Ryuji Iuchi – English Subtitles- Shenmue 3 Music Composer

Ryuji Iuchi – English Subtitles- Shenmue 3 Music Composer

Hello I’m Ryuji Iuchi, creator of Shenhua’s theme song. What’s left the biggest impression with me is
the sheer amount of songs I wrote. Most games are fairly standard and have a set number of stages, meaning a song for this or that scene.
But in the case of Shenmue, the volume of work was so large I couldn’t
get my head around it. So many different ideas kept popping into my head
how to fit what song to where. Just had to start somewhere and do it. I composed over 100 songs myself, and with
Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 combined, there were over 800 songs in total, I remember just marvelling at how many songs we made. When I was supposed to compose Shenhua’s song, as with all the songs, Yu-san started by giving me some keywords. In this case I think it was, a curious-looking young girl living in the forest. After that came the concepts drawings and
the setting description. Once her world was laid out for me,
I took all that back to my booth, my production area at SEGA. I’d put on my headphones and, began composing. The song was about a strange little girl, living in the forest, so already drums and guitar were out. We were not at the stage yet, where other songs
were already together. So for most of the parts in the instruments, I remember being free to do whatever I felt best fit. I keep looking on the net to see what Shenmue has been up to. And people around the world on youtube and video sites are playing the piano or violin to that music. I’m just so glad I could make those songs
because there’s so many people who still embrace the music like that. With this project now it’s been 14 years since
Shenmue 2 came out, and the technology as advanced so far in that time. From the creator side, so many new possibilities
have opened up to fully express what you want to do. If they’re allowed to let loose and really show off, I think everyone can expect great things.

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  1. This guy deserves a lot of credit.

  2. A shorter video but without this guy Shenmue would not be a legend. Just like without john Williams Star Wars may have been a good sci-fi movie and nothing more.

  3. He's… he's….


  4. What is the name of the song at the very end of the video? Can't find this version anywhere!

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