South Korean K-pop star Sulli found dead… suspected suicide

South Korean K-pop star Sulli found dead… suspected suicide

kpop fans are in great shock and
mourning after the death of kpop star and actresses Holi our Kim bo-gyung
tells us more South Korean k-pop star and actress
Holly was found dead on Monday at her song Nam residents according to the
police on Monday Sally’s manager found her dead in her
home at around 3 p.m. after being unable to reach her since their last call the
day before currently police are investigating the case as a suspected
suicide but are still exploring other possibilities at the site a handwritten
memo showing solace feelings has been found the police are saying it is not a
will and that they cannot reveal what it says her agency SM Entertainment said
the funeral won’t be open to the public fans are shocked by the latest deaths of
a kpop star it comes less than two years after the death of Kim Jong Hyun a
member of boyband SHINee who are also managed by SM Entertainment so Lee was a
former member of South Korean girl group FX who debuted in 2009 she formally left
the group in 2015 to focus on acting in her solo career she released her latest
solo album in June this year and also was a host of a Korean television show
translated as the night of hate comments Sully was quite a controversial figure
and although the definite reason for her death is yet to come out a lot of fans
are suggesting that she took her own life because she had to suffer so much
from hateful online comments as lots of Korean stars have committed suicide
after suffering from malicious online comments fans are saying it is time to
make a law to stop people from posting comments that hurt others Kim bo-gyung
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  1. If she commit suicide she will go to hell;( Cuz suicide is a sin and if she didnt commit suicide then who killed her?

  2. The people who say bad stuff that is not their bussiness about Sulli will not live a happy but a life that is full of regreats,sorrow,guilty,unhappiness and may the Lord God whom created the heaven and the earth judge them propely to there guiltyness.MAY THE LORD GOD LET SULLI ENTER HIS BEAUTIFUL HEAVEN THAT IS FILL WITH HAPPINESS UNGUILTYNESS NO SORROW NO MORE WORDS THAT WILL HURT HEART.

  3. life without purpose makes people depressed, it's simple


  5. U should not kill yourself u should always tell yourself that community are stupid…. The real things in the whole world is your soul…….rest in pace

  6. That's right, Korean government should make a law that they should not post malicious and hateful comments online, just because they didn't like what that person is doing,..Korean bashers and all of the bashers all over the world, give the celebrity's a life, and not only the celibs also the people around you, remember you're not at the top, you're not perfect, you're not the only one who's living in this world..
    #the world is not cruel, BASHERS ARE!!!!


  8. Y is Koreans r obsessed with stars and violently humiliating them???? Every person have right to do whtver they wanted to if it's not illegal celebrity or not… Even no hv right to judge anyone cuz no is perfect in this world… I am really disappointed in ppl those who hate commenters…

  9. SM: greatest MAFIA at Korea

  10. I want to go with her

  11. thres something wrong with sm entertainment i think

  12. She should avoid social media..

  13. I don't really listen to Blackpink, BTS, Army, or K-Pop. I feel terrible for the K-Pop stars, and Sulli’s family, friends, and fans.

  14. She was not a controversial figure by any means. What's controversial is how Kpop idols are treated as if they're robots, they aren't even allowed to date. It's sickening asf.

  15. I think SM entertainment should show more concern on hateful online comments to their artist after this incident..
    They should have pin point how their artist felt when jonhyun died.
    They are lacking on concern

  16. Weak minded, if that's why she committed suicide. You shouldn't care about dead people who didnt care about living. So kdramatic!!!

  17. This is second artist from sm that commited suicide…. my heart broke when jonghyun went too… some monstrous people out there

  18. Dont read online comments if u cant take it.

  19. People are always gonna hate. Now a days in our society we see hating on someone is normal and it’s good😔💔

  20. I feel so sad when I listen things like this. We should love ourselves, we don't need one or four million people having a fake love for us. We just need first of all the love that we have for our selves need our family love, close frinds and that's it. But first of all your love to yourself, cuz we are all humans and we can betray and hurt someone whitout trying. So please, people, love yourself first and don't be sad because a bad moment or because people make bad comment, juges you or bulling you. You are gorgeus, precious just the way you are. There is always someone who want to listen to you, if you don't have anybody talk to me I have 2 ears, so I can listen to you and 2 eyes so I can see perfect. Gretings and hugs from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 ❤ We should promote love for each other.

  21. another SM artist again,RIP Sulli 🙁

  22. Shame on a corrupt society.

    RİP Girl

  23. broo why didn't she stan etika 🙁 this is so sad

  24. I don't understand haters, why u guys have to hate? Why hateful comments? I never loved kpop, never was a fan but I never hated them, even tho I don't know her the news after I heard a kpop idol died by suicide made me so upset! Sick ppls sick society! Kpop idols listen to me plz, I m not a fan of urs nor I love ur musics, ur musics hurt my ears but still I know this much that ur amazing. If u guys weren't than why so many ppls love u?! U guys r amazing, u guys should know that. U guys r beautiful as well, ppls hates u because they r jealous of ur fame n ur being amazing. Plz stop! I can't see ppls to commit suicide by suffering pains! Plz I want to say u this much, I don't know u but I still love u. So many ppls love u, so plz don't die. I love u noh matter who u r or what u r. Plz😔

  25. She lived longer than my rabbit, hamster and cat did

  26. RIP Sulli😔 She was hated til her last life💜 May she rest well🙏

  27. She is now known as Sullicide

  28. Why Sulli? You are a star!!! I'll miss you😭😭😭😭


  30. People are fcking toxic they focus on negativities you must be thankful enough because some people are trying their best to make you happy but what you did is disgusting and disrespectful you dont deserve to judge people when you yourself is so low just ew fckin ew for all of the haters

  31. all i can say is seems people these days need to be validated as to weather there good or bad who gives a chit what you think of me i care less of any ones opinion on my character these girls need a course of up your ass or fuck off dildo face make them hard towards judgemental ass holes online.dont get me wrong i love girly girls or girls that act like girls refined but you have to get hard or just give up

  32. i know why . she was bullied last time so she did it

  33. She is not committed suicide

    She is Sullicide!!!

  34. this is just so sad and hurtful . people are hating on a hard beautiful person
    wow just wow i never thought people would take it that way . hah het you haters how do feel? now that you just let a kpop star commit suicide

  35. it's all your fault, guys. You killed this girl because …? There is no "because" you killed her with a hate she didn't deserve. I didn't listen to her music, but it's sad that she killed herself with other people's fault

  36. i hope those people who have torn her down are gon burn in hell soon.


  38. Ty pls get a law about that

  39. Hey, don't really know who she is, but saw the news on Yahoo. The sad thing about those who hate anyone due to jealous. In their little world if they are a big enough fan, that they have a chance at marrying that star. Yet, if he or she is dating someone else or does not pay them attention, they become crazy haters. It's a mental issue called (CWS) Celebrity Worship Syndrome. More of a problem in Korea & Japan, since idols or stars have to please their fans causing a significant stress on themselves. Crazy fans need to get a life. Hopefully, it was not suicide and the authorities actually investigate thoroughly by checking both fans and the place she work for.

  40. Society killed Sulli?

    Wrong! Society in general, will remain a constant factor. The difference maker is the people around your circle(family, friends, partner, including yourself). Society will never adjust for someone's comfort but you have your family to teach you how to live strong against adversities, kinds of friends that you allow yourself to be surrounded with and a lifetime partner, who is willing to take half of every emotion you go through (pain, sorrow, joy, fear, etc.) Cyberbullying alone never killed someone. Its the failure of oneself and the people around that someone in equipping him/her enough to face this harsh world of reality.

    Therefore, we should never deny the fact that we are held accountable for every people around us.

  41. People only care when ur dead

  42. Ngawww 😭😭😭
    Ever since Ladies Code, this is SO SAD

  43. Sadly, I don't think people will ever stop leaving hateful comments. They think they're just words and if someone commits suicide because of that they think they're weak. People can be plain cruel. That's just the sad reality 🙁

  44. She shouldn't have given a damn about the haters. There will always be haters no matter what you do.

  45. public shit…
    R.I.P sulli we will miss you so much im your fan stary from you always with runningman and until now

  46. RIP beautiful angel 😭😭😭😭😭my heart bleeding

  47. It is true that I am against the poisons found in the comments of some of the haters, but this does not justify what Sully did herself, her family, her friends, her audience and all the people who loved her and loved the fx. We all come under harsh criticism of our feelings not only from people we know but from people closest to us. Does this mean that we commit suicide ?????? Sulley very rushed. There are many people who suffer from disease, poverty and real severe depression either Sulley was successful, beautiful and loved. Suicide is not always justified because it may happen because of haste resulting from some sadness or a desire to make people remember the suicider and regret or even regret if they have a cause of sadness, but the suicider does not know that people will not regret it, but will ridicule of his / her weakness and the important that they will consider her/ him a negative energy should not be considered or remembered . I hope that Sulli will not set an example for others at commit suicide because Sully is famous I hope people who suffer from hate comment doesn't commit suicide and lose their lives because they will hurt themselves and their lovers .

  48. Suicide or suicided? She knew too much.

  49. Sm entertaiment who's next ?
    Jonghyun , sulli and who's next

    Sm entertainment should take care of idols properly , look at what happened did this happen by chance ?

  50. She jump in the building ?

  51. Sulli we miss u I wish you're still alive 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️

  52. I never knew she exist til my brother told me abt her

  53. Feminism killed her… its not suicide. She killed by korean male

  54. 2019 is such a weird year 😔

  55. As a privilege man, I am working now 50 hours a week in north Alberta, minus 50 degrees in the oil industry. I am close to loose my entire left hand because its too cold. I have no help from anyone. Trudeau that liberal thug and his democrat friends are telling me each day how much I am a white racist even If I am dedicated everyday of my life to my country, paying my taxes, risking my life, and… this girl killed herself, very sad. My advice. Love someone, a good guy and let go hypergamy..

  56. Is this what you wanted haters? For her to die?

  57. I wasn't a fan of Sullie, but I really feel bad for her death…She died because of stupid people that write stupid comments just for make themself happier…! Just a little comment like that can hurt a lot of people! That's it, I don't want to talk about this anymore, it make me feel hurt…

  58. Have you ever come to think that 2019 has been a weird year since the start?? A lot of people died this year which is crazy… either committing suicide or being murdered. Sulli will always be in our hearts I still listen to her songs over and over again even if she has passed. Because I love her people don’t understand that these hate comments are making people kill themselves sulli did nothing wrong. Her songs didn’t effect her fans in any form to make them make her kill her self and the fact that people are still spreading hateful comments about her while she is in her grave is just disgusting we need better people in this world sulli has lived a long beautiful life until now. I started listening to sulli way back we love you sulli and May god have you Rest In Peace ❤️🌹🥺

  59. Kpop is hell , people should stop supporting this stupid called art …

  60. Remember guys, she will never come back. She's gone now. I hope everyone who bullied her feels so bad… I can't describe my feelings right now…

  61. she should live in N. Korea to eat roots and leaves, better than suicide ! stupid girl, she did not care about her family suffers !

  62. She was murder by the people full of judging they see themselves they are perfect even its not ! You know yourself who judge and bash her . Karma take you in your time .

  63. How did she kill herself?

  64. It's been a week and I'm still crying…

  65. She's a victim of cyber bullying?

  66. I hope that the police find each and everyone who said bad things about Sulli and send them to prison 😡 It isn’t fair, why is every kpop idol getting hate ? Why do people always cause such drama ? Every single person who insulted Sulli should at the very least apologize

  67. to all the people that commented bad about her.. How many more idol do you want to commit suicide, How many do you want to murder with your harsh words, how many life do you want to waste just to satisfy yourself, your insecurities, your deadly opinion. Everyone has freedom to express themselves but how far should it be.. The society murdered this beautiful soul she was killed by heartless netizen..we need to wake up and do something.. will you wait for another to die?.. You may never realize the pain she felt, you may never understand the fear she felt but someday you will realize and regret your actions.. I know that this comment might not change anything but to those people who kept commenting bad about idols.. They are just human they are not your toys to play with. They are not puppets for you to control and definitely they are nit created for you to judge.. You don't have the right to judge them to point of asking them to die..

  68. Why does people not think when they write comments. What do they get when they hurt other people feelings. Seriously this community is so toxic. Why can't we be nice? Please reflect on what you commented. You caused a person's death.

  69. So we not gonna talk about sm entertainment? They didn’t fucking help anyone, instead ask f being there for her they just continued to overwork her and pretend like it wasn’t happening

  70. my question is…how did she kill herself? like did she hang herself? or cut herself? etc? 😫🤔can somebody explain?

  71. we will miss her but we all know she’s in a better place

  72. sucks to suck😂 Nasty bitch good thing ur gone.😒😹😹😹

  73. But the smile she does! I can tell it's fake… thats so sad, I honestly feel bad for her :(((

  74. Wow so sad, rip sulli

  75. I know who killed Sulli..

    Killer : Antis or Haters

  76. OMG! Sulli miss you😢😢..

  77. The same people who were hating on her are the same people saying RIP. I wish that some people thought about there words before they talk about people. Because you don’t know what people are going through and for all y’all dummies who stood up there posting mean things should be ashamed and btw im going to pray for you all. Oh and one last thing just remember that your loved ones in heaven are watching. I don’t think they’re pleased neither is GOD because that is just terrible! Remember guys what you say can affect someone’s life they could commit suicide become depressed and more.So please for the love of God just be Kind.

  78. I dont know her but I'm very sad about that.. We all are sad 🙁

  79. Fuck those losers posting hateful posts to her. She didn’t deserve to die, you motherfuckers !

  80. Its not suicide it is a murder

  81. These people who loves see people like sullie to suffer till bring her to death.. god already written their soul to hell if they don't change they ended go to rage of fire name hell

  82. The internet kills people, prove me wrong.

  83. My mom said she commit suicide cause of depression and cyber bullying

  84. Well tbh "we" have to save other SM idols ; we still have our hopes (NCT , EXO , Red Velvet )


  85. Haters go to hell you fucking ugly and useless to your parents and peoples and god

  86. I know I don’t belong here I’d heaven 🎈

  87. Rest In Peace 💕💕💕 You did not deserve the things that were said to you. 💕💕💕

  88. NOOOOOO!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  89. I'm an army I don't know sulli that much but I really feel bad because no one deserves being bullied or hated rest in peace…

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