young woman, perhaps she’s hurt and needs legit help but instead you mock her to make your old self feel better … Wow bye

  67. What kind of help is this…someone enlighten me

  68. She needs help not humiliation

  69. Shame her more ? Pick up a bible , him without sin be the first to stone her. You guys are all sick

  70. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️This p.r. Chick needs to start from the top. Take off your wig and all that pancake makeup. Delete your accounts and go find Jesus.

  71. This show is a damm joke!

  72. Suddenly it's mean when this kind of Women is exposed as the bitch she is.
    Talk about Hypocrisy. If a man was accused of this, everyone would despise him.

  73. These judges are disgusting.

  74. Help them ??? More like humiliate them !!!!

  75. WTF what she does is not okay but shaming her like that is a no no

  76. Yall need to watch all the rest of the clips, some people have to help themselves first and get humiliated so they realize what theyre doing is fucking wrong

  77. Cardi B: has joined the chat

  78. Who tf smashing that

  79. These women just don’t understand how to heal. Why hurt Celina help her.
    She need Iyanla. I sorry for misspelling her name.

  80. They are more than an embarrassment for Denver Colorado💯💯💯👌🏽

  81. Sksksk this was wild

  82. Celina powell 💖💖💖💞💞💞💞❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💛💛💝💝💜

  83. This is so dumb. They just embarressed her instead of helping her. She aint gonna post a Damn thing

  84. Take this whole show down. Throw it away they not even helping they just disrespecting

  85. Just take off that stiff ,uncombed wig off that's distracting me more than these bullys

  86. She’s lying for getting money to get veneers extensions blablbla

  87. I agree with everyone's comments, but like… Are we just gonna ignore that party city wig on her damn head?

  88. She is so pretty but dumb

  89. i think when they all had her they all knew who she was so why not choose another girl if they didn,t want this drama

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