The Top Teen Rappers on Verified | Verified

The Top Teen Rappers on Verified | Verified

Bhad Bhabie: Females are such haters. I don’t
think I’m a girl. I don’t know what I am. I really don’t because I’m not like
these bitches. I’m really not. I’m not a fucking hater. Girls always want competition.
It’s just like bruh, if you’re ugly, you’re ugly. Okay? Stop being a fucking hater. Stop
not liking this bitch because she look better than you. Stop not liking this bitch because
she got the manager you want. Stop not liking this bitch because she got more money than
you. Just, bitch, live your life. Okay? Lil Mosey: If you want to be with us, you
gotta be doing some shit. We don’t want no scary niggas with us. Cause what if something
happen, what are you gonna do? Run away? Hell no. You not with us then. NLE Choppa: My teachers would describe me
as terrible. Acting up, doing the most. Cutting people’s braids off. I cut some hair off
not braids thought, but his hair. Right in front of the principal. I got in trouble for
it. It was like 3rd grade though. YBN Nahmir: I was like referring to my nigga,
YBN Almighty Jay cause he got a song called “Chopsticks.” I was just referring that
to him. I met Almighty Jay on the game. Most of people I be around, we all met on like
the internet, like a while back. 2010 type shit. On the Xbox 360. We was really the only
niggas that did the shit over the game. Like we put all this shit together over Xbox. Jaden Smith: You know MSFTS is a collective
of individuals dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity through art. It’s important
to start with that line because people now, we’re not Soundcloud artists anymore, we’re
not just releasing these things just for no one to hear. Like we are doing things on an
iconic level. So it’s very important to be like yeah I’m however old I am and
Willow’s extremely young as well and we started this label to inspire the youth to
make music and creativity. Juice WRLD: That’s rap culture now. I mean
pill popping wasn’t cool, now everybody – bro what you got some ketamine? You know
what I’m saying? PCP, like what the fuck? I was one of the people that was doing it
when it wasn’t cool. So it’s not even on some like hopping on any type of wave. It
was really a scapegoat. Popping pills is the new weed. Overdosing is the new high. Bhad Bhabie: The six is like a Mercedes like
car. I can’t leagally drive. I’m too lazy to get a fucking permit. I don’t want to
go anywhere anyways. I’m a good driver. Okay. Give me a fucking chance. Okay. Every
time I’ve drove with someone in the car they been scared at first, and then they were
like “Oh you’re actually not that bad.” It’s like “Yeah bitch, what did you think
I was gonna do? Fucking drive on the wrong side of the road?” I don’t know what’s
supposed to happen here. Trippied Redd: I did play sports. I played
football and basketball. Football mostly though. I was fucking corner and safety, running back.
You playing too many games shorty. Why you on that shit, you know what I’m saying.
Ain’t no. Why you playing games with me, like this ain’t no fucking scrimmage, not
is it a game. This is not the finals bitch. Lil Tecca: They didn’t want me three weeks
ago. Dudes that want to be down bro, I’m like what? Bro there’s dudes that have literally
laughed in my face and want a dap from me. You feel me? It gets that weird. YNW Melly: Like Melvin my other person inside
me, Melvin that mother fucker yeah every day all day. That what he be thinking about. Shit
some people think about pussy when they wake up, some people think about shoes, some people
think about weird shit. That nigga wake up with the murder on his mind. I be like ay
bro, do you. Lil Nas X: When the car came along, the horse
was basically obsolete at that point so it’s like, it’s not really worth too much. I
literally had my dad paying my phone bill and a twitter account. So it’s like, I gotta
make something shake because I’m not going back to work. When the pussy feels like macaroni and cheese.

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