SOLIDWORKS 2020 | What’s new in Composer?

Let us look at the other technical publication product, SOLIDWORKS Composer. This as a product, has a great collaboration with your CAD inside SOLIDWORKS, Allowing the inevitable design changes in your CAD, to be seamlessly brought through to you build manuals or user guides in SOLIDWORKS Composer. With this release, the connectivity has been enhanced. With integrated appearance import, the ability to bring through named and exploded views directly from SOLIDWORKS into Composer. Apart from alleviating the need for recreating these views, it also makes it quick and easy to create custom exploded animation in Composer. These animations can be saved out in additional file types such as popular MP4. This creates animations that are a fraction of the size when compared with 2019 only option, ABI. Aside from animations, Composer 2020 now provides the options to publish a 360° view and model with a series of rasters, or vector images. This makes it faster than ever to publish images with multiple of the angles needed, And in design review meetings, you can share different aspects of design.

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