Razones para usar discos SSD en tu ordenador

Hello boys and girls as you are welcome to a new video for mac but this time it will be be a bit more informative and thoughtful. I will not display the Mac because in this video makes no sense but I comments like I’ve rejuvenated my mac I have a Macbook Pro 2011 and I’ve really become a
machine practically last generation of bridging the gap
hardware such as graphics card I installed an SSD disk and want
tell the benefits of discs ssp to encourage it to you if you have an old machine maybe
it is not necessary to complete one pasture new machine Have a Macotela swindon does not matter
ssd guys worth a movie too much I think that is a good ssd managers
is a solid state disk agreements It is only boys valent is something that still have this
this order as we have all seen per house it would be the same technology are
a memoir They are integrated plate there
dinner salma information benefits that have this of course is
much more robust one magnetic disk try a run stroke risk
to burden the record however you sutures full stroke
complaint by course but equal it
much more robust than one disc ss any hard drive and of course the best of SSD is that
It is infinitely faster disk hard floor 50 megabits per second or
less write and read transfer
data the fact is that the SSL can reach
Later 200 megabytes per second and we can say that is at least
four times faster than this disc
It translates to my machine or about it macbook pro 2011
I I have from posadas well the truth is that it is like a record
Hard he scores a minute and a half first ultimately tactically
Peace below by kicking open the bag started eating had not drunk
Average drink cola and then it was started and
then having to wait to take out all applications
initiation the film changes ssd ssd
kenny Makuc tie fast starts in 10 seconds and I say my macbook and I could tell your computer that you
It takes three minutes a banner two minutes whatever one minute with an SSD will change much especially the starting speed is
but most noticeable is that after also open applications much
faster and all this magic essential course san luis today when
RAM a computer can fill it we do is use files
exchange that is merely the virtual memory that we have known
historically not at all points the sea passes that same sacrament we also lv and exchange is a physical file
we have on the hard drive ISCOD SSD here do you replace the memory bouquets of course access to RAM
of Aeneas to the CTM and this is much faster and access the records is much more
slow of course the SSD which has a
very much higher top speed forgiveness really hard drives We not reach the same the same
traffic speed with ram Conventional but hey that is appreciated
they also gain speed in this sense when we’re righteous
at times the prelate this is ssd it has only very limited life
we can write a certain number of després in the SSD as what it is not
the limit will damage I can not tell you that you sct mature
five years because it will last for ten years according percent so if you
can say is it has a number set of scripts if you
write every day a lot as for example to the
videos exported every day one or two videos and
Beyond this makes a writing on the disk ssp is exported faster because the
traffic is much higher but it is logically true that in the post
life scd I will not last as long as I do that
as no conventional hard drive I will say with these guys is that
do not worry usually psc disks of normal use no kun
you’re going to have no problem going us last as long as a hard disk all
We have hard drives lying around in the closet for 20 years and there
mcc still enduring as the champions that’s impossible but it is true
that is going to last for five years years at least without any
problems but the end is how good televisions that gives you you know
technology are coming, unless the same in the eye and we have with the
statically tube TVs children themselves but to optimize
write cycles have one thing It called again operating systems
support 30 in this case and dark talk sea Mac OS X version for the last usda
hundred kilos and emily It supports your notebook personal crime
for a thousand discs for concrete fish is the official end with which it has made
Apollo percent support system Operating think that in them and that is
Captain things change and we a wider range compatible discs but now the
Thus destination in any case no
the problem we have an obligation Tuesday and talk to the matrix in which
we will be able to turn to crime make the disc work better go
faster and especially to reduce birthday of
percent simplify cycles writing to last us this lifetime at least ssd It is key if you have something SSD see if it supports will always
well in that it is anything but I have the penis is what legally activated
I recommend to be longest and for faster cabin SSD night copy to dig say ostrom
It is understood the benefits of having bac really if you have a machine
Maybe old It is to install a kind of farewell
because they are not worth very expensive 80 euros for having one of 250 gigabytes
those points has roughly He recommended we buy a good SSD
buy a brand White shipboard months in this regard worth really
guys still worth the rapporteur has sighed a little of my
essence ale n on a macbook for example I
I recommend change the conventional hard disk
It comes within the framework because the SSD because the hard disk
macbook There is a joke temperatures
They presented to in Peru the temperature inside the
based machine that enabled the cooling fans if you discovered you put a dusting ssd
This sensor therefore lose it so I hope that your machine is
superhot and fans not mentioned
just what I recommend is remove the super drae is there
Case is entitled to do so Simple is simply removed and replaced
screws everyone can do It is not going to break by sea from also
a type of dialogue percent because simply remove the
super tough the unit dvd etc Japanese hits it all with the PSC
cali in and where it was in full part coméntaselo CSTO I have it well the hard disk in the same place and where
It was his father had put the ss and is entirely I can not really happy and it’s better the machine that I have I’m mac book
pro of 2011 and seven of 13 like 3 inch ideally across distances of
retina display my machine It is almost as potent as the
Endeavour really last Makuc Also siso and think logically
macbook heller has – but much less processor
indicted which have the macbook pro by
Of course this is not evident not but it really is more of a woman all
Everyone says that render wonder going very fast they are going really well and
This lament is the key speed provided by the PSC so
imagine if you have a better processor the macbook riding gossip three
months and if you have a machine last
generation actively saving distances graphics cards go further information but is met
I tasted encourage them to prob is at least three this because they are not
expensive and really worth much much much worth to rejuvenate any
I hope you will machine has served but do not know if I lean with
I like your you know we are in the Senate has compacted

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