Singing Panic! At The Disco WITH HELIUM

oh jeez sup fam my name is Richie from social sexy pants today is going to be something a little different a little a little idea I conjure now I’m going to be totally totally honest with you I spent most of the day recording vocals for other videos and another thing my voice is a little bit worn out just just a little bit so I figured what’s the best thing possible I can do when my voice is worn out and that’s film another video with things I’ve never done they could potentially harm my voice for the long term yeah also not wearing armor today because fuck it but I held a poll on my Twitter twenty one pilots or panic at the disco you guys chose panic which I’m honestly kind of surprised but you know give the people what they want so I’m going to inhale helium as seen by the balloons over there and try to sing parts of panic at the disco songs I’m pretty liberal with the song choices here I picked out a handful of instrumentals that’ll work I’m pretty much going to go until I feel like I can’t sing anymore a lot of structure for today’s video / she did a good job man good good stuff alright let’s get started I’m going to need these but they only had weight I feel like it matches the aesthetic of this room with what do you think Holly should have bought more balloons hello darling alright let’s let’s rock and roll well imagine as I making you dinner jack you an idea i’ll bug the young George anyway Here Come exchange engl blows what beautiful wedding what a beautiful wedding center bridesmaid it was really bad for you I’m starting to get a teeny bit lightheaded I got a couple more in Neil it’s a little figure this out it’s one shaped like a pear ballad of mona lisa let’s do it that one that one would warrant was more challenging than nine in the afternoon let’s move on to one of my personal favorites we’ll see death of a bachelor I’ll see the shadows on my place people I’ve known today Oh all right that that’s it this was starting to get really really cringy like my whole existence I’m gonna stop it there because that was a very poor display of all kinds of things if you enjoyed these helium covers make sure to give it a thumbs up make me feel less less alone and also let me know in the comments below what other bands you would like me to do this for assuming I don’t develop some kind of serious brain injury for inhaling all this helium and thus always stay sad but not too sad and I’ll see you later yay

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