Teachers rapping in class

Teachers rapping in class

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  1. one day we were having a rap battle in class and the teacher WAS LIKE SO GOOD AT RAPPING (lol everyone was all like PLZ LET US DO A RAP BATTLE and then it was complete silence when they had to start rapping)

  2. her rap was so weak my bones disintegrated when I heard it

  3. I can do a better beat then what he did

  4. You now the skatebord was more interesting that the teachers rap

  5. Homegirl behind the desk isn't too bad.

  6. Get to the point

  7. Every body shut the fuck up and im only 9

  8. All im gonna say is…..who's mans is this smh😞

  9. Ummm how you have a camera in school!? My teacher would kick my camera 20000000000000000000000000000000000000 times just asking or 😐….. but cool

  10. you should made it shorter

  11. Your not even supposed to be on the phone in class boy

  12. These dude for real be using tech decks in class lol

  13. And this is the education teachers are walking out for.

  14. the beat in the beginning is everywhere….. EVERYWHERE! I do it a lot win my pencil…

  15. The principal: walks in the room .teacher and students:😵😵😵 the principal: YOUR FIRED FOR SUCKING AT RAP

  16. Stupid skateboard your a trash

  17. Worst rapping I've ever heard… I can rap better😐

  18. IN the bigining
    How to look at ur crush in secret…

  19. I got one I got one
    My mickey Ds don’t forget my fries and my sweet tea

  20. what's whit the scoreboard😒😡😡😡

  21. Whats that instrumental?

  22. Took too long to the rap

  23. That kid sucks ass at pencil taping

  24. The skate bird was fun

  25. Just stop teachers ruining everything god please come get this lady

  26. Hurry up can't rap well😑😑😑😑

  27. I'm a teacher rapper too, check out my music


  29. I can do bettrr

  30. God this cringey as fuck

  31. It's just baddddd


  33. I've always wanted to fck a teacher

  34. 0:02 sick moves bro

  35. Those are some wack tech deck skills tho

  36. That fat kid is good


  38. Raping starts at 3:00

  39. Love the skateboard tricks lol

  40. Where was this at an who were the teachers…

  41. That person cant even do an ollie -_-

  42. who plays with those kind of skatbords in hyscool

  43. Last day of school be like

  44. Cool lil skate board u got there meh dude

  45. Umm I'm in the future ma dudes

  46. I wish I had a class like that

  47. yo that skateboard shit tho

  48. I’m better at tech decking than him

  49. They take too long not to be rude


  51. I would’ve yelled choke artist when they wouldn’t start

  52. I thought the title said teacheing rapeing

  53. The government needs to hire more people like this for education

  54. This is my brothers channel

  55. This dude got a tech dec yo


  57. I thought it said rape XD

  58. Dis is quite the clicc

  59. Don't like us but want to be us so bad fucking pitiful

  60. Stop the skateboard

  61. Omg I remember when a little skateboard!!

  62. The actual rapping starts at 3:00 children ;w;

  63. My math teacher can rap

  64. 0:37 is that hamlinz???

  65. We need more people like this lol

  66. I heard that beat from Auto Rap Battles lol.


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  69. Bring back bullying

  70. BRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha😂

  71. 3:25 I swear that sound like Lucas or Marcus dobre laugh

  72. To be honest I was more interested in the skateboarding than the rapping

  73. Man if this was around my way everyone would have been arguing to go first. But I think this is school what the teachers are doing

  74. there pretty good

  75. I can't rap without cussing

  76. Top 10 Rapper Eminem Was Afraid To Diss

  77. 3:37 she starts rapping run me my likes

  78. I will take the skate board away

  79. Teck decks lol takes me back

  80. Just start rapping already!

  81. I wanna know these people :-;

  82. Can't rap? Then read the dr. Seuss book!

  83. I don’t know what the hell I just watched but… I’m suing YouTube for defamation of my Time.

  84. This makes me wanna go back to school and only for this.😆

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