The Try Guys Watch K-pop For The First Time • K-pop: Part 1

The Try Guys Watch K-pop For The First Time • K-pop: Part 1

– [Emcee] Give it up
for the new K-Pop group, these are the Try Guys from Buzzfeed! Make some noise for Keith, the “Diva.”
(audience screams) – [Keith] I don’t know what it is. What is K-Pop? – I got Ned, the “Bad Boy.”
(audience screams) – I had never really heard of it until “Gangnam Style” came out. – Zach, the “Pretty Boy.”
(audience screams) – It’s like the ’90 boy
band craze never died, but just turned Korean. – [Emcee] And Eugene, the “All-Rounder!”
(audience screams) – We are gonna be riding the Korean Wave, which includes Korean dramas, Korean film, all of Korean culture,
and most especially, K-Pop.
(audience cheering) – Whoo! (upbeat Korean music) – There are many ways to describe K-Pop, but I would like to describe it as a multi-media performance. – It seems like all
they wanna do is party. – Bright turquoise hair, ear piercings that go down to here, bibimbap. – And of course it’s party world ’cause mean old dad upstairs
doesn’t want any part of it! – I’ve learned a lot about K-Pop just through Eugene just rambling at me. – K-Pop started gaining
popularity in the late 1990s across Asia, but then once it hit the mid 2000s, with the proliferation of
YouTube and online videos, K-Pop became an international phenomenon. – If all of Asia was
like, a lunch room, right? South Korea is the cool kids table. Right?
(Ned giggling) – Eugene says that I’m okay to say that and no one will ever get
mad, so I’m sayin’ it. So, we’re starting with Girls’ Generation. It’s the generation for girls! – I know the first thing
all the guys are gonna say is they don’t know why
there are so many members. – There’s so many people already! – They’ve shown me at
least 1,000 girls so far. – It doesn’t seem as sexualized
as American music videos. – They can’t stop ’cause it’s party time. Good argument. – Why are they singing in English? And it literally just
said “Hey” on the screen. – K-Pop, by design, is made to be successful abroad. You know, to create that effective hook, it’s better be in English
so that worldwide audience can really sing along. – They’re all like, too cute for camera. They’re like, “Why? “What, it’s my close-up? “No!” – This to make me fall in love with them? ‘Cause it’s working. – I wish I had this
much fun doing anything. – I guess you find the person
that, like, speaks to you? – Your “bias” is your
favorite member in a group. – The blonde one with long hair, ’cause it looks like my wife. – [Keith] EXO, also
produced by S and M Town. – Zach is gonna say that this reminds him of “Fast and Furious,” ’cause he will never stop
talking about “Fast”– – “Fast and Furious.” I was gonna say “Tokyo Drift,”
but we’re not in Japan. – Some wild men appeared,
like in a video game. – One Korean man just becomes 20! – The fact that the men wear makeup, is that something that’s prized in Korea? – These guys are tougher. Like, if ‘NSYNC saw them
walkin’ down an alley, they’d be like, “Oh, shit. “No, we gotta go the other way.” – They sort of remind me of, like, b-boys? Similar to American style, but wearing all the cool things at once. – If you look at musical
styles, performance genres, it’s really taking influence
from a wide range of cultures, such as Europop, hip hop, R&B. – It’s interesting that black culture can spread even to Korea. – How do you transport
this many people to a show? Just a cage? You’re like, “All right,
everyone in EXO, get in the cage! “And then put the cage on the truck.” – I thought that he was the main guy, but now they’ve shifted positions and now, he’s the main guy. I can see how everyone
can have a favorite now. – “Also, here’s a thousand
articles of clothing. “Put ’em all on!” – [Ned] What’s 4Minute? Is the song four minutes long? – [Eugene] No, that’s the group’s name. – That’s the group’s name? – I know the other guys are gonna go crazy when they hear this track. – This is, like, this is hard as fuck. This is great! – [Ned] Ooh! This song is fire! – This is like, if Missy
Elliot were Korean. – They constantly are walking
at me with their butt. – [Ned] How does it feel, Korea? – I think K-Pop videos tend
to be one of three “Cs:” You’re either cool, cute, or crazy. But the best K-Pop videos
intend to be a mixture of all three. – All of these music videos
have insane production value. In America, we don’t spend
money on music videos anymore, with very few exceptions. In Korea, they are throwin’
all the money at music videos, and that is awesome! – 4Minute is just tryin’
to give me a boner. And it’s working. There’s a lot of butts,
let’s be serious, though. Game of Thrones Seven. – [Zach] How many
members are in your band? We GOT7. Pretty good joke, right? – This is in a little girl’s bedroom. It’s a weird sentence
to start anything with. – I feel uncomfortable, and I
don’t know what’s happening. – I think it’s all a metaphor for drugs. – But they’re very bright and cheerful. Get out of her cereal! She has to eat that! – This definitely feels
like One Direction. – It’s like “Toy Story”
with hot Korean guys. – When I was a little kid, I was considered the ugliest person that anyone has ever seen, and now people are thirsting
after Korean guys and girls. – Ah, I just fall in love with him ’cause of the melody that he’s singin’. – I absolutely love that
Hallyu is bringing Asian faces into popular media worldwide. – While this guy doesn’t
look like my wife, he makes me feel the way
my wife makes me feel. – Stop trying to be sexy! She is eight! She is eight years old, sir! I’m over this. – [Keith] “Shake It” by Sistar. I assume that you have to say it in sort of a Russian accent. – I would legitimately put
up a poster of these girls on my room. – While we were focusing
on dark and gritty, they were like, “Fuck, that! “We’re just gonna be colors and fun!” – Early 2000s, Trapper Keeper grunge vibe. – There’s a lot of
shaking your butt slightly in these music videos. – You know, the one thing
I really like about Sistar is that they’re challenging
some standards of Korean beauty by being tan. – They’re rolling their
hips in the classroom. They still wanna get the answer right. ‘Cause education is important. – Even the South Korean
presidential office set up national branding campaign to really use K-Pop to
improve nation’s soft power. – There’s a hockey team
on a football field. Whatever! – [Zach] I hope this is better
than “The Big Bang Theory.” – You would hear this beat
in a gay club at 3:00 AM, and you would get turnt! – This has 50 million views! Man, there are some big bands that I am completely unaware of! – Oh, no one’s wearing a shirt! Now, they’re cowboys and astronauts! Huh? – These things happen so quickly. When I was talking about the astronaut, I missed something else entirely. – You have a very easily
identifiable aesthetic. There are so many different segments that you have to watch at least 10 times to figure out what’s going on. And that naturally increases
the number of viewings. – This feels like a episode
of “Doctor Who” on acid. – Now, it’s like, a… ugh. – She’s crazy and there’s guns! – It’s basically eight
music videos split up, where each person gets his
own half a million dollar set. – There’s a certain list of artists that I would introduce
non-Koreans to first, and I think Big Bang’s
near the top of that because they have international appeal. – Oh! Okay, I get what this song is about now. – The chorus sounds
nothing like the verses. – Bang, bang, oh my God! I am feelin’ this music! – His name is G-Dragon? His name is G-Dragon. – Is his name T.O.P. ’cause
he just wears giant top hats? – The one I like the best
is the one that looks at me with the sultry eyes. – Mr. Dragon, your seat
is right over here. – So, you don’t have to be
Korean to enjoy Korean culture. Korean culture is dynamic, exciting, and there’s something for everyone. – I’m really impressed. I’m speechless, really. – It’s better than our pop is. – I fuckin’ dug it. I’m gonna listen to
this stuff all the time. – [Keith] All our pop
music is too sentimental. We need more fun in it. – I have never been more
excited for a Try Guys series because as a Korean, I get
to introduce the other guys to my culture. – K-Pop stuff is like the The
Capitol in “The Hunger Games.” Like, ruffles, and
they’re like Super Junior! “Mi amor!” But they say that in Korean. (humming enthusiastically) K-Pop!

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