hey guys what’s up welcome back to my
channel so one week ago one of my fan Soltis Squad
his name is Anmol, he’s not the Anmol that you guys are thinking of, he is Anmol Shakya
he sent me a video and… the title of the video was Nagarkot and other I did not really read properly I only saw nagarkot, and the video had a thumbnail of people dancing and I was like huh dance in nagarkot? when i saw Nagarkot, it reminded me of me being in Nepal, going with family, going to nagarkot with my girlfriend, hold on i didn’t have any girlfriend that time, when I think of Nagarkot it reminds me of a lot of things, girlfriend and boyfriend and married couples and old couples, spending their romantic times, witnessing those scenes, above the green hills in the sky you can see birds flapping, and those memories gave me confidence and made me believe that I will see Nagarkot again clicking on the video, wow I’m going to see Nagarkot again! uh-huh everyone jump jump jump whoa whoa whoa Wow ladies chill hold on
hold on is that Yeshi dolma? what is Yeshi Dolma doing in nagarkot
she doesn’t know, oh we got Joker in the house guys bro no disrespect but that make up looks so bad, expert that make up and stuff like that
it looks like a drunk person did a makeup on his face wow, my friend, jesus, theres girls taking selfie and that guy is dancing in his own world! ok another group lets see how this other group dances, ye again yeshi dolma lookalike appeared you see her everywhere whoa whoa
Jordan uh-huh till date i have not even seen this type of dance in the clubs looks like the girls are talking bad about each other in the corner, hey look, oi did you talk about me? no no we will also come dance with you, wow the guy in the white tshirt again, white and green ok show some moves my friend, wow jesus, my friend jesus! them moves! Wow! my friend has probably taken something before this dance, either he has consumed something funny for he is just good at dance! he is good though! hey look! look there, my son is dancing so well! here again yeshi dolma lookalike whether the cameraman is following her
or she’s following the cameraman ah what’s going on she’s everywhere isn’t he the guy from before? (laughs) okay now that video was crazy! well I didn’t know I never knew they do dance parties at nagarkot party or picnic party! I
think it’s like one of the Club youth club, all the youngsters teenagers gathering together celebrating something! it’s not even club dance, drinking alcohol and dancing in a uncontrollable way, this is like an outdoor friendly gathering, everyone palnned a get together so it’s really good to see that and especiallyin nagarkot and yeah that’s it anyways thank you for watching this video guys I
hope you enjoyed it well obviously there’s no enjoyment on this, why would you enjoy my reaction, who enjoys my reaction, isnt it? if you have any other videos that you
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