Russian Folk Music That Will Make You Thrill! Part IV

Russian Folk Music That Will Make You Thrill! Part IV

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  1. Its a beautiful song i can't stop listening to it. And all day i cant get it of my head! Even older women are attractive. I would marry a Babushka with those beautiful eyes.

  2. the only thing is that russian chicks become those human meatballs that you can see in the audience after the age of 40 or sth

  3. las rusas son profesionales solo para abrir las nalgas

  4. Русские люди просто прекрасные. Во обще у России очень интересная культура и история. Я очень рада, что я решила изучать русский язык два года назад! Привет из Греции!

  5. Love from Finland! ❤🇫🇮

  6. I would let the one with the stud in her nose take a shit in my mouth

  7. Russia is a great performer.

  8. How much did those girls get paid for that song, and was it original or ghostwritten?

  9. Is the Patriarch of Moscow there watching women in short skirts?

  10. Hübsche Frauen 👍

  11. comments like "russian girls are the best". but u know…

    they mean the singers, don't they?

  12. There's a war in my boxer shorts, and Russia is winning.

  13. Lots of love to Russia frm 🇮🇳 india

  14. the translation is trash…


  16. well,who wants to come russia with me

  17. As a woman…I love women, wow

  18. Très bien, respect aux héros immortels de la deuxième guerre mondiale 🇻🇳

  19. All 4 are fine but first blone one is my fav

  20. Russia is one of the most diversified country with best hearted persons on Earth. People of Russia treat human as human, they don't have attitude like that of western World. 🙏🙏🙏

  21. how dare you wear that fucking red start eat shit

  22. russion girls are so fine love russa.

  23. If only Russian hot women invaded us we would probably be distracted by them I know that for sure I would totally bang a Russian hot lady like Da Da Da vodka Da

  24. 1:38 scarlett johansson? 😂😂

  25. They weren't joking about having beautiful women.

  26. Поздрав од Македонија 🇷🇺❤️🇲🇰

  27. Blonde with a pony tail😍❤

  28. Most beautiful looking people in the world, I believe their language is the most beautiful too

  29. These Women look and sounds like the passing of seasons.

  30. Hey americans, still want to fight russia?

  31. Ok im ready to be a communist

  32. What’s the name of the blonde?
    She’s soo pretty 😍

  33. Fuck Russia.
    -Sincerly, all of eastern Europe

  34. Русский комментарий здесь !! моя мама пела это, когда ей было грустно, она действительно любит эту народную песню…

  35. ♥️ my dear Russians true feminine but strong as steel

  36. i love you rusia 😍😍 from indonesia my ig Alfin foundation

  37. Nadherne zeny!!! pozdrav zo Slovenska 😉

  38. Time 1:38 – Scarlett Johansson ???

  39. I will betray my country for that blonde woman

  40. Watching this while drinking my first vodka Smirnoff ice
    and suddenly cheering with russian language

  41. Love from croatia🇭🇷

  42. How did I get from HBO's Chernobyl to this…..?

  43. Yes, we have the most beautiful women. But just imagine how many of them died during the great Patriotic War. I am a historian by training and my heart bleeds when you read the documents. How many young girls died in the occupied territories, how many partisans and underground women were brutally tortured by the fascists. It was in the red Army that women set the greatest records:the most effective sniper,the most effective fighter pilot. And how many exploits remained is unknown. When the 16-year-old girl Katya Krasnova from Tula attributed to herself 2 years and having got to the front carried out on herself wounded heavier than her, under enemy fire. And so all four years, and in the bitter cold and in the pouring rain. And died 28.04.1945. near Berlin, covering a wounded officer from an enemy machine gun. Eternal memory for those who will never be kissed by a guy who will never know the happiness of motherhood.

  44. The US military has a technology that put me in a false reality but it's failed to hold. Anywho I've always liked this song brings back the memories needed. Oh I also really like the Putin putout song pretty good man over in Merca there ain't songs like that.

  45. Я русский, который переехал в америку как ребёнок. Мой русский стал хуже всех лет. Я бы хотел сказать, что большинство американских мужчин отвратительно отзывают меня. Пожалуйста, перестаньте делать из моего народа фетиш. Спасибо.

  46. To Russia with Love from Canada…

  47. 23 and me just told me im russian and i though that my parrents telling me i am adopted was the best thing in my life

  48. Nice 🙂 i gonna listen more 😀

  49. never hear russian music now i listen to this and i love it greetings from germany

  50. Best woman in word

  51. Матур кызлар жырлыйлар

  52. This is my second time watching this

  53. No wonder the Red Army was invincible. Look who and what they were fighting for ? Not just the Motherland but the Angels who walked upon it with earthly feet.

  54. Я из Колумбии и Я люблю Россию !!!!

  55. I always considered the Russian people to be fantastic people….

  56. Ladies! I have a top secret clearance in the US Government. Really! I'm ready to be compromised! Please?

  57. I would like a Russian wife in addition to the existing one

  58. Не наши песни самые душевные!

  59. 0:07 what her name help me please

  60. musical happy song.

  61. Zhanna Friske's group 🙁

  62. Russian real prostitutes. From Red Moscow

  63. 1:38 scarlett johansson russian version 😂😅🤣

  64. ¿Os gusta esta versión?

  65. Russian girls are either 11/10 or 0/10 there's nothing in between

  66. what's title name of this song?

  67. Russian is such a nice Country, grüße vom Faschisten

  68. Love russian girls. From China

  69. Tak się zastanawiałem gdzie się podziały te piękności z mych snów. Teraz już wiem. Śpiewają sobie na YT.

  70. No doubt that you have the most Beautiful girls. LuckyYou RussianBoy from a TunisianBoy #TunisMoscowTogether

  71. "Russian women are so beautiful"
    Yeah the young professionals are hot but what about those cows in the audience huh boys?

  72. Name Of the Blond Actress ?

  73. What the name band ?

  74. В который раз наблюдаю, как субтитры безжалостно перевирают изначальный смысл песни. Tell about how the black-eyed girl drove me crazy…. Попробуйте это срифмовать! А когда не получиться, может поймёте, что нельзя переводить прямо по тексту, а требуется литературная адаптация. То что вы напереводили, я бы постеснялся спеть и в портовом борделе.

  75. Мне одному кажется?прости меня господи , шл…хи.?

  76. Просто прелесная песня и девушки!)

  77. I don't understand a word but still in love with the music, beats, song and ofcourse the girls😊❤

  78. greetings from Poland, respect for Russia

  79. Tremendously beautiful singing absolutely like the Russian people as an Irish man proud of their culture and history!

  80. Russian girlies, who never served in the army, in military uniforms. Just ridiculous. My compliments to those russian women, who fighted in World War 2 against the Germans. Those women are entitled to be dressed in uniforms.

  81. magnifique music de qualité , ca fais du bien merci !!!

  82. Love from Greece!!!

  83. We don't need Viagra in Russia.

  84. красиво девченки сыграли, молодцы)

  85. ♥️♥️♥️◀️

  86. Lot's of Love and Respect,Support Mother Russia Form India🇮🇳🇷🇺

  87. Шоу на смерти… Кровь, грязь. вонь… НЕ ТАК ЭТО НАДО петь

  88. Najpiękniejsze wykonanie jakie słyszałem. I najładniejsze dziewczęta

  89. I really love this song and video as well. Love the black haired girl in the video, if someone will help me to find her,.it'll really grateful to me

  90. Why the fuck do i listen to russian music when my family had to escape from Russia

  91. don't know bout the song, but those girls definitely made me thrill.

  92. Прелепо 😘😘😘

  93. Unlike in western " patriotic " festivals, Russian girls don't have to strip out, put a ton of make-up nor doing a plastic surgery to actually impress the crowd.

  94. Love putin and Russia. But this is too cheesy

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