Rappers Who Are In Jail Right Now

Rappers Who Are In Jail Right Now

There are many styles of hip-hop, but none
more notorious than gangsta rap. Gangsta rap was popularized in the ’90s, thanks
to the hardcore rhymes penned by artists like Ice-T, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube. The jury’s still out on whether the violence
found in rap lyrics is detrimental to society — or, if gangsta rap is just the artistic
expression of the dangerous culture in which some artists live. The result of keeping it real is a long list
of rappers who have died, been injured, or have been incarcerated. Let’s take a look at some of the most notorious
— and some lesser-known — rappers currently in the slammer. Kodak Black’s back in the big house Dieuson Octave is the south Florida rapper
known as Kodak Black. In April 2018 he was sentenced to 364 days
in jail for gun and drug possession charges related to an Instagram video, that, according
to ABC 10 local news, “[…] appeared to show people using marijuana
and holding a handgun near an infant.” But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg
for the “No Flockin” rapper, who in the two years prior was charged with “robbery, false
imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer, and possession of a firearm by a delinquent.” There’s also the assault and a house
arrest violation charges, for leaving home without permission to go to a club,
where an employee accused him of assaulting her. In April 2018, TMZ reported that some charges
from the Instagram video arrest had been dropped, meaning the embattled rapper could be out
of jail as early as October 2018. However, he’s still awaiting trial for the
battery case, for which he could receive up to 30 years in prison if he’s found guilty. In other words: Kodak Black is in jail for
a lot, and his days dealing with the legal system don’t seem anywhere close to being
over. Ryde Ruff, get locked up By the time rapper DMX, whose real name is
Earl Simmons, was sentenced to one year in prison in March 2018, his criminal history
was already so extensive and varied, it was amazing that he was still a free man at that
point. In 2010, the Daily Beast cited his 13 previous
arrests, with charges ranging from felony drugs and cocaine possession, to criminal
impersonation and reckless driving. By 2016, and many more arrests later, Simmons’
ruff ryding ways nearly cost him his life. According to TMZ, he was found unresponsive
in a Yonkers, New York Ramada Inn parking lot where one witness said that he “ingested
some sort of powder before lapsing into unconsciousness.” Simmons denied any drug use, and cited a recent
bout of bronchitis for the collapse. Fast-forward to January 2018, when Simmons
added financial crimes to his colorful criminal resume, although you could technically count
the six months he served in 2015 for “failing to pay $400,000 in child support” under that
category. Anyway, Simmons landed back in the clink for
violating probation in a tax evasion case, according to TMZ. That case eventually ended with his March
2018 guilty plea to avoid paying taxes on $1.7 million, earning him another year behind
bars. At the sentencing hearing, Simmons’ lawyer
“played part of Simmons’ 1998 song ‘Slippin” in the Courtroom,’ according to Reuters, in
an attempt to explain his client’s troubled past. It was an interesting move, but we think we
have a better suggestion for next time: “I’m Sorry,” by Brenda Lee. It’s not like he’s above doing a cover every
now and then. “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very
shiny nose, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. COME ON. COME ON.” The rise and fall of Bobby Shmurda Brooklyn rapper Ackquille Pollard adopted
the handle Bobby Shmurda when he and several lifelong friends formed the rap crew, GS9. According to GQ, the crew became official
in March 2014 and it didn’t take long for Pollard to become the breakout star of the
group. Viral success and his “Shmoney Dance” got
the attention of fans, celebrities, and record labels who scrambled to sign him. “It looks like that thing’s gonna be the Macarena in two years.” “You’re dead.” “Whoa! Shmurda’s gonna shmurda me?” Unfortunately, police believed that GS9 also
operated as a faction of the infamous LA-based Crips gang, also known as G-Stone Crips. What resulted was a wide-ranging criminal
conspiracy investigation that led to a December 2014 sweep during a recording session at Manhattan’s
Quad Studios. Using an indictment built largely on intercepted
phone communications between GS9 members — in which they allegedly made coded references
to drug dealing, shootings, and murders — the NYPD arrested Pollard and 14 others. A spokeswoman for the Office of the Special
Narcotics Prosecutor told the New York Daily News: “The investigation involved violent incidents
in Brooklyn that include shootings and narcotics traffic.” Pollard’s specific charges, however, related
only to felony gun possession. He copped a plea deal, accepting a seven-year
prison term and waiving his right to an appeal. Pollard strongly disputes the charges, alleging
that dishonest cops railroaded him, and that he got a raw deal when his trial was moved
from Brooklyn. According to his interview with Complex, he
believed that in a Manhattan court, “Who are they going to believe, the word of
this black kid talking about shooting s–t up or the word of white officers? A jury is going to believe cops all day.” Life imitates violent art RondoNumbaNine was a rising star in Chicago’s
“Drill scene,” a sub genre of gangsta rap that rose to prominence in the Windy City
in the early 2000s. Drill quickly became something of a flashpoint
for debate over whether its controversial lyrics involving gangs, guns and stuff were
influencing the increasingly dangerous city of Chicago. Rondo, aka Clint Massey, contributed most
notably to Drill with his 2013 hit, “Hang Wit Me,” in which he openly discusses being
high, filling people with bullets, his remorselessness as being an alleged murderer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Massey became an object
lesson in the debate over Drill lyrics when he was sentenced to 39 years for his involvement
in the 2014 death of cab driver Javan Boyd. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Massey,
then just 17-years-old, and a 19-year old accomplice named Courtney Ealy, shot Boyd
multiple times as he sat in his car outside an apartment complex. For his part in the murder, Ealy was sentenced
to 38 years in prison, effectively bringing an end to both of the young mens’ rap careers. A prophetic felon Joining the illustrious crowd of rappers who
conspicuously implicated themselves in crimes via their own lyrics is Montana Millz. The Bronx-born rapper, whose real name is
Michael Persaud, released tracks such as “Sell Drugz” and “Feds Watching” before he was arrested
for, you guessed it, selling drugs. Persaud got busted twice for trafficking heroin,
first in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, after he allegedly dealt to an undercover cop, which resulted
in a raid on his hotel room that yielded 70 grams of bulk heroin that had an street value
of $11,500, according to the Lebanon Daily News. The second arrest was in Rhode Island, not
long after the Lebanon bust, when Persaud once again dealt to a plain clothes detective,
which resulted in another raid and seizure of several illicit things. NBC Turn to 10 reported that, in January 2018,
Persaud pleaded guilty before a Rhode Island judge to “seven counts of drug distribution
and possession” and received a three-year prison sentence. He didn’t fare so well a month later in Pennsylvania
when the judge there handed him a sentence of eight to 30 years, which he will serve
consecutively with his prior sentence. Ouch. One Nation behind bars Convicted felon Ricardo Burgos, who raps under
the handle Nation, apparently either wasn’t aware or didn’t care that he was no longer
allowed to possess firearms when he brandished two of them in a music video shot in Deerfield,
Illinois in January 2016. According to CBS Chicago, Burgos, an aspiring
rapper, was arrested later in the day in possession of a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, at
which point he was charged with one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a felon
and one count of distribution of a controlled substance, the latter of which stemmed from
a 2015 arrest. The Associated Press reported that Burgos
was a member of a Chicago-based gang known as the Conservative Vice Lords, which perhaps
figured into the sentencing judge’s decision to hand down the surprisingly harsh term of
188 months, or just over 15 years. Yeesh. For that kind of time, we sincerely hope waving
those guns around in that video looked super dope. Gold chains to orange jumpsuits California rapper Billy “Wild Bill” Shaffer
Jr. lived up to his rap handle when he shot and offed Connie M. Sowels outside of an
Oakland nightclub on October 1, 2014, according to the East Bay Times. Shaffer, who also raps under the alias Billy
Bankroll, claimed he was acting in self-defense during a scuffle between himself and Sowels
over a gold chain. The jury believed Shaffer and acquitted him
on the charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and voluntary manslaughter, which
could have landed him behind bars for far longer than the 13 years he got for his conviction. His remaining charges included involuntary
manslaughter, using a firearm, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Shaffer reportedly cried tears of joy over
the court’s decision. Pimpin’ ain’t easy… or legal Richmond rapper and fledgling pimp Idris B.
Jamerson, aka Drissy Bo, found himself swapping the recording studio for the cell block after
he was sentenced to four years in prison in November 2017. Six months earlier, Jamerson sealed his fate
when he reportedly recruited a woman on Instagram and began selling her services via shady websites
that advertise prostitution, as reported the East Bay Times. Thanks to a sting arranged by the Vacaville
Police Vice Unit and FBI Violent Crime Task Force, Jamerson was apprehended on his way
to deliver the woman to a prospective customer. Upon his arrest, police recovered text messages
that indicated the nature of the pair’s exploitative relationship, including Jamerson giving the
woman consent to buy food using the money she earned. In addition to the text messages, some of
Jamerson’s own lyrics, discussing prostitution and his lifestyle in general, were used against
him in court. Some things you should probably just keep
in your diary. Freed Meek Mill We’re ending on the most positive note we
could find. Philly rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams, aka
Meek Mill, was sent back to prison for two to four years in November 2017 after violating
his probation twice that same year. Williams’ long history with the court system
started in 2008, when he was jailed for the first time for bringing a gun to a grocery
store. His subsequent five-year probation term was
extended through violations and further plea agreements, like in 2014 and 2016, when Williams
was hit with violations for performing outside of Philly without permission. Judge Genece Brinkley, who presided over many
of Williams’ repeated violations, had enough in 2017, saying, “I gave you break after break, and you basically
just thumbed your nose at this court.” Upon his sentencing, an outpouring of celebrities,
including Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, and even New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, vocally
championed Williams. His name became tied to the Free Meek Mill
movement, which sought to overhaul America’s probation and parole system. Aside from the kind, but relatively useless
support from celebrities, Williams attracted another powerful ally: Philadelphia District
Attorney Larry Krasner, who unsuccessfully petitioned for Williams to get a re-trial
after questioning the credibility of the arresting officer in Williams’ original case. Williams’ legal team also appealed to circumvent
Brinkley’s refusal to grant the rapper bail, and he was immediately released on “unsecured
bail” on April 24, 2018. Granted, Williams still awaits trial on his
probation violation charges, but for now, he’s a free man. Now, that’s something worth writing a song

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