Share Music Sweden about arts technology and Mondgewächse

Making something that allows people to be expressive in different ways including the members of Gageego!, this is an important idea of the project. It’s that maybe the relationship of the members of Gageego! to their own instruments might get transformed in some ways. It’s really about using the body to perform. Using live-capture or using some pre-recorded material and then transforming that using some of these different interfaces. I am trying to make instruments that are exciting to explore that have of course something of a sound which is going to be coherent in the piece overall, but which maybe even allow themselves to be broken in some ways. We were experimenting with controlling perimeters with tilt. And because of the way the interface was placed, rather than being this sort of tilt, you could go all the way around 360 degrees And when it does this, there is a certain point that it almost breaks. It’s discontinues in some way, but it’s actually made to be continues. So I thought: oh I’ve got to fix that now! So I need to think about continuous control. But actually the brokenness was very interesting. And it is actually something I want to build into the instruments in a way.

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