Rapsody Explains How Lauryn Hill Inspired Her | Women In Music

Rapsody Explains How Lauryn Hill Inspired Her | Women In Music

(light R&B music) – The greatest piece of wisdom I received from a woman in my life
was from my grandmother, and she told me to give people their flowers while they
can still smell them. So, to me, I incorporate that in my life by celebrating, especially other women. You know, especially my sisters in hip hop in a time where there’s
only supposed to be one, and we’re not supposed
to celebrate each other, that we do love each other,
and we do accept each other, and there is a beautiful village. So I take that, and I try
to give flowers to everyone in my life, whether I love
them, or I don’t know them, I appreciate their art,
or just them as a person. I think that’s the most
important thing we can do is be rooted in love in that way. Some female artists that I
would like to honor tonight as we celebrate women in
music are first, Lauryn Hill, my biggest inspiration in music, one of the most talented artists
to ever grace this Earth. She taught me about truth and honesty, and being unapologetically yourself. Queen Latifah, MC Lyte,
Lady of Rage, Rah Digga, all opened doors for artists
like me to express ourselves, and even outside of music,
artists like Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad, they taught me how to be classy, and how to be proud, and to shine your light
and be strong women across the board. So those are just some women that I would like to take
the time to recognize. Some changes that I’ve
seen in the music industry for great equality, especially in hip hop, is women stepping up, and
allowing our voices to be heard, and celebrating each other
and working with each other. I think that’s beautiful because no one can do anything alone,
and it takes a village to keep the village up. So seeing women, especially in hip hop, just working together and
showing the sisterhood, there’s always room for growth, and making that broader than hip hop. And our guys celebrating us, too. So you know, shout out to all
the men who speak up for us, who are there to uphold us,
and to speak for us, too. And to those who haven’t
yet, we waiting on you. (laughs)

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  1. Girl you’ve never celebrated nicki nor embraced her.

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