Taco Bell Pop-Tart Taste Test

Taco Bell Pop-Tart Taste Test

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  1. Gmm you guys should do will it poptart 😁

  2. We have made pastry triangles… nope those rectangles

  3. Rhett, you are the destroyer of poptarts 😐

  4. Stuff a burger into a pizza pocket

  5. Where is link's shirt from, it's so cool!

  6. Mild Taco Bell sauce = Heaven 😍😍😍

  7. i love the keith haring shirt

  8. I used to love you guys but for some reason you became fake cringy and annoying

  9. Donut stuffed in a poptart

  10. So is it called a Pop Taco or a Pop Tartaco?

  11. Is Josh single 🤗😂

  12. Damn Josh seems like a really nice guy ahah

  13. Great video guys! From someone who eats a lot of Taco Bell I would love to try this!! So cool!!

  14. Waffle House…..nuff said

  15. Lettuce know…..

  16. Why not just call it Will It Poptart??

  17. Will it Pop Tart?

  18. A taco bell pop tart…come on america.

  19. New name for the pastry, TACO TART

  20. this reminds me of that one episode of full house when Joey was making "flounder tarts" hahhaha

  21. Rhett: "We could go like this all night"
    Link: ….
    Link: "We're tired"

  22. Try making a poptart whopper

  23. Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover yet

  24. Will it Pop Tart?

  25. Josh is bloody gorgeous


  27. Stuff an Empanada with an entire steak dinner (medium rare steak, corn, mash potatoes, gravy, etc.)

  28. No thanks illuminati bell I have not wet to your place est. you showed everyone who you were you and your satanic cult can rot in hell.

  29. They should make a calzone stuffed with chocolate

  30. Taco Bell’s gonna steal there idea

  31. They should do will it pop tart like if you agree

  32. Stuff a pizza in a burrito

  33. Didn't realize the subway guy got outve prison

  34. Make your own oreo/stuffed cookies.

  35. Is that a Keith Haring shirt on Link?!?!? 😍

  36. I can’t be the only one who hates that haircut 😭

  37. I got a know how you did that dough because I'm going to make them… 🙏🏻

  38. Let's make icing

  39. Guacamole frosting next time.

  40. Chicken leg into a waffle. The ultimate chicken & waffles.

  41. Y'all should do sushi pop tarts, just for Link! Lol 🙂


  43. In the thumbnail he looks like he's about to swallow a fat one

  44. Awesome, I love taco bell.

  45. “we have made a pastry triangle”💀

  46. lettuce chunks r VERY refreshing

  47. My dad would say " Ewww!"

  48. Reminds me of the taco dessert pizza I used to make at a pizza join. Remarkably good.

  49. Please Pop-Tart more things in the future. Thank you. 👍😉👍

  50. The next book should have all these recipes in it

  51. Do a Thanksgiving dinner Pop-Tart. Thanksgiving never fails.

  52. Link “this is the best thing I’ve ever made” His kids “Daddy?”

  53. This is the best video to watch high.

  54. make a pop tart hot pocket and a hot pocket pop tart

  55. I think they should do a "will it Turducken". Meat stuffed inside meat stuffed inside more meat.

  56. That's the ticket

  57. You should stuff a pop tart with a burger

  58. You should do a pizza flavored Pop tart.

  59. That needed their nacho cheese on it


  61. I could go all night like this

  62. Lets make it. Icing 😂😂

  63. Why don't you guys make a Will it Deviled Egg?

  64. Will it Hot Pocket IMO

  65. "We could go like this all night."

    That's what she said.


  67. I like Link's Keith Haring shirt ! (Where tf can I get one lmao)

  68. Pop tart, this is your next pop tart flavor.

  69. When josh starts his own cooking show I call dibs on being a guest! I'm full of crazy ideas daily.

  70. what are u laughing at kills me I watched that 10 times

  71. How do we find out recipes of stuff that you make that actually turns out good

  72. Things To Stuff Inside Pop-Tarts Ideas:
    -Fried Chicken
    -Sour Patch Kids
    -Thanksgiving Dinner
    -Random Fruits and Vegetables
    -Cheeto Dust
    -Grilled Cheese
    -Random Chocolates
    -Random Fast Food

  73. Wouldn't be the same without Link injuring himself

  74. Taco + poptart =tacotart

  75. Is Link wearing a Mr. Doodle shirt??

  76. I can watch 3:50 over and over again

  77. I really want to eat one!


  79. Why Link not allowed to make food by himself

  80. Josh: that's a pop tart
    Link: that's a taco?
    Rhett: that's a taco!

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