Screaming on Broadway: Sonya Tayeh and Her Spectacular MOULIN ROUGE! Ensemble

Screaming on Broadway: Sonya Tayeh and Her Spectacular MOULIN ROUGE! Ensemble

(music) – Sonya Tayeh put a shot of adrenaline in the theater season with her incredible choreography
for “Moulin Rouge!”. I sat down with the Broadway newcomer to hear about her incredible journey from the underground club scene of Detroit to the legit stage. And why the fabulous excess
of this new hit musical is the perfect showcase for
her one-of-a-kind talents. (music) How does it feel to have
this spectacular spectacular, playing on Broadway, audiences loving it, critics loving it. How are you feeling right now? – I feel inspired, I
feel amped and charged. And I’m just so happy
that people are seeing it and seeing the beauty that it is. It’s just an unforgettable
experience for me, as my first Broadway experience, it’s really a wild thing. – How do you gather an ensemble of dancers that you want to tell your story? – I knew this show really
needed all of that excess and that highly physical
energy like the movie. It would be a disservice if I didn’t have that heat
constantly lifting on the stage. I could tell right away,
in the audition process, who could handle and who wanted to. – I just fell in love with Sonya. On my first audition I’m like,
“I have to get this job.” So. – Honey, we all felt like were like– – We all had to get the job. – We have to have this job. (laughs) – I remember being in that audition and most of who were on
stage right now was there and it was one of the
most memorable auditions I’ll ever have. Just the sheer talent, the
excellence that they exude. The sweat and the challenge. There’s that healthy
challenge with their comrades and people they work with before, feeling that energy was really, I had a really visceral experience during that audition process. – She creates an incredible
and inviting environment, I would say, so it’s really give and take and a really good process for us. – Yeah, for me, she demands
a certain amount of attention and dedication to the work. And so it was really intense
but it was really fun and it was challenging. – I’ve never danced so much where I feel like every single
muscle in my body is working. – Sometimes she’ll say, “Oh, do it 40% “so you don’t get tired.”, but there’s no way we can do it 40%. You can’t do Sonya
Tayeh’s choreography 40%. – No, it’s a 100 or nothing.
– It’s a 100 or nothing. – You were not a little
girl in the audience of Broadway musicals growing up, dreaming of dancing on Broadway? – No. – Tell me a little bit
about your childhood. – I was brought up in the underground dance scene in Detroit. And looking around and to see people trying to understand themselves was pretty profound and I
carry that everywhere I dance. – If we took a time machine back to one of those abandoned buildings, were you hitting it
hard on the dance floor? – Hard. Okay, hard, just a tube top
and those wide leg pants, shoes just like this, nothing
much has changed actually, minus the tube top. But, yeah, I was by the speaker, tears running down my face, hearing music that made me feel like I was 4 inches above the floor and just moving around
and understanding that, “Oh wow, this is gonna be my life.” And also, “Oh-oh, how do I do it?” – I love this quote,
“Tayeh hardly whispers “in the movement she
creates, she screams.” What’s it been like screaming on Broadway? (laughs) – I didn’t have one focused dream, I just wanted to do
things that are inspiring and be with people that are ambitious. But having this now, is
really emotional for me, it makes me wanna cry all the time. Every time I walk to the theater and my name is there, I stop for a second, I shake my head and I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.

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  1. My love for her knows no bounds

  2. It's so exciting to see hot red new blood arriving on Broadway! Hadestown, the new Oklahoma revival, Sonya… People may like them or not but these guys make Broadway moves forward!

  3. Believe it, Sonya. Your work in this show is nothing short of brilliant 👏👏👏

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