The Try Guys Try K-pop Dance Moves • K-pop: Finale

– [Voiceover] What’s up KCon? (crowd cheering) – Hello Los Angeles! – [Voiceover] These are
the Try Guys from Buzzfeed. – We’re a KPop band, we can do this. – My name is Aimee, and I’m a professional dancer, and I work with
a lot of K-Pop artists. – How do we dance like K Pop stars? – To me it seems like
25% purposeful walking and 75% things I will never be able to do. – K Pop artists really
have to focus on entire bodily performance, and in unison. It makes a spectacular show for the camera. – What kind of dancing background do you guys have? – Well, we just learned
Irish step dancing. (frustrated yelling) – [Voiceover] Do you expect
me to dance in these? – [Voiceover] Yes I do.
– [Voiceover] What? – I don’t know what to do with my hands. – I’m neither Korean nor a dancer. – Yeah, yeah, Eugene’s screwed. – [Eugene] I lap danced
the shit out of Ned’s wife. – Eugene’s lying. – [Aimee] You guys are going to be performing on the main floor of the convention stage. – No, there’s going to be like, thousands of people there. – You guys will all be dancers and K-Pop artists by the end of today. – [Eugene] We have two hours to prepare. – And we’re using half of
that for this interview. – Then why are we talking? We’ve got to get to dancing. – They train so long and hard and incorporating singing, dancing, acting, and those skills are required of K-Pop stars. – This mainly hits a lot of different variations that K-Pop really covers. We’ll start with the boy band, EXO. – Extra hugs and kisses. – Step back. – Oh no, it’s already hard. – Arms are going to be forward. – Like I’m hugging Keith. – And you’re going to body roll. – Oh my favorite part.
– Oh, so sexy. – [Zach] We need a name
for our K Pop band. TG. – [Keith] TGIF. – [Eugene] Try Guys Is Fun! – Grammatically, whatever. – You right leg is going
to come out, close. – Oh, like a horse. – What happens next? – New part, each person plays a different role or position. Eugene, you’r TGIF’s leader. (everyone groaning) – Sort of wrong but okay. – You’ve got to tone it down, man. – We’re learning together, though, leader. – I was just trying to lead. – Leader’s lead. – [Keith] No you weren’t,
you were showboating. – [Eugene] I don’t think people realize how difficult K-Pop choreography is. Their music and dancing is so syncopated and groups like EXO, they take years of training to perfect this. (celebrating) – You guys will be learning a super girly piece. – Yes! – Sistar. Move up, move down, yes. – [Zach] Already a better dance. – I wasn’t born to be a dancer but I’m trying my best. – The pretty boy of TGIF goes to, Zach. (everyone cheering) – Everyone’s surprised. (laughing) – Feet are going to go out. – Yes. – Close.
– Yes. – Out.
– Yes. – Cool, cool. – Got to stay back bro,
that’s my time to shine. – Where am I supposed to be?! – Not there! – [Aimee] The diva for you guys… – I wonder who it could be. – [Aimee] Keith. (group cheering) – I get to be a pretty girl. – Shake it, shake it to Keith. – [Zach] What I noticed
about Sistar and a lot of the other girl groups is that while their music and choreography is really cute, it’s also really sexy. And that balance is extremely
difficult to pull off. – Yes, I missed that! – Can we end the song with a collapse? – [Aimee] Big Bang. – I hate that show.
– [Aimee] Super exciting. – Not the Big Bang Theory.
– That show sucks. – Touch Eugene’s shoulders there. – Let’s smell him. – Still smells good. – We’re going to be sexy, we’re going to be cool, we’re going to have confidence, even when we’re fucking up, which we will. – [Aimee] TGIF’s bad boy goes to Ned. – Yeah, bro! Get some! – [Eugene] Being a K-Pop
star is impossible. – I feel like it’s a lot of pressure, these guys are under. – I believe in these guys. I know they can do this. – Do you think we’re K Pop ready, are we ready to kill the performance? – Oh my gosh, you guys totally exceeded my expectations. – One, two, three, exceeded expectations! – Well these next group of guys, they all seriously do not need an
introduction, correct? – We’re all wearing Eugene’s clothes, because they said dress like K-Pop artists so we asked Eugene to give us his wardrobe. – There was like a brief window of two seconds where everyone caught a glimpse of us and they were like (screams). And then my stomach started going nuts. I really have to poop. – We literally put this
together in one hour. – [Keith] We waited so much I started forgetting it. – [Zach] But once you got into the dance, I had so much adrenaline. – [Aimee] Give it up for the new K-Pop group, TGIF. (upbeat K Pop music) – Here’s a fun surprise, we were the closing performance for the convention center at K Con. No one told us that
until we walked on stage. We messed a little bit up, but people had fun with us. – Just by walking out there, the crowd just screamed bloody murder. Just by being beautiful
Keith and the rest. I think it’s beautiful Keith and the rest. – [Ned] I didn’t know there was such a big hip hop influence in groups like Big Bang. This music is turnt and
the dancing is fire. (crowd cheering) – This experience has been really special for me because when I was growing up, Koreans and Asians were not popular. I just want to thank all
the K-Pop fans out there. You’re doing so much for advancing what people think about Asians in media. This has been really touching. (crowd cheers) – Oh my god, K-Pop, ya’ll! That was incredible. – International K-Pop fans have this shared notion of kinship. – What up KCon, we are the Try Guys! – [Suk-Young] The
excitement that people can feel when they are exposed to Korean culture is unique. – I went from not knowing anything about Korean culture to feeling like I’ve totally been immersed in it. Everybody’s having such a good time. This is a blast. – So I think K Pop is here
to stay for a long time. – Thank you all the fans,
and find us on the net. (crowd cheers) (upbeat K Pop music) – Let’s smell him again. – No, no, no, don’t smell me!

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