SKYWATCH: a Sci-Fi Short Film

Enjoy your order. Whether you’re stocking up… …or eating in. Heading out… ‘I’ll meet you guys there!’ Or treating a friend. NexPort delivers. “And welcome back to Wimps versus Titans…” Enjoy your order. Dude, this is so bad. We’re gonna get caught. Hold on, hold on – check it out. Second drone is already arriving. This is hers, right? Yep. Hope she’s not a vegan. Yeah, I guess we’ll see. Enjoy your order. She’s going for it dude.
– No she’s not. She’s gonna take at least one fry. She’s not even tempted. She’s just confused. Oh, you kidding me?
– That’s a fry! No! Ahww– I totally called it! Alright, who’s next? ‘Who’s next?’
You said that was the last one. Just one more swap, Shaun. Come on, let’s just play some VR – you still owe me that rematch. What if it was Mr. Miller? I don’t know man. Don’t you want to get him back? He’ll never know it was us. Okay. What are we sending him? Let’s see what’s in the sky. I think he’s got a ladyfriend over. Ohhh– Then this is a perfect swap. What is it? Oh, you’ll see. What do you think you’re doing? No, Nadine – do not text him. No – you deserve better. Nadine, don’t do anything – I’ll be right there! What the… I’m getting an error in the drone. Yeah, Mike – it’s going wonky. What? Dude, come here! Holy shit. Oh my God. You’re jumping to conclusions. It wasn’t necessarily our fault. Looks like it to me. You know what, it might have been a normal hardware malfunction. Y’know, must happen all the time. Hardware malfunction. Sure. Not your code. Whoa. It’s still alive. Be careful. It’s totally glitching out. What are you doing? I don’t know, maybe I can figure out how to fix it. Dude… I think we should report this to NexPort. And do what? Tell them what we’ve been doing? I don’t know. Shaun, if we can get this thing back in commission they don’t have to know anything, okay? …the hell? What? What do you think that is? I don’t know. Whoa. Come on! Holy crap – that thing has freakin’ weapons on it. Turn it off! Turn it off! Okay, I’m trying! Okay? What are you doing? You’re not helping! Holy shit, Mike. Attention! You are in breach of the NexPort Corporation’s Terms of Service Agreement. Oh shit. Please remain where you are, and someone will arrive to assist you. Please, we didn’t mean any trouble! Come on! Why are we running? It told us to remain where we are! Please remain where you are– Mike, wait! Mike! Shaun! Mike!! Oh my God. Attention! Please remain where you are– Mom! Mom?! …Mom? Enjoy your order. “Hello, you’re reached Georgia Brauer, I’m not available for your call.” “So, please leave a message after the beep.” Mom? Call me back, okay? I’m headed to Nadine’s. I’ll be right there. Attention! You are in breach of the– Attention! You are in breach– You bastards! For your own protection, we ask that you remain where you are. A member of our Fraud Detection Division will be with you shortly. Get in! Mike! [distorted] Attention. [distorted] Terms of– T-Terms of Service Agreement You gotta trust us. C’mon, c’mon. Go for dispatch. I’m gonna need some tech support. Copy that.

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