Rapper Says He Won’t Get A ‘Regular Job’ ‘Cause It Will Be A Distraction To My Music’

nobody in my life has ever believed in me or giving me a chance and I’m getting tired of it I think that’s why I turn the music if you ain’t nothing but a live Plus you look Gaia’s what’s with that attire so you can fit on my pet oh you wanna suburbs you never be ghetto you’re trying to be Jade up with your way you made up just like a CD absolutely Tony be young as my alter ego and you can like it or hate it either way he’s not changing Tony gets angry and he’s not afraid to tell her how it is it would tell you to smoke crazy at least when you my kid on you Tandy at least don’t lie the world hate my lyrics and of course they ask me why Dorothy in the back guys Anthony definitely holds things back as Tony I’m able to blast anybody I gets in my way I go off on them and I tear them down I exploit people’s weaknesses and I turned them into really good rap song you’re gonna be lucky if you’re not the next one I did face it I’m soulless that’s what puts me above every other rapper the older generation definitely can’t handle in your face rapid that’s why my aunt against my whole career and everything that it stands for I make outrageous comments on YouTube and Facebook start a whole bunch of drama and I love it I have thousands and thousands of haters to me they’re undercover fans on YouTube I have over 10,000 subscribers on a monthly basis my income from rap is 500 to 1,000 dollars because my youtube channel is monetized I will never stop trying to make it as a rapper this is what I do you find is worth the diamond this is my time I’d be like we decline I’m about to commit a crime the squeakiest wheel is always gonna get the grease I will not get a regular job because it will be a distraction to my music the last time I performed whoo people were grabbing on me trying to punch me in the face I get a lot of requests to perform but it’s definitely not worth putting my life on the line I’m waiting for the bigger requests which I know are coming because I’m getting so much attention you

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