Swizz Beatz Reacts To New Producer/Rappers (Russ, Nav, Rich Brian) | The Cosign

Check it out check it out this is Swizz
Beatz. Right now I’m on The Cosign and we’re gonna see which of the producers-
-turned-rappers if y’all really with that smoke I’m about to watch everything
right now. What makes a producer a good rapper? honestly, if it makes them happy
with what they’re doing not really based on what other people think. There’s too
many real rappers out there that I respect to call myself a rapper when
it’s like something I play around with. The difference between a beat maker and
a producer is a very big difference. Beat maker can go and just make a beat and
you know that’s all they care about, but a producer’s caring about the whole
curation of the creativity. Zone, zone, zone. Zone, zone, zone. Just doing what he love, you know? Ha, people hating on him that’s a trend. I heard Russ, actually on Funkmaster Flex. He was playing one of Russ’ songs and I hit him I was like yo who’s this? I think his tracks versus his
lyrics have actually one of the perfect balances I’ve seen. Super cosign! It’s crazy. He got a vibe. Yeah you could tell he’s just having fun, you know what I’m sayin? You could tell he’s having fun. He’s a super creative producer but on the lyrical part he just having fun. Just, I think he’s just going with the wave. I don’t think he really taking it serious
as like he competing with anyone you know what I’m saying? He’s just like, yo Imma just, I’mma just goof around on some joints and just have fun. One stick it’s gonna go. Yeah, Imma cosign, because you know it doesn’t feel like he forcin’ it. He’s got an interesting tone too. He seems more like an artist than a producer to me. I can tell like, he’s making beats because it’s something that’s easy for
him to program. I could tell this is probably more his passion. He has the look, he has the tone. You know what I like about going to Asia It’s like, when I go to Asia I feel like the
music is being preserved and really being still respected and still
intricate. Over there’s like more of quality than quantity. He’s killing it. That’s a thumbs up for sure. I can tell he’s a producer from that move. I mean I knew P. Lo was from from The Bay just off of the bounce. You could tell that he produce many artists with that vibe and he just was like something he probably produced for somebody else, was like, “you know Imma just keep it for myself.” Like you play it in the club, it’s
gonna go. You don’t even know why you moving, you just … and he got the tone. I like
the way he’s bringing back the “same squad.” You know you get the punchline and that you gonna remember. You get the Cosign. I might need I might need one of them Bay joints for the album too. I ain’t know Nav produced though. My son definitely talks about him. Yo Nav. Nav. Hit up Syle and all of them. Cash, you need to get with Nav. Nav is that zone. Like, he got his wave. That’s not my favorite joint from him. I would turn down the auto-tune just a little bit. Just so I can feel the vibe of him in the track Over all, he got it. Shout out, Nav. I just like that they doing what they wanna do. You know, everything that I seen had its own identity. I
didn’t feel like people playing around with the craft. There’s no wrong way to
express yourself, but there is something wrong when people play with the craft.
I feel everybody took what they was doing serious even though some might
need a little work in different areas. I think everybody got potential to go, so
that’s why they got all thumbs up.

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