Regina Hall Takes The Lil Rappers Quiz | The Genius Test

Hey I’m Regina Hall and I’m taking the
genius test to find out how much I know or don’t know about lil rappers First
of all let me just say I love hip-hop I loved Lil Kim thank you Lil Kim
for paving the way of the squat Everything has an evolution you know
what I mean and so music has evolved and I love nineties hip-hop because I think
that era was just incredible it’s
either is not “Ill Na Na” no so I’m gonna go with “Hardcore.” Yay! Okay I got that
right I just remember “Fake Ones” and my mother being like “oh she has a little dirty mouth” and I me loving all her songs. I hadn’t heard someone be like that
kind of sexy and raunchy unapologetically before with her clothes
with her style and lyrically Is he Busy Bee? Oh, it’s Doug E. Fresh? He sounded Busy Bee-ish. I think the 90s spawned so many amazing rappers It’s hard to pick one. Jay was incredible. Nas was incredible. Biggie, you know what I mean? I mean they were… no I couldn’t pick one I just think it was a great time for hip-hop. Is it… it’s either Lil Wayne or Lil
Jon. D. All right that’s another one. I think he is like dope. I really do. Nobody
else sounds like him, you know his voice it’s like every artist has something
that makes them unique and he’s definitely unique. Oh well I know that’s Biggie, yeah The first time I met Biggie I went up to him
and I started rapping. He did not know who I was. And X looked over and was
like “Oh my God” and went over and apologized for me. He was so sweet and
then after that every time I’d see him he was always just so like gracious and
warm and just a cool dude. Actually Biggie asked me to be one of the girls
talking on his album and then X wouldn’t let me shine and be on the
album so I was like “hater.” Jermaine Dupri, duh! Probably more remember like being
shocked he so little, but it was cute, he had his little braids and I was like “what a cute little boy.” It’s not Mobb Deep. it ain’t Brand Nubian. I don’t think
it’s the Clipse. Yeah okay so it’s the other one, M.O.P. Ha! Okay all right I’m good.
Well I had a lot of favorite hip-hop duos in the ’90s. Oh you know what? I loved GangStarr, Eric B. & Rakim were great. Oh no that’s… no it’s not “My Mind Paying Tricks On Me” It’s
gotta be the first one? Really? Wait. I think I got it confused… with
another song. The song later was “Wanna be a Baller” but the original verse was
you know it’s “All about the Benjamins” and like Puffy did a verse that
everybody… that’s what it was. That’s the one I remember and that’s
why I didn’t think it was that. Okay see there’s a reason that I did not pick
that one. Puff you messed that up for me. Um, Lil Flip. He had a little song I liked. Was it “Sunshine”? I liked that one. I think it’s Lil Jon. I can remember him screaming. Wasn’t it P!nk? It was Gwen Stefani? Oh because Gwen Stefani was with Eve a lot. That’s right. Lil Mama. I think she was excited? You know she rolled up. You know and then all the stuff came. But you know got love for you Lil Mama. So it was a little more
challenging than I thought. There were some obscure questions in there. I don’t
know if I’m a lil rapper genius but you know I’m knowledgeable. Please make
sure you go get your tickets to see Little April 12th, in theaters everywhere.

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