The Try Guys Try K-pop Idol Makeup • K-pop: Part 2

– Let’s get beautiful. (pop music playing) – For the Try Guys to
properly get immersed into Korean culture, we’re
going to be attending KCON, North America’s largest K-pop
convention and music festival. – All right, Sunny, K-pop’s makeup takes between three and six hours, we got 20 minutes. – Yeah, okay. – Make me beautiful. I’m going to transform you guys into four K-pop groups, Girl’s Generation,
2NE1, 4Minute, and f(x). – I wear polo shirts all the time. I’ve never changed this haircut. I’m excited. – I like getting makeup put on. It’s sort of like a mini face massage. I think it’s kind of relaxing. – I think I look a little more Korean than the other Try Guys. – [Try Guy] That’s racist. – I’ve been saying for years that I’m the prettiest Try Guy. Today’s my chance to prove it. – (laughs) – I’ve been saying it for years. – The Korean notion of beauty, I think is a little different than, say, what we have here in the West. Beauty is not something
that you’re born with, it’s something that you cultivate. – Are you making me paler? That’s not possible. – What’s an interesting challenge for us is that I have a monolid, which means that I don’t have the crease, so eye makeup is completely different. – You were born with certain
face, certain body type, but the notion is that
you can always improve it. – You’re really jamming it in there, huh? – I get so relaxed when
I get makeup put on. I’m a canvas. – K-pop stars do this for hours? It hurts my eyes so much. – When I was growing up in high school, like no one liked Korean stuff. No one knew about K-pop. – Do they have American Con in Korea? – Beauty is a process. Not everyone’s born as beautiful as me, so you just, you have to work at it. – If you’re paying enough attention and using the right products or going to the right hair salon, you can get the right look. – Without all my imperfections,
I look beautiful. – I’ve always said I got little eyes, but I’m proud of them. So all you small-eyed Asians out there, don’t let anyone tell you
that you aren’t pretty because you don’t got
big ol’ eyes like Keith. – ♫ Go on and paint my face. ♫ Make me look like another race. (laughs) – I wonder if my wife
does makeup like this. You’re right, she doesn’t. – The reason Korean society is so beauty-conscious or body-conscious is not because people are superficial, but I think it’s because it’s
a really competitive society. – K-pop. – How much would I have to pay you to sabotage Eugene’s makeup? – You gave me the CL
signature beauty mark! – I don’t know what
everybody’s freaking out about. It’s just a little paint
on your face, girl. – (screams) No! I thought we were finishing up. – On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad do you want to bang me right now? 30? (laughs) – Here we go. Oh, yeah! I just look like, I kind
of look like my grandma. – Whoa! Okay! I look just sensual, passionate, like Cruella de Vil. – What a good job you did! Look how cute I am! I’m two different people! Keith and Kevin. – Yeah! That mole. (laughs) If I just cover my face like
this, that is CL’s eyes. that is CL’s eyes. You did a great job. Thank you so much, Sunny, for transforming us into K-pop stars. We have to go to a photo shoot now. – I am here with the beautiful Irene Kim. – You are a model. – I am a model. – Wow! – I pose and walk in a
straight line for a living. – What you’re going to be helping us with is posing for a photo shoot, and how we should pose and inhabit those K-pop stars. – Amber’s very cool and chill. – So chill, just like – Just stand there. – Hi. – No, that’s, like, awkward. – What’s a very Amber pose to make? – Um, like a hand in the pocket. So much going on right now. – If I model, am I going to be like one way this way
and another way this way? This is Keith. This is Kevin. (K-pop music playing) – I am a big fan of Hyuna. She pulls of like the cute, sexy look. You’re so Hyuna right now. – Cute and sexy. – Yes. – The hardest line to tread. (laughs) – Exactly. – I know nothing. – You sure? I saw your eyes. You have, like, the stare. – Am I doing it? – She does, like, the head tilt. So this is like the toothache like, “My tooth hurts.” That’s rap, you’re going rap. – [Kevin] Bro, calm down. – [Irene] Sexy, sexy. – [Kevin] There it is. – [Irene] Yes. That’s really good. (K-pop music playing) So Tiffany, I would describe her as very cute, sweet, and angelic. – Would you say that I’m the cutest of the four of us? – Umm. – You can say it, it’s okay. This is a safe place. Kawaii’s only, is that only Japan culture? Or does kawaii transfer? – Kawaii, Korean is kumi. – Kumi. – Yeah. (laughs) I think the surprised look. – It’s like a happy surprise. – Yeah like a happy like (gasps) – (gasps) – Yes! Super kumi. (K-pop music playing) For CL, I think something a little bit more moody, chic, and sexy. The base of being a
K-pop star is confidence. – How would you suggest posing if I was in a photo shoot with you as CL? – CL’s very, like, badass. She’s like the bad girl. It’s more all in the eyes. You’re the queen of K-pop right now. (K-pop music playing) – It kind of creates a new perspective on how we look at K-pop. Korea itself, the nation itself, is turning into a brand. – Aww. – You like my transformation best? – Yeah. – Yeah! Take that, Zach! – Come on, come on. – We don’t, yeah we can cut, I think we’re done.

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