The Award for Best Coachella Performance Goes to…

The Award for Best Coachella Performance Goes to…

The award for best performance at
Coachella over the weekend goes to, of course, Beyonce!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s right!>>Coachella turns into B-chella as Queen B slayed the festival one year after
she was forced to cancel her performance due to her pregnancy with twins, wow! Beyonce also made history as the first
ever African American woman to headline the festival,
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes, let’s have a moment for that. She was joined on stage by her husband,
Jay-Z who she’ll be touring with later this year, super excited about that,
as well as her sister, Solange. You guys saw their little dance-off?
>>That was so cool.
>>That was my favorite moment. So cute.
>>Power!>>Random fun fact, 3LW was on the TRL tour, Destiny’s Child
headlined that tour, and Solange actually used to be her backup dancer.
>>Wow!>>Have they ever performed together?>>A song together, I don’t think, that would be amazing.
>>Ooh, that would be fun.>>But the one thing everyone was talking about was the Destiny’s Child reunion.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wasn’t expected.>>They all looked amazing.>>We were not sure if it was going to happen but do not lie, everyone was at
home like, yo, please bring out the girls. Bring that DC moment out, and
when it happened, it reminded us all that hands down, Destiny’s Child is
the greatest girl group of all time.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Look at them, and they all looked so good,
my girl Michelle was killing it, they killed it.
>>First of all, I wanna give props to Beyoncé because she paid so
much tribute to HBCUs, historically black colleges by doing the step.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I was on step team for my sorority.
>>You were, [INAUDIBLE]?>>Yes, Delta Sigma Theta- [CROSSTALK]>>Our sound? [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE]>>I just wanna say, when you are doing step, it takes months to get everybody
in sync to get the steps together. For her to do that with that
many people and get it together, that just shows you her professionalism. Now, you were there,
I was there, you were there, we were there
>>Yes.>>I felt like the crowd was in awe.>>They were captivated.>>That’s how you watch Beyonce.
>>Normally, when you see performers at a coachella show,
the crowd is dancing, people are facing in different directions cuz they’re dancing
in circles, they’re taking selfies. During these performance at Coachella,
B-chella really, nobody was moving, everybody was just in awe, captivated.
>>Or trying to film it.
>>Yeah.>>Well, people that were online was like, why everybody ain’t hyped? And I’m like, no, if you were there,
you would be like this, my!>>Yeah, most performances don’t have so many visual aspects to it, Beyonce’s
performance is like Cirque du Soleil meets something on steroids.
>>Yes, yes.>>So you’re sitting there like, there’s so much going on,
you’re trying to capture it. But I love that because you are absolutely
in awe for the entire, what was it, two hours?
>>So you guys were actually in the audience?
>>Yes.>>That was so cool, I would’ve totally been there,
I was actually in Austin, I was at a charity event, MJ and M,
it’s Matthew McConaughey’s event. It’s so cool, you guys they raised over $2 million.
>>Wow.>>That’s phenomenal.>>For children that have medical conditions. But I have to say this,
you guys, honestly, when I watched Beyonce after having twins,
I was looking like that, I was like, I gotta go for a run or something.
>>[LAUGH]>>She looked amazing, and I think she’s one of
the most amazing performers that always tend to overtop themselves.
>>How do you do that?
>>You always think she kills her performance, then she comes back
around and overtops herself. [CROSSTALK]
>>She doesn’t miss a hit.>>If you watch performers, they’ll take a break a little bit,
take a breather and let the dancers do their thing.
>>Yeah.>>She goes so hard, every single one is like, [SOUND]
>>It’s perfect, she aims for excellence.
>>But that was just this weekend, next weekend the designs are gonna change,
her outfits are gonna change, so it’s just gonna be awesome. So I just wanna thank her because she did
more for recruitment of HBCU’s in that performance than anybody could have done.
>>[APPLAUSE] [CROSSTALK] But for the culture, what she did last
night was absolutely amazing. If that doesn’t make you feel some sense
of pride of being black on so many levels, my 7% African was represented there.
>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>Thank you.

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    All U haters SHUT THE HECK UP!!!!
    Beyoncé is NOT freakin OVERRATED!

    IDC! I HYPE her UP because l admire her, l love her, l adore her, I’m so obsessed with her. As a Proud Beyhive fan, I’m proud of her!💛

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  86. Idolatry.
    This is what it looks like.
    How many others realized this?
    I never see people act the way they do during the Super Bowl, during a concert, etc at church. They don't jump up and down, they don't yell and scream, they don't clap their hands. So this is when I've noticed how we place creations, human beings, on this pedestal…and worship them. They're not The Creator…they're not God. In fact the majority use their God-given talents… instead of for the kingdom of God…use it to make money off a satanic agenda.

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  90. Beyoncé received a lot of advice on prevention care from her friend Mariah Carey, after Mariah almost died and her body is still recovering from the trauma after having twins at 40 after several miscarriages, it impacted her body a lot which is why you may see her with people always helping her stand or why it impacted her tone in vocals, she can still sing incredibly but she’s a humble friend and also is the reason why JayZ became famous after choosing him to be signed to rockerfella in a high position.

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