The HU – The Great Chinggis Khaan (Official Music Video)

The HU – The Great Chinggis Khaan (Official Music Video)

Blessed from heaven to his queen mother Brought unity to blue sealed Mongols The bearer of the eternal Tengri The lord of the Khamag Mongol The Great Chinggis Khaan Called by Teb Tengri Bestowed to enrich the world The bearer of the eternal Tengri The lord of the blue Mongol The Great Chinggis Khaan The king of the great Mongols The king of the blue world The scourge of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan Cherished the wisdom of thinkers Declared deliverance and the Gereg The bearer of the eternal Tengri The lord of the blue world The Great Chinggis Khaan Knees be knelt and heads be bowed The Great Chinggis Khaan Engaged the world with the wisdom of Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan Declared the empire with law and order The Great Chinggis Khaan The scourge of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan The Great Chinggis Khaan The bearer of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan The token of the blue Mongol The Great Chinggis Khaan The scourge of the Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan The equilibrium of all The Great Chinggis Khaan The scourge of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan

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  1. Pre-order / Pre-save the new album 'The Gereg' –

  2. How Mongolian squires are killed. 200million people?

  3. 🇲🇳🇹🇷🇲🇳🇹🇷CHİNGGİS KHAAN🇲🇳🇹🇷🇲🇳🇹🇷

  4. The Altaic race needs to rise up now, too long has our race have been divided, put down, subjigated and exploited. We are the true masters of asia its time for us to rise up. Long live the fighters….

  5. Glory to Nomadic Culture! From Altaic brothers.

  6. Can’t wait for you guys to come to NC!

  7. That was haunting

  8. You guys rock!
    I was trying to figure a way to make a pun on how you're now my new favourite "who" band, but it was too hard.
    Cheers from Brazil!

  9. For the fans, come to Mongolia and experience the nomadic culture. It would be once in a lifetime experience!

  10. This guy did terrible things!

    In a few hundred years we might as well be singing songs praising Hitler.

    Just saying there's no difference. Media just conveniently selects its villains

  11. Mongolski Sabaton :-). Dobre to!

  12. Its got a kind of black metal vibe, atmospherically. Much of "black metal" is very ancient nature oriented and this has that in spades. This is definitely not black metal but it has a very ancient dark vibe much like black metal.

  13. Greetings from Turkey

  14. У вас отлично получилось ! Вы крутые

  15. Не одного момента та русском

  16. I played crusader king 2 as a vassal of khan Tenmujin while listening to this, it was Glorious!

  17. For me it’s like rammstein(cause the videos and history and stuff) in Mongolian and love it !!! Thanks for this !

  18. yooy bur ogshtol avjishd ahah

  19. 900 years ago mongoles destroyed half the world now they destroing shity music ever where

  20. UNeheer mundag goy bna. AMJILT

  21. Tangra bless you.

  22. Yooy bitii tsus hoorgood baildaXD

  23. Blessings from Germany


  25. In Korea, I can't find song like this…. sadly…

  26. reminds me of early pink floyd; these guys should go places

  27. he shouldn't be cherished by just the mongols but pretty much all europe as they are all descendants of him

  28. They did it again! Epic, historic, cultural, deep, powerful! Well done The HU!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

  29. А,Ху,енно!!!!!!!

  30. Interest Mongolian music and culture greatly increases within the last year and a half…

    China: “nervous sweat intensifies”

  31. Goy duu bolson bna . humuusiin heldgeer clipen deeree anhaaraarai . hamgiin ehend garch irdeg het jijig onigor nudtei hun inter jahan gutaaj bna. Unendee Chinggis Khaan iim torhtei bsn uguig bid medehgui baij iimerhuu dur torhiig gutaasan sonin torhtei humuus togluulaad demii bhoo.Togluulbal tsarailg Mongol torhiig hadgalsan jujigchin olj togluulah heregtei. tehgui ene zuram shig tsaraitai hun bol bas clipig doosh in tataj bna shu. Duug in sonsmoor bdg clipiine tevcheertei uzne gedeg tiimerhuu bna.Uuniihee orond shonhor burged murgediin hiimorlog amidarlaar tolooluuleed hiisen ch blno shde Chinggis Khaaniigaa hamgiin huchirheg jiguurtentei zuirelbel. Zaluusta daraa in sanaa avah ch yumuu uran buteeliine iluu saijraasai gesen uudnees helsen yum shu zovoor oilgooroi. Ta nar chadnaa. Amjilt husey zaluusaa

  32. fuck me this is good

  33. They're still singing about him. Says a lot.





  38. also muss mal sagen die mukke ist geil aber das video ist echt übertrieben oder komischXD

  39. I want to see the movie those clips are taken from. Anyone know the name and year it came out?

  40. Gengis Khan wasn't any better than Hitler. Both killed millions of people. Both were assholes. The only difference between Khan and Hitler is that Hitler lived until recently. If he had lived 700 years ago, we would probably sing songs about how gteat Hitler was.

  41. I really live this!

  42. 1:17 Look at his left fingers.

  43. Saw these guys live the other night at the Complex in SLC. The show was phenomenal, and I got them to sign the poster I made for the event. I don't know if I have the patience to wait for their next album.

  44. Отлично!!! Супер!!!!

  45. China is STILL not over The Great Chinggis Khaan… Incredible music! Many folks here are bringing up Hellung. YES, another great band similar in "spirit" to the HU but from a different part of the world.

  46. Something about the comment section is wrong, yes the Mongols were great warriors and stuff, but let's not forget that killing about 40 MILLION people (Almost as much as Hitler did) is nothing to be proud of

  47. Vnheer goy bvteel bnshvv huh tenger iweenee ongoduud dvvhelzheer bvteel bolj

  48. First multi national empire in the world, when thay ride to conquer east europe with 12 tumens Mongolians was only 4000 they was elite of camp

  49. Un moh vvrd mongoliin khaan hoh monh tengerii derees hardag bid aguu ezen khaantai bahdan bisherii

  50. 02:23 is the most bad-ass shot of Jaw Harp play I've ever seen. (I love this instrument!)

  51. Үнэхээр гайхалтай

  52. Сайхан сонсогдож байна амжилт залуусаа (y)

  53. Tengeriin tashuur attila bolhoos chinggis khaan bish umsan.

  54. Great song for Great warriors. Greeting from the past.Majapahit.

  55. Damn it, I ran out of volume in my Headphone.

  56. Bought the album & it is one of the best things I did. The more I listen to it, the more it sings to my soul & I am not even Mongolian. Every song is a masterpiece & so is every MV 🔥

  57. Turks love Cengiz Han

  58. Keep to the traditional Mongolian instruments. The electric guitar and the drum set just ruin it. Wardruna show that traditional music based on history can be popular on its own.

  59. The Hu give my toenails goosebumps……

  60. 😊😊😊😊😊

  61. Respect to great Chinggis khan minu

  62. Genghis khan my father

  63. Unpopular opinion here. Khan is someone to be remembered but not to be celebrated. In terms of atrocities, he's no better than Stalin, or Mao. The only difference is that he won his battles.

  64. The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.

  65. let's raid the costco right there next town.

  66. ok.. that's 3 for 3 songs that are really cool to listen too. I'm officially a HuFan now.

  67. Need a native American metal band too tour with them..warpaint and on a warpath…lol

  68. Truly Epic music sung with True Mana by people who know their Turangawaewae "their place of belonging" I hope you make it to New Zealand would love to see you live. Kia Kaha

  69. 🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺🤘🐺

  70. Now I can see how the Mongol Empire conquered the world.

  71. OMG, I love this song. I love this album! I will have to buy another copy because I am going to wear this one out. 🙂

  72. weird. though quite interesting.

  73. The most metal thing of 2019, no contest

  74. s/o to Mr. Corbett

  75. I have Mongolian roots and i am absolutely in love with this music. 🙂

  76. 😎🙏 from India

  77. Это прекрасно

  78. Tiv temger mash zov yum hiisen tegj bj delhiid cahiur hagallaa


  80. this is good but dschinghis khan is legend

  81. Chingis Haanii tuhai zunduu duu hiichlee bas erelheg baatruudiin tuhai odoo tsaashid duunii sedev oldoosoi bilee 🙂

  82. Tengeriin cag irsen bolood l bomborcogiihniig chihdeed av gej iim duu hiijee geheer bolj

  83. This Testament – Native Blood.

  84. Mongolia is the land of world conquerors, all the great nomadic empires originated there, starting from the Xiongnu (and their descendants the Huns, which destroyed the Roman empire and ruled over the various Germanic tribes and conquered Sassanid Persia and India), the Turks (the first great Turkic empire the Gokturks were in Mongolia) who have been the de facto rulers of central Asia, Persia, Asia Minor (Seljuks and Ottomans), the Middle East (Mamluks and Ottomans) and India (Delhi and Moghol) (most of the imperial dynasties of these areas had turkic origins), and of course, the Mongols. Europe itself has been invaded and influenced heavily by all the abovementioned players. Turks and Mongols are very much related to each other and they could be considered both to be the heirs of the Huns, genetically and culturally. They dominated the world for millennia, the lords of the lords.

  85. Genghis Khan was nothing but a murderous dog who closed the eyes of 40 million people, people who did nothing to him or the Mongols. They were going about their lives in walled cities when suddenly a foreign invader demands they surrender. Most of these people already lived a harsh and frugal life in the slums and muddy shacks of central Asia, and whatever joy they had left with their children and loved ones was stolen by a genocidal maniac.

  86. I understand nothing. But all I know is I'm ready to invade

  87. as a turk i thank to the hu band for returning our real common god "TENGRi" back in to our hearts.turks should get rid of arabic paganic slaverer pimp god "allah".

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