Real Disney Fan Reacts to “Speechless” and “A Whole New World” | Disney Music Aladdin 2019

Real Disney Fan Reacts to “Speechless” and “A Whole New World” | Disney Music Aladdin 2019

Can you believe that Tomorrow the Aladdin is coming out in theaters the live-action movie I I’m so excited to watch this movie and I just found out that they Posted the music from the whole movie online on the YouTube channel as well as on Apple music and I guess on Spotify also so I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna review speechless and a whole new world because Those are apparently the two top song speechless is a new song in the movie that wasn’t in the animated version and it’s sung by Only Scott I think it’s also written by pasok and Paul who wrote the songs for the greatest showmen Really excited to hear that one because I think a lot of people are saying that it is the highlight of the movie So that’s cool. And also of course a whole new world I’m going to listen to snippets of it and highlights cuz I don’t want to ruin The magic of watching it in theaters tomorrow and if you’re interested in hearing my review click the I button Whenever I go and watch it, but without further ado, let’s jump into the music of Aladdin starting with speechless Here comes a wave meant to wash me away a time that is taking me under I love her voice To say my goose drowned out in the Thunder, but I will cry Too Wow The voice is like liquid I want to give my thoughts, but it will interrupt It’s like very, uh Middle Eastern but element of pop it Taking your place Stolen you can hear her voice likes getting deeper and long waiting. Yes. She’s singing She is old bridge Here we go, come on go for it Naomi, she’s Belton full name Why Okay You can go for it Goku you can hit the New York magazine No Alright I’m gonna pause it there because I don’t want to do the whole song but that’s a really powerful song I can’t imagine what they’re gonna do with the imagery and the costumes and editing an actual movie to make it more magical all I Know is that one turn that she does with her costume? I was watching some of the behind the scenes it looks so stunning And apparently when she first sang this song I think was a couple years ago two years ago on set live It was during the whole me 2 movement So that’s like all the elements of the world were coming together for her to sing this song. So that’s exciting I think this is the new height song. It might actually be the Like premiere highlight song of this movie over a whole new world, but let’s check out a whole new world We got snippets of this in the trailer so I Can show you the one is he gonna be as breathy. He doesn’t seem like it he seems okay his deep voice. Hi Wolf shining shimmering splendid Tell me princess now. When did you last let your heart decide? It almost sounds like he’s speaking words rather than singing your eyes Take you wonder by Over sideways and under on a magic carpet ride a whole new My a new Fantastic point of view no one to tell us Go for saved dear Naomi She’s Incredibles like out left for sure It’s work jumpy There he said it the same way dare are they gonna say Scarlet Letter Buddha said red-letter Case I like that Other harmony is really nice It was okay speechless is definitely like me because I’m into fresh and new things I think speechless is gonna be the big one of this movie this one like everyone Expected and knows what the songs gonna be and if they’re gonna do it a shot-for-shot from the animated It’s gonna be the same exact thing. So we all are expecting what’s gonna happen. Um, Naomi’s voice is just incredible I think she is a great Princess Jasmine I mean, I heard that she’s gonna play the role as like a political figure, which is really cool to have like a female political Figure as a princess. Nina’s voice is good. It doesn’t sound like he’s as breathy. And as Ariel his is like a whole-new Really guttural which is like how the Arabic language is spoken. It’s very like Something like deep, so maybe that’s where his influence is coming from. But yeah, thank you all so much for watching this with me What are your thoughts about this? Are you gonna go watch the movie in theaters? If so, when and if not, why not? I’m gonna go watch it tomorrow And as always if they be strong be swagged god bless you, and I will see you in the next video Which is hopefully an 11 review after I go watch it. Maybe that’s okay. See you. Bye

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  1. When iwatced the movie on speechless cause i cried cause everyones like to dust

  2. Omg I’m a big fan of Aladdin

  3. If you were a real Disney fan you would’ve went to the movies and reacted to it

    Jk no hate

  4. I saw the movie 2 weeks ago and I started crying when "speechless" was on

  5. And this is why Jasmin is my favorite princess



  8. Sono italiana e questa canzone sia in italiano che in inglese è MAGNIFICA
    Bellissima reaction 👏👏👏👏

  9. When I was listening to speechless I then realized that all the Disney princesses have their own song.

  10. The movie is sooo coool bro My fav movie

  11. You gotta listen to the pt. 2 of speechless. It's way better than the full version. In the movie she sang it live and its way more poweful and more passionate

  12. What’s your favoriet Disney movie?

  13. I saw alladin live action

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  16. Try shila version also dude!

  17. Mena is BETTER than zayn. He is so incredible in the movie

  18. I started crying every time they sang during the movie the movie itself was one of the best animated Disney remake movie ever better then the new Cinderella and bell just fantastic and this time they actually stuck with the story line and not over extend scenes in the movie and they did this movie perfect especially this the choice of actors absolutely in love♥️♥️

  19. Speechless in the movie (in my opinion)
    Is better than the one he listened too.

  20. I think that will be better if u watch aladdin because is like more emotional, by the way still niceeeeee🤩 Goosebumps in the cinema

  21. What a song.. What a singer.. What a beauty… ❤️

  22. I watched the movie before I watched this 😂 But I love Speechless my favorite song and A Whole New World

    All I Know Is I Won’t go Speechless SPEECHLESS!!!!

    It is Touching and very powerful with emotion 💜💙

  23. Kingdom heart t-shirt UwU

  24. i gotta say, speechless beats let it go in so many levels

  25. I love how happy you look in this! It made me feel so warm and happy too 👏👏🥰

  26. Speechless made me cry it’s just so good especially with the scene In the movie it’s my new favorite song 😘❤️😊

  27. All I'm gonna say is that you should react to this:

  28. Hi, can you react to A Whole New World & Speechless in malay language version? I want to know how you feel.. It's officially made by DIsney Asia. Please… I provide the link

    A Whole New World (Dunia Baru):
    Speechless (Raungan Suara):

  29. You did the whole song

  30. I love when she says CRUMBLEEEE

  31. 6:17 bro!! He sang that part amazing!!!

  32. Dang this will forever be my favorite movie 😍😍😍

  33. Why am I watching this

  34. i think aladdin AND jasmine did great job

  35. Real disney fan is an official career now ?

  36. Please react this. One of the best in the world.

  37. I regret watching this

  38. Im new here and quick question, what makes a real disney fan?

  39. Its an amazing movie I went to see it three times 💗💗
    My favourite song is Prince Ali

  40. R u bulling Mena Mououssed actcent!

  41. Naomi Scott was in Lemonade Mouth and I love her so much ❤️

  42. Love it 😍😍

  43. i love speechless

  44. Dude look like Aladdin in 40 years…………….. my dude let your hair grow out

  45. Is it bad that I like the new version of aladdin more than the original animation?🙊

  46. Reaction please lee siyeon dreamcatcher

  47. Bit late to the Aladdin party, but I am absolutely in love with this movie. Speachless is my new favourite song!!! For me I loved the differences between Mena's and Naomi's voices in A Whole New World as to me it made sense that she as the princess would be able to sing better than a 'street rat'. Jasmine probably had some kind of singing lessons. Loved Mena's voice though, particularly in all of One Jump Ahead songs!

  48. I came here because siyeon dreamcatcher cover this song,and make me crying everytime i hear it

  49. She is way to beautiful

  50. I already watch alladin in the theather its beautefull buts its little bit diffrent but the movie is i hope you like it😀😄😄

  51. 3:39 that was so cute tbh

  52. the only reason mena says “dare” that way is because



  53. You know that song is at the end of the movie

  54. Why when I saw this thumbnail I thought he was Anthony Ramos?
    Anyoone else?

  55. I already saw the full movie with the songs! AND YALL LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!

  56. That is the hole song.

  57. I had tried so hard to not listen to the soundtrack before the movie came out, but second I saw this song come out, I had to! Speechless and A Whole New World were the two songs I was so excited about.

  58. Okay, I think you could be an amazing Aladdin.

  59. Why only 4,3 k subs ? Go subscribe this guy omg !!!!

  60. Dude you could have been Aladdin too! You have a nice voice

  61. I’m a new subscriber and I have a question for u r u an Arab cuz how u saidاهلا وسهلا was pronounced perfectly just asking by the way I’m an Arab girl ✌🏻✌🏻

  62. I want to go watch the movie Aladdin in the theater it was the best

  63. Can u plz react to “a whole new world” by zayn and zhavia

  64. Just saying if you want to hear the high notes hear it in part 2 not the full one

  65. Soy la única Española?🤣💞🥴

  66. 3:39 when you see someone put milk in before the cereal

  67. BIG FAN OF NAOMI SCOTT. Her voice is amazing . 👇like if u agree✌ she was born to be Jasmine , and also to sing.😘

  68. The live action Aladdin made me Speachless

  69. She was in lemonade mouth you should watch it

  70. plz do react to deferent languages reaction to Aladin song especially speacless and a whole new world

  71. Have u ever tried reacting to the One Man featuring himself singing cover of this song?

  72. You have so much effort even though you only have less than 10k

  73. I loved this movie i loved the cartoon version but this version was perfect


  75. They both killed it the whole movie slayed i loves it 😭 had me emotional

  76. 4:28 I think your voice was pretty good too. 💖

  77. it's funny how this guy is reacting to Aladdin songs and giving his own opinion and maybe wanting to read the people's comments about the songs and his reaction..and all people talk about is that speechless is better than let it go…seriously..let it go human beings.

  78. I love her voice bro she is awesome bro,,,, love your voice too 😆


  80. Like if you like A whole new world Like. If you like Speechless Comment

  81. I Love youre vídeos

  82. Speechless is better than let it go honestly let it go was great they both send out good messages,but I liked Speechless a lot more and Naomi’s voice is beautiful.

  83. Like si hablas español y no entendiste nada 😂

  84. Like this if you thought 6:16 with him singing was amazing.

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  86. You really have to react to A whole new world from ZAYN and Zhavia, it turned out really good

  87. The world is the top songs because and has been made and Jordan Road speechless

  88. Lol I went to watch it on the 1st of June and in the second scene of Speechless (the first part was in her bedroom) me and my sister looked at eachother like:
    Yeah we knew we would liaten to it for the rest of our lives…

  89. I hust subscribe to you your awesome

  90. jasmine is a star and mena

  91. hello! may i request for a reaction video on Speechless cover in original female key voice by UP10TION Sunyoul. thank you so much! 💛💛💛 here's the link:

  92. I like speechless!!!
    and i love naomi and mina's voice♡♡♡♡♡☆

  93. 'don't wanna listen to the whole thing' already listened to the whole 'speechless' song xD

  94. React to the version of the Brazil of Speechless. It's really good, you will like it


  96. Speechless was amazing!!!

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