The 18-year-old rapper bold enough to just be MIKE

The 18-year-old rapper bold enough to just be MIKE

“My whole plan was like, ‘Yo, hopefully I’m nice enough before I graduate high school’” “‘so now I don’t gotta go to college.’” 18-year-old Michael Jordan Bonema raps under an extremely simple name: MIKE. ♫ I see it in you, I see a god ♫ ♫ City of sons, city is dark ♫ ♫ Insidous art, grittiest parts ♫ ♫ Black as revolvers that tear me apart ♫ ♫ Pack me a soda and marry a cart ♫ ♫ 40 stops then I depart, 40 stops then I depart ♫ ♫ Straight from the park, uptown bound… ♫ His name is something of a red herring. Over the span of several mixtapes released over the course of a year, MIKE has emerged as one of rap’s more distinct young voices. ♫ You looting it all, 40 stops! ♫ His music depicts youth as both fraught and hopeful, with tracks full of introspective observations and soulful honesty. ♫ Bust my ass
Bust my head ♫ ♫ How I’m supposed to trust the path
That’s been doubling the stress? ♫ MIKE is a model of a different kind of internet-bred star, focused less on racking up numbers quickly and more on working to build something permanent. MIKE’s childhood was defined by transience. Born in New Jersey, he moved to England with his mother and two sisters when he was five years old. “I grew up in a house with girls, so I wasn’t really listening to real real hip-hop;” “I was listening to R&B and shit, like Chingy.” ♫ I like the way you do that right thurr ♫ “And if I was listening to hip hop, it was like Bow Wow.” ♫ Now I done been with different kind of girls ♫ “I didn’t really want to start rapping until there was this one night:” “I was watching this grime channel, Channel U in the UK.” ♫ If you try to clash this evil breh ♫ “This one rapper was really getting bars off,” “and then I was just like, yo, I gotta start rapping.” “And I remember running upstairs to my sister and just spitting some real dumb shit.” It would still be a few years before MIKE got serious about rapping. In the meantime, his life was uprooted again when he moved back to the U.S. “I moved from England to Philly.” “One thing I remember is that I had to use the bathroom.” “In England, when you gotta use the bathroom, you be like ‘I gotta use the toilet.’” “I asked the teacher, and they were like, ‘It’s kind of too much information.’” “It was just a lot of weird shit like that,” “like being in a different place and learning how to communicate, it’s always very crazy.” The difficulties of trying to communicate between cultures pushed MIKE to develop his own rap vocabulary and to find others who spoke his language. ♫ Grab mittens who have to spit blizzardous ♫ “13 to 15 years old, I was listening to Odd Future and just being a weird-ass little kid.” ♫ Niggas know that it’s the G-O-L-F-dub-A-N-G ♫ “I used to email mad people and not even have recorded songs.” “Just like send my lyrics over, and I was like ‘I’m like 14.’” It wasn’t long before he put out his first release, a six-track mixtape called Belgium Butter. ♫ Wake up in the morning
Start coughing, I’m yawning ♫ ♫ Blood on the tissue
That’s an issue, but I’m cautious ♫ ♫ Head into the shower
Then I scrub it down my armpits ♫ Around that time, MIKE moved to New York and found inspiration in a new group of friends. “Yo, I started off terribly.” “That’s sad.” “Cut!” Over time, they would develop their own collective, and they would call it sLUms. “We dealt with certain feelings.” “I guess that feeling of being alone.” “We all reflect over that shit all the time, and you can hear it in the music.” “It was just good to be around people that understood,” “and through that we created a really strong bond.” “Before sLUms was even on some music shit, we were just learning how to be friends,” “and then that’s when shit actually started coming together.” ♫ I’m always under the same hat
A troublesome pain that ♫ ♫ Is looking for payback
And trying to get paid ♫ MIKE’s music is infused with a political anxiety that comes from firsthand experience navigating the world as a young black man and as an immigrant. ♫ I’m a troubled child
Feeling like it’s God’s fault ♫ ♫ Head like a cloud
When I’m standing and the sky fall ♫ ♫ Niggas move around
Like my eyeball ♫ ♫ Swear this shit crack
But my nigga this is drywall ♫ ♫ Working on my craft again ♫ MIKE says he’s been separated from his mother for six years, ever since she took a trip from the UK to Nigeria and was unable to return because of complications with her visa. “They told her you can’t come into America.” “She’s literally been trying to do this shit for six years, and she gets to Dublin,” “and they’re like ‘No, it’s a dub.’” ♫ Boy, that’s nothing to me
Niggas stuck in the scene ♫ ♫ Niggas stuck in the scene ♫ It makes sense that there are themes of black liberation present in much of the work of the sLUms crew, all of whom share similar political viewpoints and who relate to the challenge of being a young person of color in America. To MIKE’s surprise, his music has even resonated with one of his early Odd Future idols: Earl Sweatshirt. ♫ Let’s run away my nigga ♫ ♫ From this past and the states my nigga ♫ “I used to look towards Thebe’s music as music I could look at and also relate it to myself.” “So to make music and see that he can relate to it,” “it’s like alright, I’m definitely on the right track.” “I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.” MIKE’s music has also been gaining major accolades from the music press, and his latest mixtape received a coveted Best New Music badge on Pitchfork. “That’s some coverage. That’s some fucking coverage.” “That’s insane.” But while MIKE nears the edge of blowing up, he has no plans to leave his crew behind. He sees them as an extension of his family. “For real for real, I’m trying to see all my niggas rich,” “I’m trying to see all my niggas doing good.” “There’s so many spaces I’ve been where I haven’t felt comfortable, my main shit is just like—” “We have the opportunity to give people spaces that they can feel comfortable in” “and do what they need to do, let’s do that shit.” “Building community — instead of building fame, building trust —” “and building love for the people around you will help you way more than blowing up.” But even beyond the confines of his crew, MIKE has a revolutionary mission. He’s currently on a three month trip to London where, for one, he’ll be reunited with his mother. He’ll also be recording his next project, an EP titled Renaissance Man. “It’s about going somewhere and finding and learning new shit” “and then bringing it back to your community” “and blessing them with the new techniques and technology.”

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