Reacting To K-Pop! (BTS)

Reacting To K-Pop! (BTS)

What’s up guys you’re watching reaction time welcome to to the reaction time(reaction time) , reaction time this is nick mayorga It’s my brother is my friend and today I’m gonna be reacting to kpop it’s been requested for like months BTS a boyband a k-pop group who else’s I wanna react to a girl kpop group and then some maybe soul k-pop artists as well You guys already reacted? Yeah
we reacted to DNA and mic drop by BTS loved it if you guys want to go see that make sure to Click the link down below. That’s our channel. Whatever time make sure you subscribe definitely highly recommend it. It was good All right, so now. They’re gonna explain some to me because I’m gonna be reacting to BTS at kpop I mean I know what’s all the hype. We’re gonna have to find out it’s good. It’s good. Okay Let’s watch that this is BTS fire you got 268 million views 2 million likes Jesus Christ, that’s a quarter billion views so you guys ready I was ready for kpop okay? That’s BTS. All right you already see it. Why does it say you what I say you? I don’t know. I said there’s a T also Oh really, where does this leave YouTube, maybe and maybe youtuber like youth or something where’s you where’s you why oh you too? Oh, I think maybe could be the lyrics or something, but so far I see like okay for the members on five than members. Maybe died they’re here Yeah, they all died there hare, and I think some of them were color contacts, but it looks dope like they’re all rocky and their style of sick – OH Does say you oh youth? Are so BTS is like rap singing and like EDM come combine? Yeah, also hit sync. Also if you see they’re dancing like they’re hella Like I’m always in scene uh-huh Okay, I’m digging the beat oh I suppose you say everything in tension where Is this mixtape Okay That’s my mixtape right there wait so like the coolest thing I’ve noticed so far They do the exact same dance move and then it just cuts a different scene like simultaneously look at this the background Honest be Korean do you guys know what they’re saying no, maybe there’s like captions. Oh, that’s convenient The bike I really don’t part So these are like almost like mini movies with music it’s like a high school musical Blake on steroids Also, if you really really listen some of the things that they say are in English yeah, it’s not all in Korea That’s crazy, it’s like it perfectly transitions from English to like Korean and then back to English it doesn’t it sound like accent. Yeah, I Like this part you like American boy Why that worse I sound so familiar thanks 8 no no no no I think I like already before right We’re told me I love the job Crazy I like Bunsen burners It’s like a crazy ass stuff That’s good, so this BTS fire right is there any other boyband we should check out What do you guys think so far? I mean? I’m a fan of Moberly. I like their music It’s like a mix of everything their music videos all that mistake their Styles dope honestly like a Korean version of the Backstreet Boys They’re like that EDM version a modern version of Backstreet Boys, it’s also like if you’re American It’s really easy to like this kind of music. That’s like we already listen to meet you. That’s kind of similar to it Yeah, it’s very America It’s not like huge transition like you’re able to like this music and still like American music cuz it’s kind of the same I think they actually are like more American fans to be honest right I don’t know about more But I don’t have a more American fans of Korean fans you guys think they have more American fans Korean fans I’m not 100% sure but I mean I was she like sometimes I see like BTS Army’s like strong like trending on Twitter And it was like it’s all Americans or people that speak English, and I’m like yo That’s insane next boyband is EXO Coco Bob is a music video name. Let’s watch this I think it should be a bit different than the other song. We just watched All right, so this is like a slower song so far Well this one looks so much These guys are also wearing old contacts, too. I guess that’s all you a big thing in kpop yeah We’re just like it in Korean green pop culture I guess they all wear colored contacts would be like an American thing extensions dyeing your hair That’s like really popular. Maybe getting a perm You know what I like well, how they all have a completely different look like not one of them looks the same They have different colored hair different style like on different voices. Yeah, they all like a unique voice reminds me of a Star the again. What’s a group that like sings and like a bass? Yo, who is driving that car nobody in there, it’s a remote control Alright this one was good, but we’re gonna watch like a few more next one is gonna be a girl’s female I really said like girls. It’s gonna be a female k-pop group there called 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 Fanny Maybe oh, this one’s called got to be u by a 2ne1 2ne1 2ne1 Let’s watch There’s always so much like bright color Just compare this like American music I mean, I American music videos or just like basically you just sound like it’s an ass just hanging out And this is actually creative right. This is way more creative them again. It’s like it all has a story behind it Yeah, they all have a story Me take up the not, so good is Nike we eat savvy Oh John get up techies myself oh fuck me John there’s a clip of the guy right like she was just a friend so I guess I Guess This is a relationship. Yeah, it probably is Wait stop it they use American dollar. Yeah, I Just think those like isn’t there a Korean currency. Yeah, cuz it’s so is so transit like TransAmerican that I’ve dug. This is some stuff out of here in like a video game. Oh yeah car racing one Or the dance dance revelution Alright guys if you want to see a part two to us reacting to kpop Leave a like also don’t forget to subscribe to their channel. It’s called whatever time. Oh, that’s always weird guys are so in sync It’s just the yeah. It’s just A link is gonna be down below to our channel make sure you guys subscribe And if you guys can check out the video that we reacted to BTS um yeah I always don’t know what this is oh we can follow our instagram ID fishman attic Mayorga. That’s all fish, man Just more k-pop groups you want us to react to that we didn’t in this video in the comments We’ll see you next time have a go on peace out guys!

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