This Interactive Ugly Christmas Sweater Is The Most Creative Thing You’ll See All Day

This Interactive Ugly Christmas Sweater Is The Most Creative Thing You’ll See All Day

– Now it is time to share
something holly and jolly from social media. Get it, Christmas time? This is called, “What I’m Liking.” (pop music)
(applause) It’s one of the modern-day traditions in the holiday season we can
all get behind, ugly sweaters. It’s awesome.
(audience laughing) Well, one mom of an eight-year-old girl crafted a sweater so hideous,
so perfectly outrageous, it was awarded “most creative” at her daughter’s ugly sweater competition, and, well, here’s why. (Christmas music)
– [Mom] Put your hands up. Do a shake. Here he comes. (audience cheers)
(applause) – That is amazing! Let’s get Megan and her daughter Layla up on Skype right now. What’s up, y’all?
(audience cheers) You’re wearing it! Hi, I’m Kelly! – Oh my gosh! Hi! – [Kelly] Oh my gosh! I love your sweater. You definitely win for
best Christmas sweater I have ever seen. So, Megan, how did you come
up with the whole idea? Like, this is a work of art. – She had a dance competition where it was just a Christmas party, but you could win one month
worth of dance tuition. – Oh – [Megan] And I’m very frugal. I’m a stay at home mom of three. And I like to cut corners, but I also love to
craft and make costumes. So I told her we’re gonna win this. – [Kelly] That is so funny! So Layla, what did you
think of the sweater? And what did you think of winning? – I thought the sweater was good, and I thought that I could
win something more exciting than just a $20 gift card. (Kelly laughs loudly) – But she likes Starbucks,
she likes Starbucks. Yeah. – Maybe, Layla, you can
earn a job to pay for those dance lessons (laughs) – Yeah, yeah. – But I’m just telling you
your sweater is amazing and it made a lot of people very happy. So you two, thank you so
much for being on the show. It’s awesome. – Yeah, thanks for having us! – I’m liking your post
right now, y’all have a Merry Christmas! – (bell sound) Merry Christmas!

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  1. Best Ugly Christmas Sweater EVER!

  2. I thought she is gonna give away some gift to the little girl

  3. I'm love Talk Show: THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW!!!

  4. 👼 Kelly can talk alot because she drinks a lot 👼

  5. TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CATMAS By Callie'n'Solace'n'friends
    Twas the night before Catmas and all the cats in the house

    were searching and rummaging for an annoying stirring mouse.
    The carefully strung stockings were pulled down on a chair
    but the annoying little mouse was not to be found in there.
    The kittens were nestling, messing the beds,
    visions of mouse burgers dancing in their heads.
    I had no kerchief and the cats hid my cap,
    I was searching every hole, every corner and gap.
    When out in the living room I heard such a clatter,
    I wondered if I really wanted to know what was the matter!
    But away to the room I flew like a flash,
    seeing the Catmas Tree was now going to trash.
    The glow of the flashlight on the decorative fake snow,
    did nothing to hide the devastation below.
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear…
    but 7 guilty looking kittens without a real tear.
    With a clever old Tomcat still lively and quick
    I knew the plan he had was going to be slick.
    More rapid than eagle wings their claws they came.
    As the old Tomcat shouted and called me a name.
    "Now slave, now cook, now cleaning litter vixen,
    get pampering'n'spoiling'n'play like a blitzen.
    To the top of the tree or the top of a wall,
    we are cats …….and we can climb them all."
    As tree decorations in a cat hurricane fly,
    batting'n'cuffing and tossing them sky high….
    Up the tree top with courser claws they flew,
    with naughty thoughts including the tree topper too!!
    And then with a twinkling crash I heard in the tree
    The entire plans of the naughty kittens of three.
    I drew in my breath and was just turning around,
    when down the tree they crashed with a real loud bound.
    All covered in needles from head to claw,
    all I could do was stand in awe!
    Mouthfuls of decorations, tinsel on their backs,
    Acting so innocent like I had none of the facts.
    Their eyes mischievously twinkled, their smiles so merry,
    cheeks stuffed with ornaments they soon will bury.
    Their drooling mouths all drawn into a bow,
    their crouched little bodies ready to go.
    They spoke not a word and went right to work,
    tearing down garland and the tree with a jerk.
    With a sly wink of the Tom's eye as he turned his head,
    I knew know there'n'then there was plenty to dread.
    He sprang into the tree giving the cats a call,
    "This Catmas jungle gym has hanging toys and all."
    I heard them exclaim as they climbed out of sight,
    "Merry Catmas to all…we're playing all night"

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