The Killers – Human (Official Music Video)

The Killers – Human (Official Music Video)

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  1. I think I want the lyrics of this song engraved on my tombstone when I die.

  2. real music , real lyrics , real talent ! <3

  3. Can someone explain to me the philosophy behind the song.

  4. Which f good song which

  5. Noen norske folk her eller? 🇳🇴 Human❤️

  6. Are we humans or are we dancers?! The question precludes the possibility that dancers can also be human.

  7. This song is overplayed at work so much

  8. The best Killer's track

  9. You know it’s an old song when:

    1) It’s released years ago
    2) You read the comment section people saying “Who’s listening to this in October 2019?”
    3) It’s 480P

  10. “I don’t know why” every time I listen to this song I’m not able to hold my tears.

  11. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏼❤️👊🏻

  12. Going to play this at my wedding

  13. This song takes me back to those times when my dad would always play it on our JBL sound system, back then. I still remember him in his distinctively brown suit, coming from work, and us sitting at the table, again laughing at how he always puts on this same song. We were a family back then, and my dad was obsessed with this song…

    Now, my parents are divorced, and I'm all by myself abroad at uni. Fuck my life.

  14. cant believe its been 10 yearss!!!

  15. I did my best to notice that this song is irresistible to listen to.x

  16. I just came here to see if the video was as stupid as the song

  17. Show de bola.música.Né.

  18. O que falar dessa banda são demais!!!😍👏👏👏

  19. i love this..but im human & love dancing!

  20. So I was in Scotland yesterday and the shop I was in played this my mouth dropped because I completely forgot about this amazing song

  21. 10 years, im feeling old

  22. One of the few bands that are bulletproof.

  23. Walmart radio brought me here

  24. Are we humane? Or are we damned?

  25. are we human or are we cancer? <—– duh! Cancer

  26. I came here because they fucking love this song at dance recitals

  27. This song brings back memory’s that were amazing 😉💖

  28. I remeber seeing this music vid when I was a little toddler. I was washed by a wave of nostalgia

  29. Angels and airwaves anyone?

  30. "Stop talking to my soul!!" me yelling at this song…..

  31. Are we dancers pelotudo

  32. This song is amazing ❤

  33. I WAS THE FIRST one outside his inner group to identify the song as being about Santas Reindeers coupled with Carlos Casteneda. I see it as one of the most clever songs lyrically I've ever heard. At no time in the interpretation of the song does it not speak to you in some way. The songs meaning kind of unwraps. He hides the meaning in the video but gives us a "tell" by shivering when its supposed to be hot. The animals are there but they are the wrong animals.

  34. I am 64. love rock all my life since 7 years old. The singer has a special voice, my now 20 years old introduced me to the Killers since one or two years ago. I am going to listen more of The Killers

  35. ыыыыыыыыыыыыыыы сука

  36. human, or dancer? these guys are geniuses. now that i look at the math, you definitely can't be both. gotta pick a side

  37. I always thought the song was about drug use…. You are dancing if you are on drugs… You are human when you are clean. Hummmm

  38. Shut up shut up SHUT UP! Mr Brightside SING MR BRIGHTSIDE. I'M MR BRIGHTSIDE.

  39. This brings me way back.

  40. My entire life I've been trying to figure it out. Even though every lyric site ever says "or are we dancer?", to me it's always sounded like "or are we denser?" Anyone else agree? t kinda makes way more sense too tbh

  41. This brings the memories back…never forgott this song

  42. "I did my best to notice

    When the call came down the line

    You can almost see it visually that a single reindeer raises his head and then puts his head back down and munching like all the others.

    "Up to the platform of surrender

    I was brought but I was kind.'

    The Reindeer need to be handled by a human to be tethered together or indeed if they are flying reindeer, to be pushed off the platform. But though the human leads them they don't necessarily fight it.

  43. I am from the moon, I don't like your Greed or your Government's but I do like this Song 😀

  44. Idk why but this song gives me those type of good feelings. It’s such a good song

  45. October 32nd 2525 anyone?

  46. This song never left me from the first time I heard it…

  47. Christ the amount of funerals in the comments fuck me just tried to find a song I used to like not fucking depression

  48. I remember these times such as today. Spring 2009, I with my sister were preparing to school. From TV it could hear VIVA with this song. Brilliant memory😪😪

  49. Are we human or are we FAT
    My bellys emptmy dinners coland im on my knees cuz i Just fell over

  50. Allways get goosebumps off this tune.lurrrrrrve it.

  51. Guardiola listening this song now for remember him best times in FC Barcelona

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