The Most Expensive Way to Steal Music 🎶😂

The Most Expensive Way to Steal Music 🎶😂

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  1. Expected "Best way to steel music" and the speakers are made from


  2. It infuriates me that he is using a crosley

  3. Who here after he past😭😭😭

  4. It looked like a pie

  5. Is it possible to liquid resin once it's harden?

  6. So if you made it as “no bubble” as you could it would be perfect?

  7. You should try making a mould of a phonograph cylinder and see it it plays.

  8. Try to make a CD and DVD with resin

  9. You should try something with fire and proto putty or you should see if you can make something to make you jump high or you should set more things on fire with that big magnified thing

  10. Anyone who can recognize what symphony or piano concerto from Mozart is that?

  11. I am furious but note form the paper towel

  12. Can you make a rocket launcher that shot anything at home

  13. Can I get a copy

  14. You should've tried to play the silicone one

  15. Ok this is weird but can you make cotton candy and vacuum chamber it and see if you can make new cotton candy with the bach u gest vacuum chambered ? I think that would be cool

  16. At this price you can buy a legit copy.

  17. Oh no it’s a Crosley

  18. Hahahaha… you made me laugh… your experiment was so exciting!!! Love it !!!

  19. 2:33 and start sucking, thats what she said hahahaha

  20. Amazing! I think you need to use vacuum after pouring silicon above the record, and after pouring the resin into the silicon mold… That is to guarantee both of them is going all the way down into the grooves.

  21. 10:56 looks a bit like the surface of the sun

  22. Recently on a tv show a lady made a chocolate record that played "happy birthday" at a party. The guests ate it afterwards. I wondered if she got the idea from here?

  23. Rip I will miss you man loved you vids

  24. How to bake the best homemade pizza… Instant hit youtube haha

  25. How to turn a wheel using magnets(pull and push + magnetic shielding)

  26. I paused at 10:02 and thought my brand new computer was broke because i saw a fuzzy gray half circle on the side of the screen

  27. Polish tahat first resin record and try again

  28. Rip my guy rest well

  29. Make a record/record mold from Proto-Putty I think that would be cool!


  31. Well, i think this is how "Disc 11" was made

  32. Nate is not allowed within 10 feet of my Technics turntable…

  33. RIP king of random

  34. 2:18 that catalyst looks blue

  35. >smartest Youtuber I know
    >uses a Crosley turntable

  36. (Napster of the 1900s)

  37. Sounds like it's from fallout

  38. bruh otherwise fine but that record player??? cmon man i know its for a quick video but cmooon

  39. U should make resin shoes and test them out

  40. Where do you put all your projects?

  41. You should have done gummy version

  42. You know if you played the mold you got the record in reverse could you make a reverse record by making mold of the mold and playing that

  43. Ew Crosley🤢🤮

  44. you should make a holagram

  45. can you make a soap foam bubble muchien

  46. that static as u call it is perfectly normal for records. records n needles today may not. but non the less that is such a cool way to copy music lol

  47. develop a film with true ink.

  48. The static makes it sound aesthetic

  49. Just go on spotify its free

  50. When you trying to cast a record but accidentally create disk 13 and 11

  51. R.I.P. we all miss you

  52. The new way to pirate music

  53. The second record sounds like it is comeong from a radio, and i love it.

  54. Yooooooooo how does that work with the resin disk is it the grooves on the record they get transferred to the resin is what makes this sound

  55. does anybody know the name of the songs played From the record? never mind i zoomed in on the record

  56. pirate mode on!!!! ……

  57. 4:14 they just went to dominoes

  58. Oof Crowley cruiser

  59. How is it expinsive if you can just copy it

  60. You’re gonna get a bad rap from audiophiles!

    C R O S L Y C R U I S E R

  61. Can you make vinyl from metal?

  62. next you gotta try a 2 sided record

  63. C R O S L E Y C R U I S E R


  65. Can you make oil based clay?

  66. Can you try to make cd

  67. Sounds like a Horror Movie

  68. Next time you get a redbox

  69. you could played the recording off of just the mold .

  70. looks like disc 11 from Minecraft

  71. Now lets see you play the silicon mold!

  72. If only he new great was pass in a few short years

  73. MACROS jet on the the shelf

  74. how to clone outdated technology

  75. its crackly because you kept touching the record

  76. looks like a silicon pizza

  77. the 2nd try was pretty nice and the static thing gives the nostalgic effect (my opinion only)

  78. it sounds bad cuz it's a crosley cruiser

  79. New way to make pizza

  80. The first records where resin too.

  81. This casting things from different things is fun, but I’m curious what the silicone sounds like.

  82. can you take a circle piece of wood and play it in that record

  83. what about the silicone mold? will it play?

  84. I find it interesting how you reacted well to the first moulded record despite the fact it didn't play that well and then didn't react that much to the second record which did play well.

  85. 1:05 when you hear carnival music

  86. Looks like a weird pizza

  87. Hey guys,Can you make a record made of melted Jolly Ranchers?

  88. The RIAA wants to know your location

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