Shortcode Manager – Kaswara Visual Composer Addons

Hi! in this video I’ll show you how to use the shortcode manager here is a list of all available kaswara shortcodes Go to shortcode manager to find all the shortcodes search for any element by name Use these buttons to enable/disable any shortcode you want We’ll disable the skill bar element once done don’t forget to save the changes now when you go to vc in the page you will NOT find the skillbar shortcode we have just disabled now we will disable all the shortcodes just to see the results as you can see all the elements are now off & disappeared we’ll enable only radial progress now only one shortcode element is present this cool feature gives you the full control on your vc shortcodes Only enable the ones you want & when you disable a shortcode make sure you are NOT using it in any of your pages Thank you for choosing Kaswara!

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