Sliding Pop-Up Cards

– Hello and welcome to another video, this is Jennifer McGuire. Today I’m sharing how to
create sliding pop-up cards. Now sliding pop-up
cards are a type of card that I made years ago when
I used to teach in stores and I would show how
to make them from hand and they were so much work. So today I’m really excited
because I found a product that allows you to die
cut the pieces you need for this type of card
and it’s very easy to do. So yes today is focused
on a particular product but I’m going to show
you many ways to use it. You can figure out how to make
a card like this on your own, it’s not too bad to figure out
but it does take some time. So the die makes it very easy. So you can see here how the card works, you just pull on the top and
the middle section pops up to reveal anything inside
such as a hidden greeting or a gift card as this example shows. I will be sharing several
variations of this card along with some tips along the way. So let’s get the stamping
done for our first card. This is the sunny studio
fruit cocktail stamp set. These layering images
are very easy to layer up and they create the most
realistic looking fruit. I’m excited to use the apple
for teachers cards this year. There are also some really fun sentiments to team up with them. I’m using my misty
stamping tool since I want to create several things at
once and it’ll save me time but you can use an acrylic
block if that’s all you have. So I’ve placed the most
solid or the base layer of these fruit into my
misty and I’m stamping them onto white card stock. I’m using pale tomato for the apple, butter bar for the peach and
soft yellow for the pear. So each time, I’m inking
up a different image and stamping it onto it. Now at this point I thought
why don’t I just stamp two of each since I have my misty
here and I have the paper so that’s why I started to
rotate after stamping each. That way I can stamp two of each and have some leftovers for another card. This is definitely something
that is worth doing if you have a stamping tool since you can easily stamp the second. Now I’m going in and
lining up the second layer and with this one, I’ll
stamp a slightly darker ink. For the apple, I’m using
red hot from Gina K and for the peach, I’m using sweet mango and for the pear I’m using key lime and those are all Gina K
inks so you’ll see I stamped the second layer of the apple on both, then the second layer of the peach on both and the second layer of the pear on both and I just rotate it 180
degrees in between each stamping so you can see how this really saves time when creating layered pieces like this. OK, now time for the third
layer so I’m lining up the third layer of each of
the fruit and I’ll stamp this with my darkest ink so
I have Gina K cherry red on the apple, Gina K
peach Bellini on the peach and Gina K lucky clover on the pear. I encourage you to experiment
with different colors because sometimes you can layer
a yellow and a peach color and get a beautiful layered look. It doesn’t have to be
two of the same color, different shades. So just experiment with the inks you have. I also use that same stamp
set to create the little stems and leaves to go with each of these fruit and then I die cut all the pieces. Now I can set these pieces
aside so we can create our card. Now that magical die set that
allows us to easily create these kind of slider
cards is this sunny studio sliding window die. I like that it’s an inexpensive
set since it’s not too big and lots of added extra dies
are included in the set. You want to use the large rectangle die and tape it to the
center of your card stock and the card stock
should be 5 1/2 by 4 1/4. I’ll show you another
option for that later. The other die from the
set that I always use is this little notch die. It’s like a little half
circle and I put it right on the center edge right
up against the edge opposite of the side
that has those two bars. You see that rectangle
on the left has two bars? We’re putting the notch
on the opposite side. You’ll run that through
your die cut machine. Any die cut machine would
work and this is the piece that you end up with. Now it’s hard to see
but there’s a score line at the top of the opening. Then there is a score line at the middle of that flap and there’s a score line at the bottom of the flap. You want to reinforce
each of those score lines. In real life you can see
them, the die provides those score lines but
it’s just kind of hard to see in the video. Next we need to create the slider portion and this is very easy, you
just cut a piece of card stock to 3 1/4 by 5 inches. I chose to use white. I flipped my green piece over and on the back, I’m going
to put a very strong adhesive on the little flap, see
that little flap there? On the back we’re putting strong adhesive, I’m using double sided tape. I’ll take my white rectangle
piece and line it up centered against that edge so we’re
attaching them edge to edge, centered up and now we
have our slider hook to our front card panel. OK, so now is the easy
part, just assembling this we need to put some strong
adhesive around the edge, we do not want this up
against the white paper, we don’t want the white
paper to be stuck there, we want a little bit of wiggle room there and then also a piece towards the bottom. So this will secure our
card together and you want to make sure there’s a little wiggle room so this slides freely. Once you remove the release
paper, you can either take a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch
note card or a panel, I used a note card for this
card and I’m pressing that right onto the back and now
we have our slider function on the front of a note card. So the person would pull that white panel and it slides up nicely. Now from here on out, it’s up
to you how you decorate this. I’ll show you this first example. For this one, I added two
little light green card stock strips for a finishing touch. They’re 3 inches by 1/4 and
the first one I’m putting on the top of that
little flap on the bottom just so it has a little contrast there. Then for the panel that pops up, I have a white card stock
piece that is 3 inches by 4 inches and on the top of that, I’m putting another light card
stock strip of the same size. So that way when it’s adhered there, you get this nice finished
look when the card is closed. I’m just kind of holding it
there but let me show you how it will look when
it pops up, you’ll see the panel pops up with it. So I added my apple, pear
and peach right to the center and then I’m using the sunny
studio’s autumn greeting stamp set to gold, heat
and boss a sentiment. I’ve used this stamp set
in a video in the past and I’ll link to it here,
it’s a beautiful set. I stamped it with versamark ink and now I’m adding gold embossing powder and we’ll heat set that. I thought the gold would
help the sentiment stand out a little bit. So now to adhere that panel to our card, I’m only putting adhesive
on this bottom area and you’ll want to put a
good amount ’cause you want it to stay there. I’ll then put that right
up against our green piece and press that all down and
now this panel will pop up with our card revealing
that area on the inside where we can put a gift
card or write a message. Now at this point, we need to do something to let the recipient
know to pull that piece at the top to make the card pop up. There are a few ways to do this. One obvious way I fell that
the recipient will know to pull there is to put a ribbon or bow at the top so let me show
you how you can do that. I close the card completely and I trim off that excess, you can leave
it there if you want to. And while it’s flat
and closed, I’m putting a little pencil dot at
the center of that notch. I’ll now use a hole punch
to punch through that hole. I also die cut that little
circle that you see there to the right and that’s
included in the die set. This is just a reinforcement
so that there’s some strength to this to add a ribbon. Now I’ll be honest with
you, I can’t find my ribbon, my fun ribbons in my
house since I moved a year and a half ago, isn’t that sad? But it’s the honest truth,
so I’m using some jut here. Twine would work too and you
can just tie a little bow and then the recipient
would know to pull that to easily open up the card. However, I didn’t love
the jut there so decided to change gears completely so
I die cut two little circles and I stamped pull here. The pull here message
is from this Lawn Fawn push here stamp set. I stamped pull here on the one circle. Then I flipped it over
and put the other circle on the other side just to
give it some reinforcement and to cover up that hole
that I decided not to use. So this is another option,
you can use a ribbon or a twine or you can
create a little circle notch for them to grab. Now I have a vegetable market gift card, this is my favorite market near my house and I thought that went
with the apples, pears and peaches so I’m using some adhesive to add that inside of the card so when the recipient pulls that,
they see the gift card and then I can write a
message on the inside. I also added a few clear
gemstones from Lucy’s cards and here you can see the
final card very simple to assemble thanks to that die and I have the pull here message at the top. Now since I added that pull
here message at the top, it is bigger than a regular note card so in this case I would
use a 5 x 7 envelope as you see here. OK so my next example changes
things up a little bit. I made the card a little
smaller so it would fit in a regular envelope and
the pop up is a big die cut and also I’m using a
message inside of the pop up instead of inside of a note card. So let me just show you all of it. This time I’m starting with two pieces of smaller card stock so these are 5 1/4 by 4 inches so I’m starting
with a smaller piece. I’m again using that
rectangle die in the center and then putting the little notch die on the end that is
opposite of the two bars on the rectangle die. I use my media mat, the
lines on it to make sure that I have this centered. Then I’ll run this through
my die cut machine, any die cut machine should work. You can better see the
score lines on this paper. So I’ll just reinforce
each of the score lines, the one at the top, the one in the middle and then the one that’s
that tiny little bottom flap where we’ll put the adhesive. I do recommend using a
bone folder to press each of those to make sure that
they’re reinforced nicely because that allows the card
to open and close nicely. OK so now we can flip this guy over and add the adhesive to the
back of that little flap. I also have adhesive
white card stop, again, the slider piece that is 3 1/4 x 5 inches. Just the same as I did
before, I’m putting them edge to edge, centering it up
and that attaches our slider to that background piece. This time I decided to use
foam adhesive to go along the edges and the bottom. Again, you want it to be
close to that slider piece but not right up against it. I thought the foam tape would
be nice for added dimension. So I’m remove the release
paper, then I’m taking another piece of card stock the same size and pressing that down. So this time I don’t have a
card that opens and closes. Instead, my message will be
inside of that pop up feature. You could put this on a
note card if you wanted to. And I’ll be honest, I think I like using the foam tape better, I feel
like it slides perfectly smooth with foam tape. Next I use the Sunny Studio
nutty for you die set. This is a fun little set,
it’s got even the pieces to make a smiley face on this acorn and the word nutty but
I just decided to create a simple acorn and I’m gluing
it to the bottom portion of the pop up. I want to make sure that I
don’t glue it to the top portion or it will not pop up okay. And I’m using that
leftover jut from before to tie a bow at the top of the acorn simply for a little embellishment. And I put a drop of
strong glue behind that to be sure that it didn’t come undone. Also I used the Sunny Studio greeting die to die cut three greeting sentiments from white card stock and
I glued them together, stacked them up for dimension. And then I glued it right
on top of our acorn. Then I white heat emboss the
word warm above greeting. OK so now to finish
this off, I trimmed off the excess while the card
was closed and I glued a little white circle on the
front of our slider piece and I did again stamp pull here. Then I’m gluing this down
onto a darker brown card stock piece that is 4 1/4 by
5 1/2 just so it has a finished look around the edge. I added a few pearls and
then my message goes inside of the slider portion so
that’s how this card opens up and I think it’s a fun unexpected
card to give to someone. This is where the greeting warm came from. It’s the sunny studio
happy harvest stamp set. I really like this card
and I plan to make several of those for teachers this year. OK my next example shows
how to create a pop up of certain elements. In this case, I’m doing balloons. So I used the sunny studio
birthday ballon stamp set. This is a small set
with a great price point and I think it’s one of
the best layering balloon stamp sets that’s out there. So to create four balloons
very quickly of the same color, I cut a piece of white
card stock to a square and I’m stamping the
first layer four times, rotating each time, this is a great way to make a bunch of the same layered image using a stamping tool. So I used pale tomato for the bottom layer of this red balloon. Now I’m lining up the
second layer with the first and stamping this with
a darker red hot ink from Gina K and stamping this four times, rotating each time. So it’s really quick to
create four of the same image instead of just one and
I will actually only use two of these on this card so I can save the other two for another card. Now I’m coming in with the
third layer, lining it up, stamping it with cherry
red ink and then I do the same thing, rotate,
stamp, rotate, stamp until I have all four stamped perfectly. Then I will do this with
other color balloons. I did yellow, orange, green
and blue and die cut them out. To make a cluster of
these balloons together, I die cut a white circle
and covered it with adhesive and now I’m arranging all
the balloons together. By having that white
circle base behind it, it’s much easier to assemble them. Next, I die cut a white panel
to have that pop up feature, just like I did on my last example. I also stamped with black ink
the happy birthday message from the sunny studio
happy thought stamp set. This set has a lot of great sentiments. I put glue to the bottom
portion of my balloons and glued it to the front
of our card as I have on the other examples. Again, I flip this piece
over, put double sided tape on the little flap and
add our slider piece up against it and that slider
piece is again 3 1/4 by 5. This time I’m using double
sided tape around the edges. I find I like that best
and then I’m adding a white backing to this. Again, this isn’t a typical note card, instead the message will be on the inside. So I used a T roller and a thin black pen to draw balloons, to
kind of connect them down to the bottom of the panel. And then I added my little die cut circles to the slider portion, again,
stamping pull here on them. Remember you could
instead do a little ribbon or a little arrow,
whatever you want there. After I’ve completed this,
I glued the entire piece onto a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2
inch red backing just for a finished look and
there we have our card. I assembled it just like I
did on the acorn example. Same sizes, same everything,
I just used balloons this time so for this card, you
pull the pull here tab and you’ll see the little
message on the inside and all the balloons pop up with the card. OK I have one last example to show you, it’s a completed card
but I used other products so I wanted to show it. This one uses the sunny
studio berry bliss stamp set. This is one of my favorite
stamp steps from this year. I think it is brilliant, it
creates such realistic fruit and it does several different
fruit together in one set. So I stamped and die cut a
bunch of the fruit using the set and I created a little
cluster of them on the front of a white panel just like
I did on my first example in this video. I again have my fruit and
vegetable market gift card on the inside and I added
this to a white note card so by pulling up the panel,
you see the gift card there on the inside but then
I can write a message on the inside of the note card itself. Now on the background of this card, I used some pattern paper. I don’t use pattern paper often because I usually find it
distracting from my stamping but in this case, it’s tone
on tone and I really like this wood grain look. So this is from sunny studio, it’s a 6 x 6 pattern paper pad, nice thick paper and on the other side
is a different pattern so I used the green wood grain on my card. Here are a few of the other
sunny studio paper pads. I just wanted to show you some
of the fun options they have. All right so there you have it, a fun way to create pop up slider
cards, really a lot of ways you can use this. If you’re interested in these
products, they’re linked below in my YouTube description. In the middle here are a couple
other videos you might like. I appreciate you stopping by,
I hope you have a great day and thanks for watching.

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