The Process of Restoring a Vintage Camper Trailer w/ Pop Top

Some of you might remember last year I
bought a 1971 vintage trailer with my boyfriend and Nabil. Now fiance, I know I made the before video a long,
long time ago, over a year ago, in fact, and I said that I’d follow up with
the after video and I hadn’t yet. And I’m really sorry about that. It took me a really long time to actually
create this because it took us a long time to renovate the trailer. Yeah, it’s funny how long something so tiny
can take to actually renovate and get it the way you want it. And it was quite
a journey, wasn’t it? It was indeed. So first let me back up a little bit and
I’m going to show you the whole build out. And finally the after the
final product of our renovation. So the number one thing that
I wanted to do to this camper, even the moment we brought it home,
was give it a fresh paint job. Fortunately I have a really good friend
who does some autobody painting and has a sprayer and was able
to help us out with that. Yeah. So we saved a lot of money by just paying
just for materials and doing a little bit of a work exchange. So by the
time that we went to pick it up, I was really eager and excited
to see the final product came out even better than I thought.
And it’s a school bus yellow, so it’s a little brighter, a little
different than it used to be, but I think it really makes a difference.
What do you think, Nabil? Yeah, this is fantastic. I really think that it
gives it a whole new look. It makes him seem 40 years younger. Okay. Now that the paint job is
all done on my vintage trailer, I’m going to attach some of the decals. First up is the big map. I’m really nervous about this one cause
I had it custom made and it shipped all the way from Latvia. It
wasn’t very expensive, but
it took forever to get here, so I don’t want to
screw it up. Here we go. it is so fun to actually put markers. All the places that we’ve taken our camper We’ll have a legend that indicates
what the colors mean. Blue is home, that’s Seattle. Green is national parks and monuments
that we’ve been to and yellow is everywhere else but overnight stay only if we’re
passing through or visiting somebody and doesn’t stay the
night. It doesn’t count. And of course with being 50 years old, he has been probably to many
other places than just this. This is just within the last
year since we’ve owned him. It’s a mortalized on the
map. The places we’ve gone, the experiences we’ve had some day we’ll
be able to like tell our kids about all of our travels with our vintage camper. We finally came up with a name for
the camper and it is drum roll. Please do drum roll, do it. I knew he could do it. Apollo is the Greek God of sun and
because of us being from Seattle where we don’t get a lot of sun and because of the
color we thought it’s perfect and plus we have solar power so it makes
sense that he would be the God of sun Originally this had compact jr. on the
side of it since we painted over it. We got a new compact jr logo, same one found it on online
and put him down here. Got this on the other side as well so
that we can still give props to what he is. We also painted the front hitch
and the rear bumper black, which is really simple with spray paint
and we were surprised at how much better it made him look overall. So with the new paint job, the bumper’s
painted and the decals on the side, it was like a whole new camper. I mean a lot of people don’t even know
that it’s a vintage camper until we tell them It says Hunter structures inc Chatsworth, California month 7 year 71 so that’s
proof that he’s older than both of us as we’ve been on our travels, we are collecting stickers of the
national parks that we have taken Apollo through. We’ve currently
got four on there Dinosaur, Rocky mountain, Mount Rushmore The thing we always get compliments on whenever
we’re out here is the awnings on Apollo. Jenna worked hard with an Etsy gal
picking out the fabric and the colors Track system fit the awnings attached
to that was a little bit tricky to install because we did have to drill
multiple holes into Apollo and every time we drill a hole in this fiberglass shell
we get really nervous because it could leak. We had some leaks on the roof in our
July trip last year and it’s a pain. We don’t want that anymore. One reason
why this front one is as long as it is, is that we wanted to get it to sweep up
so that I could at least have some areas I could stand to walk towards. I can’t stand and that’s just how it is
because I’m about as tall as Apollo is without him having his pop up there. But
once we get inside I can barely stand. I’m 6’5 and that’s just
the nature of being a freak. So once we had the exterior finished, we started working on the interior and
that meant a lot of gutting and taking out unnecessary framing,
at least for our purposes. We got pretty lucky with the electrical
and the plumbing for the most part that was in place and still functional. You can see our freshwater tank is right
here and our gray water tank is right over there and the plumbing has
already been piped to the sink. We did end up with a bit of leaking in
some of the piping under the sink, unfortunately. And so we’ve basically
replaced pretty
much all of the hose with brand new hose down here because
it kept bursting leaks on us. And here’s the moment of truth. I’ve turned the water on and
there’s no leaks down there. Here’s, here’s the sink success we did it. Camper has running water. We tried to salvage as many of
the interior walls as we could, but some of it was just really damaged
or covered with this wood paneling that was impossible to remove. So we ended up cutting a thin piece of
plywood and putting it over some of the walls and then painting it either
white to make the space look bigger or painting it with chalkboard paint so
that we could actually utilize it for drawing or shopping lists
or whatever we felt like. Putting those wall panels to fit the
curves of Apollo is no simple task. It has to be
perfect, has to be perfect. Is that perfect. No. Uh, I think there’s some work
to be done still. Yeah, it was a poly hexahedron and
I’m not very good at those. We can never get anything on
the first try. And then we, no, you remember the flooring in the
camper before we replaced it? It looked like the Brady
bunch threw up in there because the square footage is so small. We use less than one box of new vinyl
flooring right on top of the existing, and it was very cost effective. Yeah, and I probably ruined half
of that by trying to cut it around. All little trim pieces in there. It look really straight. Less than like $50 on flooring in the end. So that’s one benefit of
having a really tiny space. And after a few more final touches. We finished Apollo and it’s just as
adorable as I thought it was going to be. Check back soon. I’m going to have another
Apollo video for you. So subscribe. If you’d like to see more videos on
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