Takeoff Takes BuzzFeed’s “Which Migos Rapper Are You?” Quiz

Takeoff Takes BuzzFeed’s “Which Migos Rapper Are You?” Quiz

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  1. Take the quiz to find out which Migos rapper you are here:

  2. Dang he don't like uzi

  3. The most I’ve ever heard him talk

  4. Do it look like I cant scroll

  5. This is so funny

  6. Takeoff talking ? Whattttttttttttttttt?! His ass stupid highhhhh lol

  7. Damn watching all of these migos videos makes me like them so much more

  8. I don’t know if he is high asf or he never used a computer before

  9. give him a fucking mouse you ididots you have a migo in your biulding and you put him on a crappy laptop
    give him a damn mouse you cheap bastards

  10. lmao he skipped uzi😂

  11. tails,crisco,throwing,bi:wi's.,.no distribution,charity community,no robot accountments,no kept hair prices,narly white girl fites,porn hub,xnxx classes,macaroni,turkey bacon,doo doo tub,blunts hit 4 times,kraft singles paper,singles cotto turkey salami,krispy saltines,palmers coco butter,horizon ,doors skelatal,etc……..7931xx

  12. That’s what I was not doing 😭😭

  13. The background sound is reflecting

  14. Salude Takeoff from Sinaloa compadre!!!!!!

  15. Youngest Migo

    Don't know how to scroll

  16. “Do me a favor and accidentally step on ya white sunglasses”

    Joell Ortiz

  17. Skipped Uzi name. Fake

  18. My mans doesn’t know how to use a laptop.

  19. best one of the migos. fact!

  20. Lol Takeoff is Offset lmaooo

  21. My favorite ❤️❤️

  22. The one time takeoff isn't left off everyone else is

  23. I have to sympathize. I’m a pure pc person. Get me in front of a Mac and suddenly it’s like I’ve never touched a computer.

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