Tips and Insights for Composers series – Introduction | Brand X Music

My name is John Sponsler and I’m
one of the owners of Brand X Music And my name is Tom Gire.
I’m also one of the owners of Brand X Music And we are both the lead composers and heads of creators as well So if you like what we do, thank him You don’t like it, talk to me I guess That’s the way we like it So we thought it was about time in our career that we begin to engage and interact
with the whole social media world so we decided that we would create a multi part web series that kind of ‘lifts the hood’ on what we do creatively, how we do it Kind of level the playing field to keep it real and and identify with some of our creative people out there some people who are aspiring to be composers or people who are just curious about it and we thought it was time to invite you into our world And one of the interesting aspects about Brand X Music is that we are a bit of a virtual company so we’re not headquarters all in the same room so that means we’ve got singers and performers and composers and mixers and all of these people all over the world helping us make our music and so the fact that the team is composed of so many individuals Our combined experience in this business is, you know hundreds of years if you put it all together so we would like to bring that to you guys you may ask a question that’s not something John knows or I know but somebody we work with may have your perfect answer So it’s going to be fun for us to bring some of these talented individuals we work with and introduce them to you guys as well. This is gonna be new for us so we thought that we would launch this series and introduce a new episode every 10 days or so and we’ll cover various topics from
how we create music, what inspires us even some of the tools that we use And we’re hoping to hear from you as well to to hear what you’re curious about, what would you ask us if you were sitting in the chair right in front of us And you can check those videos out on Facebook, on our YouTube page and if you want to ask questions leave those questions in the comments section on the YouTube video or on the facebook page Or you can go visit Brand X Music’s Ask.FM site leave your question there or you can give us a shout out with the hashtag #AskBXM on Twitter and we will do our very best to respond to you guys try to fill in where we can
and just tell you what you wanna know

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