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  1. James:Boring

    Me: James who wants to be a male Barbie out of all dolls maybe he picked her because he jealous of her for having a boyfriend

  2. James Charles gave way to much shade! Damn James😂

  3. ive literally watched this video like 10 times and i dont even know why im addicted to this video

  4. She cusses to much and she only has subs because she's married to Jake Paul

  5. tana is soooooo dark with self tanner and a 3 shades too dark foundation 😂 all love tho

  6. I love how Tana said Camillas name correct and James corrected her and said it wrong

  7. I fucking hate this tana bitch and the way she edits videos. FUCKING UGLY HOE LOL
    # moremoneythanyouwithouthoeing.

  8. The yawning kind of annoying…

  9. Love tana that’s why come to this video every time but James i cant fucking deal with this guy 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. James was saying like the outfit by itself would be awful but on Liza it is🔥🔥

  11. His mouth scares me 😂😂😂

  12. can someone fill me in on why her last name is paul? (also late watching this lol)

  13. Is James wearing pants…?

  14. Huanpa I probally butchered that but HUAMPA NO FUCK THAT SLUT

  15. This lighting and makeup… I’m confused

  16. I need tana and Erika friends

  17. James: "I looked good but i did pay a stylist so"
    Me: Seriously you wore fucking crotchless pants with a crop top like wdf and as for the other outfits?? Omg 🤦🤦 whoever that stylist is you need to sack them coz fuck me you looked ridiculous 🤦🤦😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. james actually matched his foundation here

  19. 11:11 she literally just ate me

  20. 10:59 😂 james was def on something 😂

  21. Your brain 🧠 is a 🍳

  22. I really want to know this Does james charles have a dick?? 😕

  23. Something about the way James speaks makes me feel like he's always breathing through his mouth 🦒

  24. During this entire video James looks SO DOOOOOOOOONE with her😂😂😂

  25. Camila makes me laugh so much😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Thank god tana’s tanning game got stronger 😂

  27. here after he shaded her on insta live 🙁 go back to this yall

  28. I just started watching Tana videos….does she do coke? The constant nose itching and sniffling in this video was so distracting, definitely reminds me of my party days….

  29. tanas makeup is URKING, that I wanna cry.

  30. This is how many time James Charles yawned in this video

  31. I’m watching this high as fuck & for the first 5 minutes I thought James’s “use code James for 10% off” was edited on to the screen 😂😂😂

  32. Normally wouldn't comment on a video with James and it because I can't stand that little bitch, but Tana I'm absolutely obsessed with you and have to watch every video. But my skin is crawling and I had to make a comment to James. There is no such thing as assless chaps. The fact that there is no ass is what makes them chaps. If they had an ass, they would simply be leather pants. You're driving me insane, you sound like an idiot. As usual, not surprised really.

  33. Wow he acts like he hates her but she is better than her

  34. Who’s seeing this after the tanacon fail and tana and Jake wedding?

  35. The way Tana said Texas lol

  36. James seems really stuck up someone smack him

  37. OMG!James foundation is actually snatched!!

  38. When tana’s makeup is better than James’s

  39. 7:13 that cackle 🤭😂

  40. 2018 Tana mongaue 2019 Tana Paul Erika Costel is quaking her ass of

  41. 09:52 this made me subscribe to Tana! 😂👏🏻

  42. james can't do makeup like he looks terrible

  43. james and tana are perfect bc tana got arrested at coachella and james jacked off woahhhhhhh⚡️⚡️

  44. i don’t like either of them but i love this video

  45. “Rule #1 if it’s about me , @ me so I can see it” —KILLUMINATI

  46. is it just me or are they both orange? 🧡🧡🧡🍊🍊🍊🍑🍑🍑

  47. Hes so fake 😣love you though!

  48. You don't know fifth harmony. I love james reaction to that 9:55 and 11:05

  49. Is James Charles the one to talk about Coachella outfits?

  50. They are fucking annoying lol

  51. James yawning is everything 😂

  52. "¿wHaT's zAful?"🤔👀

  53. Tana rating Erika….

  54. “I’m sitting next to James and now my social blade is getting greener”

    Oh how the tables have turned

  55. I do not like james' hair but the rest is ok

  56. Sorry james,i do luv you but you look like a fucking mickey mouse in this video..sorry

  57. Why you were friend with him. It looks like him can even stand be next to you. Idk

  58. 9:10 did anyone think about that one tiktok

  59. ‘Today we have a sHiShTaR!’

    Lol 🤣

  60. Tana: imagine just like.. shit

    James: 👀

  61. i loved tanas outfits tho👀

  62. 9:10 ok rule number one if its about me @ me so i can see it

  63. I love that Tana is literally orange


  65. Damnnnnn she said 🥕🥕🥕🥕 but I love ittt👅😂

  66. since tana didn’t wanna say anything bad about liza, i wil.
    liza isn’t funny.

  67. James is such a dick

  68. Wow she actually changed her surname to Paul

  69. I love both you guys

  70. them getting excited over Olivia's outfit when Dove Cameron wore that outfit in her vogue interview when she was stretching

  71. wait wtf this video is so old and tana said “rule #1 if it’s about me @ me so i can see it” it’s popular from tik tok now but tana was there before all of us

  72. halsey gets an I for Idiot which is worse that F

  73. They looks so different now

  74. Roast James Charles outfit it was ugly and fucking cringe you look like a fucking alien who has been sucking dick his whole life to get money

  75. james yawns like a giraffe

  76. tana is the best storytimer, but i have to say she MUST be related to trump in this vid


  78. I don’t get half the things tana says😭😂

  79. james: the mic directs to the camera
    also james: films but doesnt turn of mic for the kylie

  80. Editor: you should leave the image up while they're talking about the outfit, not just flash it for a predetermined three seconds or whatever.

  81. who is here after James wore silver push pins to the Met Gala

  82. 10:00 it is pronounced (cam-y-a)

  83. I don't understand why anyone would like James Charles!

  84. I'm so annoyed that James is annoyed at Tana's humor

  85. What’s carringtons insta please reply this with the link of the photo thanks

  86. okay. (Exasperated sigh) 👏🏻JAMES 👏🏻 HECKIN👏🏻STOP 👏🏻BEING👏🏻CONCEITED👏🏻 thank you.

  87. I can’t even watch this like James literally hates tana tho

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