Top 10 Modern Pop / R&B / Soul Bass Lines! (With On Screen TAB)

hi it’s Tom here’s the top 10 pop R&B
and soul baselines from the past few years I’ll put the tabs up on screen if
you want to learn any of them and if there are any that you think I’ve missed
out on put it in the comments below so here it is number 10 (Teeth Bass Line) number 9 (Senorita bass line) number eight (Circles Bass Line) number seven (Feel It Still Bass Line) number six (Feels Bass Line) number five (Them Changes Bass Lines) number four (Bad Guy Bass Line) well
we’ll wait on this one you need to tune your E string down to D let’s restart it
again number three (Redbone Bass Line) number two (Attention Bass Line) number one (Whats The Use Bass Line) thanks for watching now if you’re
interested on my channel has slowed down versions of most of the bass lines from
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