The World’s Wildest Rapper | Gangsta Rap International – Poland

The World’s Wildest Rapper | Gangsta Rap International – Poland

The police were looking for me
in every country. I was wanted by police
and at the same time, I became a star.I’ll buy a gun
and a black track suit.
I don’t look for inspiration
from nobody. This shit comes from cocaine,
from alcohol.F**k FBI and CBŚ.
(Polish investigative bureau)
F**k pigs.Those f**king pigs
will never find me.
I’m the wildest person, not only in the rap business, but also in show business. He is always doing what people
can’t do or are afraid to do. There’s something inside me
screaming, “Grab the f**king needle and put it in my f**king eye ball,
right now.” Who wants to die?
Who wants to die? Welcome to f**king Poland, bro. I’m in Poland now, I have come here to see
an absolute rap superstar. He goes by the name of Popek, to me he seems like
an absolute mad man, but I’m curious to find out
a bit about him, and what makes him such
a big character and a personality in Poland. What’s going on? Who are you? Oh my god. Chuckie, is that you? Where are you, Chuckie? Be careful with that. Oh my god. What’s going on? Nice to meet you, man. It’s good to meet you. Man came out with the big strap. Oh my God. That’s Popek. This is diamond plaque
for Albanian Gang This is diamond plaque
for Albanian Gang Diamond for single, diamond for
single, diamond, diamond. This one diamond for Sweet 17th, This one diamond for Sweet 17th, I released some of my biggest hits from 17 years. Rah, you got them all over
the place. Polish rap really
emerged in the 90s when godfather of the scene, Liroy a.k.a. PM COOL LEE
blew up, but most MCs were mixing rap
with rock music. It wasn’t until the turn
of the century that seminal gangsta rap crew Firma emerged out of Kraków with unvarnished stories from the street. They had Bosski Roman, Kali, who recently made
a big comeback and this mad man… Popek. Popek, has made music
consistently since then and in recent years has become
a genuine superstar in Poland. Making big tracks with
international MCs like The Game from the US and Big Narstie from the UK. I’m not an artist,
I’m a butcher.I’m not an artist,
I’m a butcher.
I play hard until it bleeds.And I treat life like my own w***e.Arguably he’s even
more famous for his wild personality than his music. He’s done everything
from choosing to cut up his face, to tattooing his eyeballs, to launching an MMA career. If gangsta rap is about
being an outlaw this guy pushes it further
than anyone. Popek. I just want to take a little bit
of time to understand you and find out a bit about your
upbringing and your life. Where did you grow up? Where I grew up…
It was Legnica. It was a very, very dark place
on this planet. And when I was 16 I ran away
from Poland to Germany. -I was in Germany for three years, -OK.
-I was in Germany for three years, and ‘bam’ to Amsterdam. and ‘bam’ to Amsterdam. -Bam to Amsterdam.
-Yeah. So you moved about? -Yeah, yeah,
-So you moved about a little bit? and in Amsterdam,
two times I was in a coma. -You was in a coma?
-Yeah, two times. What, tell me about
the first time. The first time was six months,
I was sleeping for six months. Serious? I took nine [tabs of] LSD
in my mouth. I took nine [tabs of] LSD
in my mouth. 10 and 11, I put here
[in my eyes], 10 and 11, I put here
[in my eyes], and I was in a coma
for six months, and I was in a coma
for six months, and after six months,
I couldn’t walk and speak and after six months,
I couldn’t walk and speak for three or four weeks. And when I left
the hospital, I said, And when I left
the hospital, I said, “I’m never gonna do
this s**t no more.” You know what happened
in the next two hours? You did the same thing again? The same thing. I was asleep for eight months. Eight months? Yeah. Absolute mad man. Like, what was your first
introduction to like, rap music? Tupac, Tupac Shakur. Tupac, Tupac Shakur. My music started
because of Tupac Shakur. And when he died I said, “Motherf**ker, you can do
the same in your language.” And I started doing Polish rap
with my band Firma. All of them pickpockets. All of them pickpockets. We were pickpockets
and after that We were pickpockets
and after that somehow by magic,
the five of us just meet together, and create a new hip-hop group
from the street. Where did you do the eye? Let’s talk about that a little bit. -So you tattooed your eye?
-Yes. Was you not scared? It was more weird than painful. For example it’s like, your brother f**ks your sister,
in front of you and you just do like this,
you know. That’s the only way I can explain.
It’s so f**ked up. I got through it. I lost
like 35 percent of my vision. That’s the price for my eye tattoo. That’s the price for my eye tattoo. And then did you do this?
The scar? How far afterwards
did you do that? This one, no pain killers,
no nothing. This one, no pain killers,
no nothing. Why did you do it? I don’t know, but something
inside me screamed, “Do it, motherf**ker,
cut your face right now.” I feel like two
different personalities. I feel like two
different personalities. One wants to go left,
and one wants to go right. Is it true that some of that skin went in a burger
and somebody ate it? OK.
Whose idea was that? Mine, he owed a lot of
money to my friend, which he didn’t give him back. So I said, So I said, “Let’s f**king make a face burger.” I called this the face burger. Popek, you’re
something else man. Well, do you know what bro. I’m looking forward to just seeing
what the next couple of days hold. I know I’m rolling around with you. That’s gonna be– That’s gonna be madness. That’s gonna be madness. Let’s do it. My guy. Popek suggested he drive me
to the studio to hear what he’s working on, but after hearing these stories. I’m not entirely sure I should be
getting in the car with this guy. Raasclaat. My ears are popping. F**king hell. And this is the studio. And this is the studio. Do you have a certain style
that you are going for musically right now? Right now I go for everything,
from jazz to dubstep. From hip hop to R&B. I don’t give a f**k what type
of music it is, I just do it. I don’t give a f**k what type
of music it is, I just do it. Talk to me about the wildest
studio session that you’ve had. I’m telling you, in my garage we
didn’t sleep for five, six days. I’m telling you, in my garage we
didn’t sleep for five, six days. Non-stop f**king music,
music, music. Non-stop f**king music,
music, music. In two years, I make like… In two years, I make like… something like seven
or eight hundred songs. Does the mood that
you’re in at the time, reflect the song that you make
at that time as well? Or can you just hear a beat
and just be like… I can hear a beat right now and
I know what I have to do. I can hear a beat right now and
I know what I have to do. Alcohol and cocaine. Writing down the lyrics
is the format for me. These poor guys,
they came to buy drugs These poor guys,
they came to buy drugs and they didn’t know nobody. And I used them for a video, I said,
“Dance with me brothers!” This is a real life story
that actually happened.This is a real life story
that actually happened.
I wouldn’t be lying to you.
I give you my word.
Wait, wait, wait, I need clarity. Those guys that came to that
video shoot there. Yeah. They just came to check you
to buy drugs and that was it. Five minutes before. I said, “Listen, before I’m gonna
sell you something can you just, just dance with me in my video?” And they said yes, so listen the guy on the left here,
with the hat he go crazy but the tall guy the bald one he didn’t know what the f**k
was going on. Play it.You’re trash and I don’t feel
anything towards you.
Go away.– I don’t know him
and he don’t know me, – I don’t know him
and he don’t know me, he just came to buy drugs. On the other hand you have this
personal track of Popek’s who is talking about his life. -The struggles about my own
mistakes in my life. The struggles about my own
mistakes in my life. This is like a very sad tune
this one.I’m on Lenska Street,
I’m 13, sitting with my dad.
He was drunk on vodka,
that’s how he used to pity himself.
He picks up pliers and
pulls two of his teeth out.
That’s how my dad taught me,
how this world can be bad.
That album, the name Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
so obviously– I told you I had two
different personalities. Yeah, I know. They tell me to cut
my face and stuff, that’s not me,
that’s somebody inside. Have you ever sat down
with anyone and like… had long deep conversations about some of the things that
happened in your life? No, every time this s**t is coming. I turn it into a joke. I don’t want to go too deep, because I’m going to get– maybe I’m going to understand, maybe I’m going to understand, and I’m gonna get scared for real. and I’m gonna get scared for real. What really are you
scared of though? What really are you
scared of though? I don’t want to see
the dark side of my past. I don’t want to see
the dark side of my past. And my personality, And my personality, I stopped being myself
from 11 to 16, I think. I stopped being myself
from 11 to 16, I think. I lost myself somehow, I lost myself somehow, and I find myself in two
different versions. Did you have a good relationship
with your parents? My father was
my business partner. We stole wallets together. My mother she couldn’t handle it, she ran away with the other guy. Is you and your dad still– are you and him still? No, my father’s dead. They killed him in
a hotel room in Kraków. In a hotel room? How did you feel that affected you? I couldn’t even go
to the graveyard. I just recorded one song and they
played the song that day. I just recorded one song and they
played the song that day. Somebody killed him
in a hotel room. They had stolen something,
some treasure. They had stolen something,
some treasure. And they didn’t want to split with
him and they just choked him. Now is the best part of my life,
because I’ve got family. I don’t want to lose it. So I really got the Jekyll and Hyde
experience from Popek yesterday. He’s definitely
a complex individual with so much going on in his life. MMA is one of his
big passions right now. His varied selection
of hobbies also also ranges from
ballroom dancing… to heavy artillery. Wow, rahtid. Top Boy style, yeah. “Where’s Dushane?” It’s better than f**king sex. You can do this
or bang, bang, bang. But back to the day job. Popek has two shows tonight and
against my better judgement it looks like I’m getting back
in the car with him. Oh my God. F**king hell bro. How long is it going to take us
to get to where we are going? The GPS show me four hours
thirty five minutes, but I think we going to make
it in three. I never had a driving license
in my life, I don’t have a driving license, because I was a pickpocket and after that I was stealing cars. What the f**k I don’t need
a driving license when I’m stealing cars. Have you got your driving
license now? No. Oh my God I can’t believe it. You lot put me in a car for
four or five hours with this don, driving 280 miles an hour down country roads, and cliffs, and he ain’t got
a driving license. Are you kidding me? -So are we here, yeah?
-Yes. Oh yes. I’m not even going to lie to you. That is exhausting being in a car where it’s like a roller coaster
ride for four hours… is absolutely outrageous. We spent a quarter of our journey
on the wrong side of the road. Well, I’m just happy that
we made it out alive. I’m not getting in this car again. Oh my word. Mad. Nah, nah, what is this thing now? It’s made them little marks on
the road look so minuscule and I’ll tell you one thing,
I’m not getting in it. I’m not getting in it. Who wants to die?
Who wants to die? Come on! Oh s**t. Oh s**t, oh s**t. Come on motherf**kers. Chuckie, do you want to drive
my car or this car? Oh, f**king hell. I didn’t think it would get
any worse. I’m done. I’m done.
I’m done, bro. I’m done. It’s time for sound check and being on solid ground
is a welcome relief. Hello, Chuckie. I don’t even know what the rest
of the night got in store for us, but all I know is he’s definitely
on the liquor yeah. Maybe a little substance
here and there, but he’s definitely talking about
after parties. I think it’s gonna be a long night for the mandem
to be honest with you. So people started to pour
into the venue. So people started to pour
into the venue. The crowd was mad young,
mad excited, and for a rap show… it was whiter than a snow storm in the North Pole. He dropped some hard shit. But the crowd really
started going nuts when he played his more recent EDM stuff and I started noticing
a few of his main catchphrases.I like to drink.I like to f**k.Give me some money.I give you drugs.This didn’t really feel
like a rap show anymore, but watching Popek work
a crowd is quite an experience. Fam, it’s absolute chaos bruv. Naturally, true he is
a superstar and that every single person here wants
to take a picture. And then it just gets
a little bit rowdy. But yeah, we’re going to head
to the next venue now, because he’s got another booking. There he is already, s**t, f**k. We’ve driven another
200 miles yeah, We’ve basically driven another
200 miles to another booking. He’s already in there I think,
getting turnt up and lit to bits I don’t know what… Popek I’m going to expect
when we get in there but yeah,
that’s the other shoobs. So we’re gonna go in
and see wagwan. He’s cooked, that beef is ready. The beef is cooking. So the rumours of Popek being
the wildest guy in rap were no lies. He’s lived an extreme life.
I saw another side to him though. And clearly his life experiences, especially losing his dad in such
tragic circumstances gave rise to that voice in his head that leads him to do these
destructive things. He’s not really doing gangster rap
anymore as his life is different now, but he’s used his scary image
to forge a new kind of career. Somehow from such a dark past, he’s kind of a mainstream
celebrity out here and he just wants
to live his best life. Just promise me, you won’t
try any of this at home.Gangsta Rap.
Gangsta Rap.
Don’t try to play
somebody else just be yourself from
beginning to the end. In my left hand I’ve got flowers, and in the right hand
I have a kalashnikov, that’s me.

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