The Haunted Funko Pop Hunt Continues

hello everybody welcome to Springsteen
TV thank you for tuning in today we’re gonna be going to look at a hot topic
and the game stop for sure there’s a Walmart in between those I don’t know if
I’m gonna stop with those last time I was at this this particular Walmart they
didn’t have anything I’m not doing the Target today the only reason I’ve been
wanting to go to Target is for the Haunted Mansion pops and apparently in
the area that I can get to easiest they didn’t get much in or they didn’t get
any at all cuz there’s like six or seven targets in one area but they didn’t they
didn’t get them at all and I kind of kind of gave up on finding the chrome
pops too Haunted Mansion chrome 3-pack and so I was really looking for but yeah
we’re gonna check out this hot topic and hopefully they have something you know
something that we can get if we can’t score anything thank you for coming on
this adventure with me and also I just got the the Funko I guess it’s like a
online one day exclusive or something or no it sells to itself sold out but I
just got the Loch Ness monster the Funko myths so I was really excited about that
I scored that sold out in my 15 minutes which was pretty crazy
or less than 15 minutes I’m sorry but yeah I got me one of them my Funko shop
exclusive Pennywise is on the way so I’m waiting on that steel but uh yeah I’ll
get you guys back on as soon as we get there Thanks alright guys what’s goin
apart here Shawnee mall alright so we made it we’re gonna be heading into the
mall gonna check out that hot topic we’re gonna be entering through JCPenney
just because hot topic is right across from them and I’ll get you guys on as
soon as I get to that Funko on top me see in a minute
so busiest places and of course the it some of the a chapter two mystery boxes one yes finally a score guys definitely
gonna be picking this one up yes there’s no other homework columns or
social you guys know I like the horror once finding everything okay
yeah yeah it’s a very narrow area they get the exclusive Elvira’s not much
no virus being honest I’ve never seen anything but they’re in it but I do know
a lot of people that are allowed or fee so that’s really cool don’t anyone else saw that is it’s a
game gargoyles topically though that’s something I’m
interested in you think I might get this too well I’m glad and dig through these and
see what else I could find anything good show you guys alright guys so I had the best
experience in Hot Topic today there the manager was so friendly all the workers
were so friendly they were helpful I was questioning about the Haunted Mansion
pops that they had one in stock that we’ve seen it was the constance hatch
away I was happy just to find that one I was checking out and here’s the here’s
the Constance but I was checking out and as I was checking out the manager said
she believes they had more I think she was a manager but anyways they went back
and they found the opera singer and the mummy that I mean that’s really awesome
on I cashed in them that hot cash hot bucks whatever it’s called I cashed
those in I got these the only thing I’m missing is the Madame Leota
which is fine I mean three out of four is perfect I’m still you know gonna give
up on the three chromes unless I randomly find them in the wild somewhere
but I’m so thankful for that there man I recommend hot dog they’re really
friendly and they didn’t tell me stop recording I’ve been kicked out of a
hopper for two time stop recording so I was happy about that too all right we’re
gonna go skip through gamestop see if we can find anything else
be there sec all right here at the game stuff have to go and check out what they
got show you the one we get there to the wall
Oh first glance we don’t see much but uh so you got a little things around take a
look deeper in case you find something like in Angelica for your regrets fan or
a gold black panther oh there’s anything much that I’m
actually interested in I’m still super excited about the Haunted Mansion stuff
we just ran like that church but that makes you a
friend live on that box pretty big day you like this gamer Mickey another gamer Mickey from WWE right hard knock stuff over hail ice so we got
nothing on pop wall that we’re interested in nicely family likes board
games but monopoly is not one of those that they’re that good and I have to
beat them in that all the time no I’m playing cuz in everyone check out the Clarence see what Clarence
has today much cheese Herman this one specifically
this games dog advent calendar I picked him Marv over Harry Potter was a thing I
was a huge fan of 5 stars I’m addicted to Angry I think if they were in the
regular you know Mickey Mouse Clubhouse outfits I would get those but didn’t
really play Kingdom Hearts I played it a little bit just wrapping up this game
stuff didn’t really find anything we want yeah we’re done here okay so just gotta
target not take it back guys we wasn’t done at the registers
I found a holiday winnie-the-pooh Disney of course take it out right here and
show you right there it’s really cute and I love Christmas oh this is perfect
waiting stopping at Walmart today just as every time I’ve been to this Walmart
they never really have anything pop wise and that’s all we’re looking for today
is Funko pops I’m happy with what I found I’m I’m very happy with the Hot
Topic find I love the GameStop one also the Christmas Winnie the Pooh but the
main thing is the you know Hot Topic Haunted Mansion pops those were the best
find I’ve had in a while other than that chase of course in the
Herman Munster all right that’s gonna wrap it up thank you for watching
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