I live inside my own world of make believe kids screaming in their cradles, profanities I see the world through eyes covered in ink and bleach Cross out the ones who heard my cries and watched me weep I love everything Fire’s spreading all around my room My world’s so bright It’s hard to breathe but that’s alright hush I wanna taste your content Hold your breath and feel the tension Devils hide behind redemption Honesty is a one-way gate to hell I wanna taste consumption Breathe faster to waste oxygen Hear the children sing aloud It’s music ’til the wick burns out

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  1. Hope you like this little animation I’ve made ❤️ it was fun to do! Let me know if you want more content like this! Sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been busy with school. I’ll be posting another video on this channel soon in a few days.😊 don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell✨

  2. This is amazing, an Oder animation
    And I love BTS, but my friend paighten let me listen to cradles and it's an amazing song
    Great song choice
    혀 미ㅣ ㅕ 무슨
    Hi all u armys

  3. I love this. You r the best💖💖💖

  4. It's not good…


  5. Its great I know the full oder film it was soo cool i cant wait for the oder 4 😀

  6. My favorite animation

  7. Wow thats such a good animation!

  8. LOVED IT and spooky 😄

  9. The oder with the red hair actually looked normal-

  10. Wow This Is Amazing, I Like The Lighting Affect In The Fire Scene, And I Just Love It! 😀

  11. The anímated its more cool i like more all

  12. Like si hablas español 🙂

  13. This is awsome you did really well Pankeyz^^

  14. Ok Jenny is so weird but nice video 🙂

  15. When you were in the cafeteria, you should have drawn/animated a pancake, still this was an amazing animation, hope you the best!

  16. >:) [×&×;÷*#>#&#;;#*#(@[

  17. Please continue with he Royals High forbidden love series

  18. hello fellow alternative rock listeners i have somthing to say pankayz iz best youtuber/animator i have ever seen

  19. Soo nicee i love your vidss

  20. I liked it but it was scary To watch it in The middle of The night

  21. Wow! Didn't know u could animate! That was amazing 😀

  22. Can u plz animate the whole movie

  23. In roblox Jenna was not realy scery but in cartouns omg she is so crepy

  24. Jenna’s senpai Is Zero

  25. Nice, you made my day with ODERS

  26. Is there going to be an part 4 if it is im already extided i cant spell it sorry

  27. Is this like zerophyx vs pankayz in ODer animations?

  28. amazing animation! i loved the ODer transforming, it was so cool.

  29. After 1 month my favorite YouTuber has posted! Good to see you again! Very well made, it suits the animation, good drawed and colored, Beautiful! Keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Scp-096 Has been released 1:31

  31. Will here be an order 3?

  32. This was a good animation i loved it!

  33. Pankayz thus is such a wonderful video

  34. I live in my own world of make screaming in there cradels

  35. Yay Animated One Finally

  36. This is very good….

  37. Thx For Making the Meme
    You know my favorite Meme Song

  38. Uhhhhh that s trail?

  39. 1:24

  40. why do you do this us

  41. You draw really good

  42. is this the idea i gave in a video?

  43. Its the best animation i ever seen 😍😍😍


  45. The movie was amazing!!! Leah poke you …. it was amazing

  46. What dose Jenna do to the people she dates but never loved like the guy in the green shirt

  47. This is amazing and also this movie and this music is perfect together
    Youre amazing, love ya <3

  48. Hi I want to be your friend on roblox

  49. My real name is Deathleo1228

  50. Everyone is happy that you are back Pankayz! 😄

  51. I really like it idk what is oder I tough like what would you like to oder Lol now I know what is mean with oder

  52. Keep up the good work! I could never draw like this '-w-

  53. Nice video anyways but Scary

  54. Wow you so cool you have nice drawing

  55. Very awesome animation! :0

  56. The transpormation of jenna is disturbing

  57. This is even creepy than the normal roblox one.. Goosshh is shook😯

  58. Oh mah gad :0 it’s cree-per

  59. Pankayz do more of forbidden love episodes

  60. Ive waited so long for a video from you it's been weeks

  61. I loved it! i loved the drawing and it was spooky when she was revolving

  62. Pankayz keep up the great work i hope more roblox movies are coming! 🙂

  63. Omg with one of my favourite songs too 😀 i love it!

  64. This is creepier then the movie you made in my opinion

  65. We missed you pankayz

  66. I like it im a big fan🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  67. good one, but looks the same animated videos and the original one. keep it work, pankayz 😉

  68. We missed you! But youre back! I love your video's 😀
    Keep it up <3
    I bought ur merch on roblox btw
    My user: LolGamerHero3
    Happy holidays Pankayz and Zerophyx! :')

  69. Now he's coming for you….

  70. In the future there are future us in roblox and they are coming….

  71. I really i like this cuz my favorite music cradles ^ω^^ω^^ω^^ω^

  72. Ahhh this is so good!!! Good work on this, Pan! 😀


  74. 0:32 well he looks stressed

  75. Wow I like it is cool yeah literally

  76. And jenna got realy scary she was a 👾 monster

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