Seventeen Moments of Spring (Episode 3) (1973) movie

Seventeen Moments of Spring (Episode 3) (1973) movie

Gorky Film Studio SEVENTEEN MOMENTS OF SPRING Part 3. Goering was returning after
seeing the front line. Yesterday he spent the whole day at
the section of the front, where Russian tanks broke through
German defense positions. What he saw there,
shook and stupefied him. And he decided to go immediately
to Hitler to report about it. At the front there is no
organization at all. absolutely no organization, my Fuehrer.
A complete disintegration. absolutely no military discipline. I even saw some drunken officers there. Bolsheviks’ attacks demoralize army,
they create horror in the army. It is possible to call it,
an animal horror. I now have an opinion that… I forbid you, Goering, do you hear me?
I forbid you to visit the front lines. And I forbid spreading similar panic! Oh no, this is not a panic.
This is the truth, my Fuhrer. -My duty is to report this truth to you.
-Shut up! You better take care of
your Luftwaffe, Goering. Don’t stick your nose where it is
necessary to have a clear understanding. You are not up to that.
I can see that clearly now. Never visit the front lines again!
I forbid you that! For the first time in his life
Goering objected to the Fuhrer. He was crushed and humbled. He still felt the smiles
into his back of those nonentities, the adjutants of
the Fuhrer – Shmunt and Burghof. In Karenkhalle the staff officers
of Luftwaffe already awaited him. He ordered to gather his people,
when he was leaving the bunker. Good morning. Reichsfurer has just arrived. He requests
a meeting with you one-on-one in private. I’ll talk to him in the fireplace room. Please. The Fuhrer no longer can be the
leader of this nation. Well, what will be happening then? As you know, in the bunker
there are SS troops, after all. But this is not the main thing. In the Fuhrer his strong will is paralyzed. He cannot make correct
decisions any longer. We are obligated to say that
to the German people. Goering wanted to say: “Yes, my dear
Heinrich, I totally agree with you”, But this black leather folder stopped him.
He suspected that inside of it might be a little dictaphone, and this conversation
in 2 hours may be presented to the Fuhrer. -You are the successor of the Fuhrer,
therefore, you are the President. And I am then the Reich Chancellor. “He can say now whatever he wants,
– thought Goering, “the father of all provocateurs
cannot be an honest person. If only he would be an honest person,
I would agree with all his proposals”. -This is not possible. -Only one must be both the
President and the Chancellor. Who is that? Where? Over there. Where is it “there”? Over there, by the column,
in the dark-blue coat. That was the funeral of the professor
of medicine Karl Pleyshner, who many years was co-conspirator
and assistant to Shtirlitz in the antifascist fight. Shtirlitz wished he could rise
to the coffin and to kiss the forehead of the dead person, but of
course he could not do that now. looking at Werner, who was now
standing near the coffin, Shtirlitz only now understood,
how similar, these two brothers. The younger brother of Karl Pleyshner,
Werner Pleyshner did not know and had no right to know, that it
was Shtirlitz, who saved him out of a concentration death camp, where he
got per a denunciation 8 years ago. Since then he was living entirely
alone, because his wife left him the next day after his arrest. -And who is that?
-Kaltenbrunner. -Does he, too, have leaver problems? -Yes, he was treated by Karl Pleyshner
for a long time. Shtirlitz for some reason suddenly
recalled the funeral of Geidrich in 1942, and Kaltenbrunner was his successor. The funeral was solemn.
The Fuhrer was there as well. Here is that gesture. And here is this same gesture again,
repeated exactly by Kaltenbrunner, it reminded him of the event of 1942. “They all want to be like the Fuhrer”,
– thought Shtirlitz. “No doubt, they all want to be
just like the Fuhrer”. -All right, let us go, perhaps. -Do you have bag leaver too?
-I am sorry, what did you say? -were treated by him too?
-Alas. -Where will we get treatment now?
-I don’t even know either. February 20, 1945 , 06:55=6:55AM INFORMATION FOR ANALISYS.
Henrich Himmler. Reichsfurer SS, In charge of putting into action
Hitler’s racial theory. Honorable doctor of archeology.
Married, has one child. Education- high School only. -“Only one principle exists
for an SS officer: honest, considerable, accurate
we must be with respect to the representatives of our own
race and not to any other one. If other peoples live in luxury
or they die of hunger, interests me only as a fact that
they are necessary to us, Germans, as slaves for our culture!” Himmler. Himmler started as a secretary
and a student of Mr. Shtrasser, who was the ideologist of Nazism. But later, Himmler, himself
participated in the shooting of his dear teacher, when the
teacher disagreed with Hitler. But that treachery did not
help Heinrich Himmler much. In official Berlin he was still
considered a man of Shtrasser. Therefore he got a humiliatingly
small official rank A chief of the criminal
police of Munich. Others in his place would give up, but Himmler was a man of action. He began creating Germany’s first
concentration death camps. Goering one day asked:
“Aren’t you afraid that such a practice might repel
London and Paris from us? -“Not a bit,” answered Himmler,
“our concentration death camps “are the humane means for the rescuing
of the enemies of national- socialism. “if we won’t put them in the death camps, then
the common people will kill them in mob-law, and in the death camps they will
be re-educated to our rightness” For the success in creating the
camps of death, Heinrich Himmler was appointed the deputy minister
of internal affairs, per personal note from the Fuhrer. Then for the
first time he was not just somewhere in Hitler’s formation, He now was
directly next to Hitler himself. He stepped over to the next step in
the hierarchy of Nazism. After moving to Berlin, he,
through his assistants, began gathering secret dossiers on
the enemies and on the friends as well. On Leu, Goering, Hess. He started appearing together with
the Fuhrer at the congress of the Nazi party in Nuremberg. But still
he was not among the few chosen ones yet. He yet was not one of the leaders of
the Reich. He still was only a guard of the life of the Fuhrer. And only when
Himmler staged attempt on Hitler’s life, only after he shielded Hitler by
his chest from the blank bullet, only then Himmler became, according
to Hitler’s expression, his “blood brother”. What is this? Where is your home? Whose are you, a silly one? Well then, perhaps, you would
need some nourishment. Well, let’s go. Get inside. All right, I will bring it
Continuation. HIMMLER. Himmler attained his main takeoff
not in the fields of the battles or through organizing the camps of
death in the occupied territories of Soviet Union, Poland,
Yugoslavia, Hungary. This work of him already could
not astonish anyone. “A great organizer of a purifying terror”,
that’s how the Fuhrer spoke about him. His main takeoff Himmler attained
after the attempt on the Hitler’s life by the army generals.
Then he became the hero of the Reich, a person, who destroyed the plot.
Hitler awarded him, by naming him “the most courageous Aryan”. He even
asked Himmler to talk at the next Nazi party meeting instead of himself.
Bormann, Goering and Goebbels were forced to greet Himmler the way, as
they would greet only the Fuhrer himself. Shtirlitz considered that Himmler
as one of the strongest figures in the political distribution
of the 3rd Reich. Certainly, Himmler can start the
negotiations with the West. He had the means to hold the army
and the SS in the obedience. He can advance front against the
Russian Bolsheviks in the East, after the peace with
the West is signed. -“But”, thought Shtirlitz, “allies
will never negotiate with Himmler, because for the entire world
the words “Himmler” and a “hangman” merged together for good. So, then it is not Himmler, is he? This means, that for the
solution of the task of the Center, he must get in contact with Himmler. February 20, 1945 , 23:54=11:54 PM Here, in Kepenige, on the
shore of Shpray river, lived his secret radio operators
Ervin and Ket. By arriving here now, Shtirlitz was
breaking the laws of conspiracy, to which he was subordinating for
two decades strictly and scrupulously. But he just could not wait.
And Ervin’s wife Ket was pregnant. They did not expect Shtirlitz today here. They had contacts on Mondays,
but today was Wednesday. Wednesday was a special day. And Ervin
understood that they’ll work tonight. Good evening. You are looking just great. -You belong to that rare type
of wonderful women, whose pregnancies makes them
even more beautiful. -Pregnancy always makes any
woman more beautiful. And you, men, simply did not have
a chance to notice that at all. This is very correctly said. -Do you want coffee black or with milk?
-Where did you get the milk from? -I again forgot to bring you milk. I traded something for it,
she compulsorily needs at least a little bit of milk daily. We do
have milk now. Two large cans. And coffee substitute made
of dried carrots. Now I know, what an enormous craftiness is the food for a pregnant female. -Could you play a little for
us something, please? Sure. Did you check your air vents for
listening devices in there? I did check them.
There is nothing there. Why? Or your friends from SD could have
invented something new of their – filthy listening devices?
– Who knows! It is not impossible. Humans most of all love to learn
about other people’s secrets. Well, what’s going on? I received an order from the Center. I must find out who from the
leaders of the country is trying to start peace
negotiations with the West? They have in mind someone from
Hitler’s management, not less. What do you think about my order?
Crazy!? Isn’t it? They think there, in the Center, that if
I am not exposed for the past 20 years, then I can do anything. Would be
good for me to become Himmler’s deputy or to become one of the Fuhrers
altogether. Just in case. Hail Shtirlitz! I become grumbler? Don’t you think? It’s OK. It is becoming to you. Now, how do you plan on giving birth,
my little-one? It seems that a new method of
doing it is not yet invented. The day before yesterday
I spoke with an obstetrician. -I do not want you to get you
frighten, kids… …but for myself I got quite scared. This old doctor said to me
that during the baby delivery he can determine the true
nationality of any woman. -I do not understand. How? – Keep playing, little-one,
and do not be frightened. – First listen, and then we’ll think
what we can do about it. You see, the women actually shout
during a child birth. – Oh, really? And I thought
that they sing lovely songs. You see, little-one, they indeed
scream, but in their native language. With the true dialect of that
locality, where they were born. This means, you will shout out
“mummy” in Russian language or at least with your Ryazansk dialect.
With your Eastern Russian dialect! What shell we do then? -What if you go to Sweden?
I could be able to arrange that. – You will remain here without
a radio operator then. – But I will remain here.
– She won’t be allowed to travel alone. Only together with you. You, as an invalid, require a
medical treatment. I’ll make a fake invitation from German
fake relatives. You alone won’t be permitted through the border. Because
it is his uncle registered by us as a Swedish Nazi. Not your uncle.
– We will remain here. It’s OK. I will shout in German. Well, add a little of Russian
swearing to it, but only with the true
Berlin accent. Resolution of this matter
can wait till tomorrow. Based on the answer
I get tomorrow, we will make a decision accordingly. Are you all set to go? Le’s go then. Yustas to Aleks. I am still convinced that not
one of the serious politicians of the West will start negotiations
with German SS or SD officers. however, since the order is received,
I am starting its realization. I consider that it can
only be executed, if I report this information
directly to Himmler. Relying on his support, I may,
possibly, find the people who are trying to establish channels
for possible negotiations. February 21, 1945 , 04:45 – 4:45 AM Top Secret. Personal file
of Aysman, Kurt. Obershturmbanfuhere SS,
4th dept RSHA. Aysman, Kurt. Member of the
Nazi Party since 1933. Obershturmbanfuherer SS True Aryan race.
Personality approaching the Nordic type. Strong will.
Friendly and honest with co-workers. Devoted to his service duties. Merciless to the enemies of the Reich. Excellent sportsman.
Married. Incriminating relations never had. Awarded for the excellent service
by Reichsfuhrer SS personally. You may go. My skull is falling apart too. I dream about seven hours of sleep
like about the manna from the heavens. I never thought that torture by
insomnia is a most terrible torture. Listen carefully. The situation is very serious. Today my boss called me in. They are all dreamers, those
great chiefs of ours. They are allowed to have fantasies.
They do not have specific tasks. Anyone can give orders, even a trained
chimpanzee in the circus could do it. You see, the issue is that my boss suspects Shtirlitz
with something. Whom? Him? Yes, Shtirlitz. Him! He is the only person in the
intelligence dept of Shellenberg, to whom I feel sympathetic. He is calm, never kisses anyone’s ass,
without hysterics and fake success. I do not like or believe in those,
who are twirling around the department management or talk
unnecessarily at our party meetings. Stupid heads, chatterers, idlers. And this man is a quiet one.
I love quiet people. A quiet friend is really a true
friend indeed, if an enemy man is a quiet one then he is a real enemy.
I respect such people. They always have something that I want to learn.
– I know Shtirlitz for over 8 years. I was with him in Spain. Near Smolensk
in Russia I saw him under the bombs. He is made of steel and stone. Why are you talking with epithets now?
Is this because of your mental fatigue? Leave these stupid epithets to
our Nazi party leaders. We are detectives and must express
ourselves with nouns and verbs. “he encountered”, “she said”,
“he transmitted” and so on. -So, you don’t even allow a thought of?
-No. I just cannot believe in the
dishonesty of Shtirlitz. Me neither. Probably, we need to tactfully
convince Kaltenbrunner of this. Why? But what if he does want
for Shtirlitz to be dishonest? Why should we dissuade
him from that? After all, Shtirlitz, indeed, is
not part of our department, He belongs to 6th Deptartment – The
Intelligence. Not to the Gestapo. – Let Shellenberg feel terrible.
– Shellenberg will require proofs. And Reichsfuhrer Himmler will
support him in that. -Are you sure of that?
-I am convinced of that. Why? I don’t know why, but I am
totally convinced, gruppenfurer. So what shall we do then? I believe that we should be
honest to ourselves first. That will determine all of our
subsequent actions and deeds. Actions and deeds are the same thing. Here you go. I am giving you a
possibility to be totally honest. Take these documents and
do make your conclusion. Let it be fully honest. And I
will use it when I will report back to my chief about the results
of the internal investigation. Why me? Why should I
do it, gruppenfurer, and sir? So, where is your honesty now?
my good old friend? Where is it? It is very easy to advise others
to be honest. But individually everyone tries to
turn his dishonesty inside out into pure honesty. Seemingly to
justify himself and his actions. Perhaps I am not right? -I am willing to write the report.
-What? I will write that I know
Shtirlitz for many years. I can give any guarantees for him. Go ahead, write it down. To Mr. Muller, the chief of the
4th dept., gruppenfurer SS. I consider von Shtirlitz
shtandartenfurer SS a true Aryan, and devoted to the ideals of the
Fuhrer and the Nazi party, NSDAP. I am requesting to permit me
not to be occupied by the investigation of his work. Signed as
Obershturmbanfurer SS, Aysman. Well done, what a good boy you are. I always respected you and felt
with a complete confidence about you, and now again I had a chance to
be convinced of your decency. I thank you, gruppenfurer. You shouldn’t thank me, but I
shall thank you instead. Take the documents and compose a
favorable review about Shtirlitz’s past work. I don’t
need to teach you how to do that. He has skills of intelligence officer,
the vision of inspector, courage of a true national- socialist etc.
How much time do you need to complete? To verify everything and document
correctly I will need seven work days. You have five days and not more. And do not forget separately to
beautifully the role of Shtirlitz in the work with that… priest.
Kaltenbrunner believes that through the priests’ one could attempt to
establish contacts with the West. Now go and have a nap. I can not
allow you 7 hours for a sleep, but 5. -Sweet dreams!
-I thank you. Hail! – Hail! February 21, 1945
05:05=5:05 AM Your ID please. They block the roads to the East
and South. They are doing it fast. – What is going on? – We were called on the red alert.
Looking for radio spy operators. “Yes, quick response.” – thought Shtirlitz,
“It is naive to think that way, but it is correct, if one would
be an amateur, who does not know Germany, but I know it. “Braggart. Boaster”.
Why? Not a braggart, if I wouldn’t know Germany that well, I would drive
Ervin right here, but I drove through Naykeln, – thought Shtirlitz,
– Would you like to look in the trunk? – In front are large road holes,
please be careful, shtandartenfurer. -Thanks. I’ll try to be careful. It’s like some one said once
– “What a great guy I am!” Yes, what a great guy I am!
Hail to me. Hail Shtirlitz! Good evening, Mr. Bolzen. Here are your favorite cigarettes.
Here are matches, too, sir. Shtirlitz frequently was visiting
this little restaurant with the name “Elephant”. He now could not
even recall his first time in here. That was over 10 years ago. There was an order for him to go to
Spain. But he did not know that yet. Moscow knew about that and arranged in
this restaurant a meeting with his wife. Our victory is not questionable. How are you doing, Gabi. -So, our victory is not questionable, right?
-Yes, of course! I am very happy about it. – And where is frau Zaurich?
– Her friend, an old woman, got sick. She is bringing her some food. Would you like to play chess with me? Gabi, as a chess player you are
not interesting to me. I do know that. I’ll try seeing you later tonight through. May I, gruppenfurer? Listen carefully, Holtoff, I am giving you an order of
extraordinary secrecy and importance. “This one will eat dirt – thought Muller,
just to get ahead of everybody”. “This one still likes our games because
he doesn’t understand them fully yet”. “He will put everything up side down.
And that’s exactly what I need now! At least I will have something
to trade with Shellenberg later on”. You will carefully study these documents. Here is documented work of
shtandartenfurer Shtirlitz for the past year. This related to the weapons
of retribution. The atomic weapon and
the German physicist Runge. Honestly, the case is weak,
rotten materials, but you’ll try to dig out
anything out of it. Contact me personally, whenever
any questions would arise. Oh yes, here is one more thing. Take a look at his several early
work projects at the front line, and see if Mr. Shtirlitz and
Mr. Aysman ever worked together on a common project. – Where are the handcuffs?
– Here they are. Hail Hitler, gruppenfurer. Come here, Herbert. You must memorize this person. From now on you will
follow him everywhere. From early morning till very
late at night. May I take a look at him? End of part 3. Translated by Fooper01. Enjoy.

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