SYML at Outside Lands 2019 – Talks 90s Hip-Hop, Debut Album

b-sides on air on location outside lands
2019 with the amazing SYML yo welcome back to San Francisco thank you so much
I guess we got to add your name to the list of numerous performers here at
Golden Gate Park yes yes I mean I mean I’m gonna say the who Jefferson Airplane
Grateful Dead and Simmel yeah just go right after me Garcia yeah how much of a
musical art historian are you you know it’s kind of like unique little you know
like niches of stuff I know about so like obviously being from Seattle like I
have a pretty deep knowledge of bands from that area and then but it also
ranges to like I was raised sort of classically trained piano so I have a
kind of a deeper knowledge there of course if you try to put me on the spot
I can’t think of anything yeah much like I just did but some hip-hop some like it
ranges into even country like I they’re a little like if I look back on my life
like there are little windows of time when and it’s usually around like
relationships like I had a girlfriend that was really in the country and so I
was like I’m gonna get really into country yeah and then like a girl or
like a friend who was like massively into hip-hop and so I dove in that with
them like I remember when I just suffered like ghetto boys like I like
ate everything up really yeah like I just went deep on it so yeah so you
Randa so you installed some subwoofers in your car I tried to down I shared I
shared a car with my family and it was a minivan and I wanted to do everything to
it like I you know I put the stereo in but when it came to the subwoofers it
was it was like the equivalent of asking to have like a chain wallet my parents
were like nope I’m not that kid you don’t get stuff that kid yeah you try to
dress in the baggy jeans and thing same with the chinko jeans too she wouldn’t
live with my mom wouldn’t let me have Wow I did like the skater pant like it
when they were bad year back then yeah yeah so I like did a little bit towards
that vibe so now that you’re a dad yes little Joseph II yes how are you going
to approach it when she says dad I want junk oh yeah she wants to go jeans yeah
I I grew up going to my parents were really great about letting me go to
shows at a pretty young age self like sixth grade probably is when I
started going to shows by myself and I would love to do that for my kids like
they if they want to go to shows with friends maybe hopefully you know that’s
something I would wholeheartedly support well good
yeah good you won’t be that helicopter helicopter that right yeah but she’s
like I’m trying to go on a date in sixth grade unless it’s like a show and it’s
like very platonic maybe then hahaha you say this now I just wait till 2019 I
know and she’s gonna look at me and all be dead you did a great thing as well
will shift to the music in writing a song yeah inspired by her yeah girl
yeah I congratulations thank you and a great album thank you self-titled of
course how easy was that to write then I know as a stream of consciousness
because you were trying to process the situation that she was going through
right yeah was it was fairly easy in terms of like logistically very easy
like it that when the subject matter is there in front of you and you’re sort of
active actively going through that like therapeutic process of trying to discern
what you’re feeling if if you’re able to like let yourself be open then I think
it comes out very easily and in luckily in that case it did for me so and I live
with her so she’s always around me and constantly sort of you know inspiring in
that way too so yeah good luck to I mean I’m just happy turned out good like
that’s one of those song as I look back on and things like I wouldn’t change any
part of that like I’m very happy with how it how it came out amazing song it’s
I think yeah I’m say it’s gonna be one of those timeless songs that just
continues to relate to people and just lives thank you very much yeah so you
know I’m glad we have a little background in terms of what you were
listening to when you were younger yeah the hip hop yeah that’s and things
like just glitchy weird dark yeah so it’s natural for you to have that part
of your personal bit man I don’t think it’s totally natural though because like
I you know it’s so easy to fall back into what you’re like what you sort of
like came up in the scene doing and for me that was like alternative and sort of
like pop you know and very comfortable at some level and it was it was great in
this in the making of this these songs on this album to get uncomfortable
because I feel like in the writing process when you make yourself
uncomfortable like oh I’m not like a producer in this way like I’m not like a
programmer for Beats I’m not I’ve never seen able to
anything like and you’re waiting around for somebody to hold your hand to do it
for you like that’s when like you make you wait you waste time you make you
don’t make it right sacrifices in the creative process so the bird was a good
example for me should be like do I’m just gonna bash through it and see what
comes out in the other head yeah yeah it sounded great yeah I’m happy way right
yeah last question Facebook has this group of
2 million people that are signed up to raid area 51
September 20th is it coming up okay are you down no no no I don’t want to know
what’s there I am a I’m a just I’d rather have the wool constantly over my
eyes when it comes to that kind of stuff I’m not trying to go meet aliens I’m not
sure I believe in a lot of supernatural stuff but because it’s supernatural I’m
gonna leave it there let it be and I’m gonna be down here at the natural it’s
gonna be up here now I’m I’m I think it’s funny right like that so many
people could be mobilized yeah for such a ridiculous but I do think there’s a
root underneath it all that people just don’t like to be manipulated or like
right you know lied to so a lot of conspiracies I can support that oh my
gosh man we shouldn’t even get into it but like the the whole stuff that just
happened like oh oh my god all those conspiracy I know and I’d you know it’s
dark man it gets our girl quick for sure yeah awesome to see you Congrats on
the recognition and can’t wait for the set right on thanks for having me SYNL
his debut album self-titled we’re at outside lands 2019 b-sides on air

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