Raw Egg Eating Challenge #3

Raw Egg Eating Challenge #3

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  1. A yaller one -link
    Haha that's a great way to say yellow, I'm dying laughing!

  2. 13:39 and 0.25 speed.

  3. What it in 0.25x !!! Hilarious…

  4. 3,931st comment on this videoooOOOoOOooooo0000ooo0o0o00OOO0o0ooo0OO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  5. Salmonella be like hello

  6. Oh i was not expecting that at the end since link did so well the past two years 😂😂😂

  7. I swear Chase is so adorable lol

  8. 13:42 the kid that keeps going up the water slie,
    but gets kicked out eventually

  9. their holding bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

  10. Why do some people have such problem with eating/drinking raw eggs? I have no problem with it what so ever

  11. 13:13 never laughed so hard in my life thanks gmm

  12. Wayne's world reference!! 😂👍

  13. Say hello to salmonella!!!

  14. theres an easter egg in the background no pun intended

  15. How are you not getting salmonella???

  16. Aka food poisoning.

  17. the dogs are having a baby

  18. O tpk dlp elote alrot

  19. My name is also Harley 😂💕

  20. They should do a behind-the-scenes episode( showing the crew and stuff)

  21. Add a little salt to the raw egg and its 10x better.

  22. Who thought about Sans and they said the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming

  23. 13:43
    Your alcoholic uncle after too many mimosas at Easter brunch

  24. Happy Easter or happy salmonella

  25. “Swallow, hu swallow “ Rhett 😂✌🏼

  26. raw eggs carry salmonella… a fatal bacteria… good luck.

  27. I'm glad I didn't get salmonella

  28. Discount Wayne and Garth

  29. Link always cheats and never finishes a punishment

  30. I have been enjoying GMM in the last couple of months and have shared with friends. It's funny, they are eff the world funny. If they weren't best friends, my BFF and I would know. They wouldn't pass the smell test. You can fake a lot of things but you can't fake best friends.

  31. I have a reindeer that poops candy

  32. Ya'll are gonna get SAMANILLA FROM EATING RAW EGGS!!!!!! I DON'T WANT Y'ALL TO DIE!!!😥😣😓😫😢😭😟😞😔☹🙁

  33. Candyyyyyyyyyy. With raw eggs.

  34. I heard a baby in the background

  35. Rhett eat the candy like a child. Put it on his hand and nibble it.

  36. You boys are making my French toast taste bad!

  37. I'm still waiting for the day that Link realizes he needs to put his head down when eating things that are disgusting, not up LOL

  38. 8:00 chases face after Rhett talks about see through leggings
    Uncomfortable, yet slightly “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

  39. Salmonella nella nella egg egg egg

  40. Am I the only one who watches only link throughout the whole the video?

  41. omg Rhetts laugh at 13:44 is EPIC! Nothing but true laughter right there. I love belly laughin <3

  42. 0:17 on days like this, kids like you.. should be chugging raw eggs

  43. how does the chaseter bunny lay eggs?

  44. Instead of eggs why not a game to see who has to eat an ostrich egg or something like that

  45. "I don't think crack is a big problem in North Carolina." Nope but heroin is!!


  47. I wonder if raw eggs have an aftertaste.

  48. We have a Flemish Giant bunny here at home and she is just adorable. She always gets special presents on Easter.

  49. I hope the eggs are pastorized…

  50. I think those little doggos are dreaming about us giving them food or for a nightmare us not giving them treats

  51. Anyone else hear that cat 1:06?

  52. Did anyone here a baby in the first egg eating thing? Cause I heard a baby

  53. Who hears the baby?!?

  54. *Samanilla poison has entered the chat *

  55. Since you guys might be about to do another one, here's a pro-safety tip: Don't crack the eggs on the edges of things like the shot glass; crack them on a flat surface. Cracking them on sharp/edged surfaces can force eggshell fragments into the egg!

  56. Okay I’m British and that DEFINITELY WAS NOT A SCONE

  57. Do another one what happened to 2018's video

  58. 11:43 That's Link by season 13.

  59. Is the egg really that bad?

  60. Chase is just a prop at this point lol

  61. That “scone” looks more like a cinnamon roll to me 🤨

  62. Oh. I caught the undertale refrence


  64. Welcome salmonella 😂
    (I’m watching this so late, like 2 years or something late)

  65. who’s fkn bAby

  66. “ a SnOok”
    link – 2k17

  67. I’m from Saratoga Springs NY (where the girls at the end are from) and this aired on my birthday

  68. i love good mythical morning with redd and pink

  69. when Link spit out the egg… I felt that

  70. the chaseter bunny never fails to amuse me

  71. love a good wayne’s world reference

  72. I drink raw eggs a few times a week, not gross at all

  73. 13:42
    Best thing I've ever seen!

  74. 4:13 I thought I farted….

  75. Bunnies don't lay eggs, so this must be the buttstuff fetish I've heard so much about.

  76. when you’re the only one in your generation who understands the wayne’s world reference in the beginning 😂😂

  77. I tried eating a raw egg but it was to much like snot lol. Can't believe yall got those down 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    *quickly raises hands and digestive system slowly goes into panic mode as egg ascends down throat*

  79. raw eggs aren't that bad lmao wtf, they don't really taste like anything

  80. 6:51 underrated funny Rhett moment

  81. Lol The beginning of the episode. It's Rhett & Link's World.

  82. "That's a good looking Woody"- Link, 2017

  83. 0:18 Since when did link play undertale?

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