The Hitman’s Bodyguard Interview – Composer Atli Orvarsson

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Interview – Composer Atli Orvarsson

So today we have a special treat composer Atli Orvarsson all the way from Iceland is joining us to talk not only about his career in general but his new movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard!

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  1. FIRST

    To like my own comment

  2. What's your next interview going to be?

  3. Grace baahubali 2 is on iTunes plz review it

  4. We know that Nicky furry is doing in avengers 3&4 writing music

  5. Do you realise that thanks is half skrull half titan I think we can now see the story go to your twitter and I left you a message about the story at lest tell if make sense please

  6. I really wanna watch this movie.
    I hope it comes to netflix soon, because films like that almost doesn't gets released on cinemas where I live……

  7. This! Is! Awesome!

  8. I Love your videos!!!

  9. Grace, I love watching your beautiful smile, in a totally non creepy way. And with your permission, will serenade you with a poem. It's called Princess of the Trailer Channel.

  10. Good interview – some insightful questions, thanks!

  11. I always love your interviews Grace!

  12. I'd like to be able to compose music and write songs. Then I could write music all day long and read reviews "Sucks" "His music is pedestrian" "The musical equivalent of fingerpainting – by numbers" "Zero stars for zero talent" Ah, but that's just a dream I have.

  13. This is the most calm and easygoing interview i have ever seen

  14. You should do more interviews, they are always pretty good! 🙂

  15. Loved the interview! You should do more. You always ask really good questions.

  16. Love you Grace 😁💗

  17. If only Grace could land an interview with Michael Giacchino… that would be amazing.

  18. I read a book about a bird that lived in Iceland in the 4th grade. Decent book.

  19. Could you please rank the j.k Rowling wizarding world movies

  20. This is completely random comment ,but who else thinks the Sony spider verse should have miles morales as Spider-Man

  21. I love learning about different elements of film making. Thanks Grace!

  22. Great questions, great interview! Grace, where were you when I was studying Film & music and hoping to become a music composer for films?!
    This vid and all the vids on your channel are better than the lecture materials we had.

  23. He seems really nice 🙂 I'm gonna check his work asap!

  24. Wow Grace, these are the people I think we don't hear from enough in the world of cinema. Really appreciate the interview. Great interview.

  25. I really enjoy it when you do these behind the scenes interviews. They people that put the movie together are really underappreciated. Thanks!

  26. Grace I love you but no one care bout a composer, especially for this straight to dvd flick.

  27. GRACE, it was just announced this movie is a netflix exclusive in here in Japan. Unbelievable! 😍

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