The Legend of the Disco Yeti at Expedition Everest

Do you know why the Expedition Everest’s
Yeti is called the Disco Yeti? Wanna find out? We’ll tell you all about it! Hey everyone, I’m Parker your host and this
week we’re traveling back in time to 2006 to talk about the Disco Yeti. But to do so, we need to talk a little bit
about Expedition Everest first. After a great marketing campaign that included
several media covers and even a documentary from discovery networks, Expedition Everest
made its debut. People were eager to see what Disney had done
with this attraction and when it opened, this e-ticket delivered. Expedition Everest was the most expensive
rollercoaster in the world, and also the largest mountain of all Disney Parks. It was full of incredible details like waterfalls,
amazing effects and above all, the largest, most complex audio animatronic ever created
by Walt Disney Imagineering. The Yeti is 25 ft tall and its skin measures
1,000 square feet. It’s a 20,000-pound abominable snowman powered
by hydraulic cylinders with more potential thrust than a 747 jetliner. It has 19 axes of motion and moving parts
from its pelvis to its next to its fingers that allowed the Yeti to move as much as a
real creature as it could. It was constructed to appear as if it were
hanging over the rollercoaster track, where the yeti’s free arm could move 5 feet horizontally
and a foot-and-a-half vertically. And the people loved it. The Yeti was the main attraction in expedition
everest, but, after a year of operation it ceased to be 100% functional when its framing
split and the yeti was changed to B mode. What is B mode you might ask? The Yeti has two modes, A-mode is when the
yeti is fully operational with all its movements. But in B-mode, the yeti barely moves and to
help it look like it was moving much more than it really is, it operates with a strobe
light. This is what cause the Yeti to be nicknamed
The Disco Yeti. Here’s a video that shows the yeti in it’s
glorious A mode And here’s one that shows the actual Disco
Yeti. But, why after all this time is the yeti still
in B-mode? Well, the construction of the whole ride is
pretty complex because, the mountain, the yeti and the roller coaster are three separate
structures. This means that each of the structures are
completely separated and not connected to each other so, to be able to fix the giant
animatronic in the middle of the mountain surrounded by a roller coaster, is difficult
and time consuming. Not to mention that the ride would have to
be completely closed while imagineers fix the problem and this would take a long time. And, because Expedition Everest is one of
Animal Kingdom’s most important rides, Disney can’t afford to close it down for so long. It was rumored that after the opening of Pandora,
Expedition Everest would close down so the yeti could be returned to its A-mode but to
date nothing has been announced. However in D23, 2013 Joe Rohde said: So, hopefully we can see the yeti return to
its splendorous A mode soon. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough and get it for
Animal Kingdom’s anniversary, but for now, The Disco Yeti will continue dancing and grooving
on the top of the mountain waiting for new disco lovers to join him! Do you remember seeing the yeti in A-mode? Let us know in the comments!

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