Rapper Wale Gives Fans His Best Advice on Love, Marriage, and Celibacy | Love Sessions | ELLE

Rapper Wale Gives Fans His Best Advice on Love, Marriage, and Celibacy | Love Sessions | ELLE

– Jealous of my partner. What’s wrong with y’all? Please make more than me! We want your woman to make more than you. Then you go out and try
to make more than her. You know what I’m saying? Friendly competition, man. Yo what’s up this is Wale, I’m here to answer your
questions about love. The love doctor. (chill electronic music) My best friend’s fiance hit on me. I don’t wanna rock the
boat and cause any drama but it made me really uncomfortable. What should I do? The love doctor needs more information to investigate the situation properly. When you say hittin’ on, is it like, “Oh, let’s get it in?” Or is it like, “You look nice today,” you know what I’m sayin’? It’s subjective a little bit. But if it was an
aggressive like, you know, I’m tryin’ to holler
at you like, you know, let’s make this happen, you gotta, nah, you gotta notify immediately. I’m ready to propose to my partner but I don’t have enough money for an engagement ring that they’ll like. What should I do? Propose to your partner. Marriage shouldn’t be
about monetary things or you know anything
lavish or what have you. I think that you could
propose with an onion ring if it’s just you know
marriage is about a bond. That person making you happy and you re-up and you get a ring when it’s time. But if your heart is ready then you know, your heart and your pockets don’t gotta be synonymous you know? And if they worried about a ring they shouldn’t be your partner. My partner proposed and I said yes. But I hate my engagement ring. Do I ask him to take it back? Or can I pay for an upgrade? You ’bout to get married, like, your worried about the
ring or you worried about the life that you ’bout
to share with somebody? You know, I don’t know. Maybe I look at marriage a
little differently but like, it’s a representation of
what that person makes. You know what I’m saying? If you a billionaire you gonna
have a million dollar ring. If you only making a couple thousand you wanna get ’em a better job? You wanna help him get a
better job or something? Can I pay for an upgrade? No, that’s your ring. Why would you buy your own ring? It’s like tickling yourself. I’m jealous of my partner
but I’m ashamed to admit it. Is this normal? Don’t be jealous if your
girl make more than you. Just hold her down for
everything a man needs to hold a woman down for. And you know what I mean. Jealous of my partner. What’s wrong with y’all? Please make more than me. You want your woman to make more than you. Then you go out and try
to make more than her, you know what I’m saying? Friendly competition man, I believe in it, I think it’s healthy for a relationship. The love doctor, excuse me, sorry. My husband said I shouldn’t
wear certain clothes anymore because I’m a mom but I look
and feel good in everything. Should I compromise? One of the most important things is like building self esteem up and
having that self esteem. Like if the woman feels
good in wearing something let her feel good, she
allowed to feel good, man. Like women gotta go through
a lot of stuff man, like, to then tell a woman what
she can and can’t wear is like, come on dog,
like what is this, jail? Like this ain’t orange is the new black. Like me personally like she
can wear what she, like, if it’s some clown shit
I’m a probably roast her but like she can wear
whatever she want wear. I, like your song says,
have never made love, but I’m looking for it now. Should I explore celibacy
until I find the one? I’m exploring celibacy right now. I don’t know if it’s
on purpose but (laughs) I gotta go back to saying
do what makes you happy. If you think that’s gonna give you that clarity that you need. I do know it might be difficult to keep a boyfriend or a girlfriend
in this climate if you’re practicing celibacy and
expect them to do the same. I know that can be
challenging but you know do whatever gives you clarity. I’m fresh out of a break
up with who I thought was the love of my life. Should I explore a hoetation
like Issa did on Insecure? Or should I Eat, Pray, Love
it away like Julia Roberts? You gotta live your own life, like, if a hoetation if that’s
gonna make you feel better? Or are you gonna regret it? Sometimes sex comes with
a lot of guilt, man. Sometimes it comes with
a lot of guilt like you know what I’m sayin’? So you gotta do what makes you happy. After it’s over they be like,
“Damn, was it worth it?” Some of ’em be like, “I got
that out the way, alright. Let me get back to what I gotta do.” So you gotta do what makes you happy. I’m dealing with depression right now, my girlfriend has been very supportive of my journey toward mental wellness. But I think I’m wearing her down too much. How much is too much when it comes to confiding in your partner? Should I just go to therapy instead? If I’m not in a good mental space I kinda close off to if
I’m talking to somebody and I start to feel
myself get in a dark place I pull back, you know what I’m saying? I spend more time alone. And that’s just me
trying to be responsible and me being scared to show
them that side of myself. You know what I’m saying? But also being responsible
and not trying to put a dark cloud over nobody’s life. But it’s a slippery
slope though, you know. ‘Cause you do want a partner
to help you in rough times. But me personally I just get low until I’m in a better place. What do you find most
attractive in a woman? Asking for a friend. Wit, like charm, women
with a sense of humor, you know what I’m sayin’? Also like passion, like
just be passionate about whatever you doing in life. A lot of girls I know
selling eyelashes now, I mean, that’s cool if
you passionate about it and you can tell me where they come from, how you sellin’ ’em, what’s the like, you know what I’m saying
that type of stuff I gravitate towards, I
like people that are like, really passionate about like the things that they wanna do in life. Wale would you ever date a fan? I’m asking for a friend. Everybody’s a Wale fan
so of course, so, nah. I don’t know. It depends on the way that
I meet them, you know. Like I’m not in my DMs
looking for no girlfriend, you know what I’m saying,
from fans and stuff like that. It ain’t gonna happen
like that so, I mean, you know, we’ll leave that
to divine intervention. How are you approaching
love differently now in your 30s than you did in your 20s? More self awareness, for sure, but, you know, you be wildin’
out when you in your 20s, you just doing anything, definitely like, I got a proceed with
caution sign over my head ’cause I know what I come with and I know I gotta be in a better mental space before I get myself with somebody. I didn’t know that before
I was just reckless and just jumping in and out
of relationships and stuff. What are you bringing to the table? Hello, I’m handsome, I’m smart. That’s about it though.

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