Silent Discos: Hear What All The Rage Is About | Sunday TODAY

Silent Discos: Hear What All The Rage Is About | Sunday TODAY

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  1. This is just a phase and it will be over in about 2 weeks when they sober up.

  2. I love silent parties like this because of how inclusive they are for those on the aspergers/autism spectrum.

  3. Siilent Disco while wearing ear buds

  4. 2:28 – 2:38 What? That's incredible! I gonna buy me some of those headphones asap.

  5. I just laughed out loud at all these 😇😌

  6. The background audio that started a little after 1:13 was a bit too loud. Otherwise, great video.

  7. Loss of social morality, decorum and mass psychological breakdown…this is the surest sign of an impending deep depression and world war…

  8. Background audio too loud throughout clip

  9. The narrator's pants are too tight in the legs… if he sees this video in 10 years, he's gonna laugh. Looks like he's wearing tights with a suit jacket.

  10. I’m completely opposed to this … in my humble opinion whoever thought of this has never been to a Dance party or festival…. this lacks communion and togetherness ….. forget the word tribal or union. Lol. This really irritates me for some reason

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