Top 10 Rapper Producers in Hip Hop

Top 10 Rapper Producers in Hip Hop

One of the most common
critiques of rap music is that it lacks musicality. That, unlike rock and
country and classic music, which has guitar and other instruments, rap fails to serve a
bigger musical purpose. And for the most part,
I get it, in Hip-hop, all you see is a front man rapping lyrics with a DJ playing a back track. To the naked eye it’s
hard to get a true grasp on the composition that takes place. However, anyone who’s done
any remote dabbling in hip-hop would know that there’s
poetry, rhythm, dance, and musicality throughout the genre. Take Kendrick Lamar for example. If you listen to 2015’s
To Pimp a Butterfly or 2017’s Damn, you hear
layers, moods and complexities that not only took a massive
collaborative effort, but was directly influenced
and inspired under Kedrick, a perceived rapper behind a mic. In an 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, Zacari, producer of the track Love, spoke on the creative process with Lamar. After letting the Compton
rapper hear the record and then leaving it with him, he came back to something
completely different. According to Zacari, Kendrick
added his own production among other enhancements. “He filled in the spaces
perfectly,” Zacari says. “He sang over the hook, “so it’s almost a
call-and-response between us. “It was an unusual process for sure, “but I love what he did with it.” Like Kendrick, rappers nowadays
are a lot more involved in every step of the
creative process of a record, and you sort-of have to be that way. These days you have to
be a jack-of-all trades when it comes to being a hip-hop artist, you can’t just know how to rap. So of course there’s musicality in rap. In fact, here are 10
rappers who not only rap, but put together some of the
hottest production in the game. At number 10, we got Mac Miller. God bless the one’s that have passed away. If there ever was a question on how Mac Miller was musically, his untimely passing earlier this year reminded everyone in a hurry. While he may have started out making what some would call frat rap, with tracks like Koolaid and Frozen Pizza, he grew to became a student of the game. Building off the piano skills
he developed as a child, he picked up instruments
and even incorporated jazz and blues into his later work. His last album, Swimming,
was critically acclaimed and features a lot of that jazzy soul he picked up in his later years. At number nine, we got Pharrell. Pharrell has been rapping and producing for as long as he’s been
in the game and it shows, arguably more than any, the
musical touch in hip-hop. Starting out with his
punk-ish band, The Neptunes, Pharrell eventually
ventured out to produce some of rap and pop’s most iconic tunes. Most notably, however, was his 2013 run. He sang on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, co-wrote Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. And he received seven Grammy nominations, in some categories
competing against himself. And his song Happy was
featured prominently in the movie Despicable Me 2. Not to mention the fact
that it was iconic, and transcending in nature, bringing together all walks of life from all over the world
just to enjoy a song. If you’re gonna mention
hot producers and rappers, you gotta mention Pharrell. At number eight, we got Chief Keef. While he may have gotten
into the producing game later in his career, he’s
only 23, so he gets a pass. Yes, number eight on my list is none other the the GBE Glo Boy, Chief Keef. Mind you, the drill sound
that Keef popularized is quite simple: heavy 808’s
over a repetitive melody. He and producer, Young
Chop built quite the report coming up out of Chicago, but in 2012 the Cali transplant decided to dip his hand in the craft. 2014’s Back From the Dead 2 was his first real stab at producing, with all but four of its 20 tracks, being produced by him and he
has only grown since then. At number seven, we got Soulja Boy. If it surprises you that
Soulja Boy is on the list, it means you forgot who was the first one doing this internet rapping stuff. Yes, big Gucci Soulja is one
of the best producers out and all the disrespect is truly saddening. When Soulja Boy came
into the game in 2007, he was one of the first
to optimize the internet. His debut single, Crank That, Soulja Boy was initially
self-published on the internet and later became a number-one
hit in the United States for seven non-consecutive weeks. While Soulja receives a lot of
backlash for killing hip-hop and having dumbed-down bars, his songs all did numbers and
they were all produced by him. At number six, we got Big K.R.I.T. 26-year old Mississippi
native Big K.R.I.T. has been rapping and producing for as long as he’s been making music. Since making a splash in 2012 with the single Country (bleep) featuring Ludacris and Bun B, he’s been navigating the major and the underground waters
catering to his niche fan base. While always known for his
ability to put words together, it wasn’t until he
started really revealing that he’s the one behind the melodies that he began gaining respect
in the producer field. “I started making beats out of necessity, “’cause I couldn’t afford to pay for ’em. “And then, you know, you do freestyles “over other people’s beats,
but it’s not as original. “For me, it was like, alright, “I’ma start making my own beats.” “And it started on MTV Music Generator. “That was like, the first thing “I started making beats on, PlayStation,” he tells Mass Appeal in an interview. At number five, we got Russ. It’s not easy to like Russ. Matter of fact, a lot of
people don’t like Russ and say he gets L’s all day long. He brags about not doing drugs,
he can get corny at times and also likes to brag
about how well he’s doing, kinda arrogant. But, got dammit, he’s doing pretty well. His latest album ZOO
debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 charts, following its release on September 7th. ZOO managed to move 79,000
units in its first week. But even more so than the album sales and the sold out tours, the man produces all his own stuff. On speaking to Billboard
on his debut album, Russ mentioned the hard work he puts in. “There was no features and I produced it, “I mixed it, I mastered it, engineered it “and wrote the entire
thing myself,” he said. “That (bleep) is not regular. “Six, seven songs on
that album have plaques.” Peep him making a beat here from scratch. Say what you want about him but you gotta respect the hustle. And at number four, we got Travis Scott. Long before Travis Scott had the number one album in the country, one of the richest groves in the game, and selling out arenas, he was a producer from Houston, Texas. “I started picking up beats like at 16. “I got really serious at 17. “That’s when I put together tight beats,” he tells Complex in a 2012 interview. It wasn’t until Kanye discovered him and threw him on 2012’s Cruel Summer, that he got world-wide recognition. Now Travis is 26 with over a decade under his belt making beats and
he’s pretty damn good at it. Just in case you need a
reminder of his bangers, his contributions on his own album, Astroworld, speaks for itself. He partnered with Mike Dean and J Beatzz on Stop Trying to Be God, teamed up with FKi 1st on
R.I.P Screw as well as others. At number three, we
got Tyler, The Creator. The first time that millions saw Tyler was when he was eating and regurgitating a cockroach in one of his music videos. Now he’s curating the soundtrack for 2018’s motion picture, The Grinch. If you know anything about Tyler you know he’s of the arts
and has a creative itch that even he at times cannot scratch. He has his Golf Wang brand, label, an annual carnival called Camp Flog Gnaw, and television shows. You wouldn’t think the
27-year old Grammy nominee would try to produce his
own stuff, but he does. He’s in the Por Vida track, almost all of the production
on Flower Boy and so much more. Tyler kinda has to be in the conversation. At number two, we got J. Cole. J. Cole’s catalog is dense. With five albums and three
mixtapes under his belt, North Carolina’s finest has made a career off of thoroughly
piecing together projects and even more thoughtful songs. As he has grown up in the
game and evolved as an artist, Cole has expanded his style to touch young people as well
as old hip-hop heads alike. A now veteran in the game,
Cole has since proven what he can do on the mic
from The Come Up mixtape and The Warm Up mixtape
which is my favorite to the KOD album but Cole
is also quite the producer. Cole has been arranging beats
as long as he’s been rapping, since receiving the first
sequencer at age 15. Self-taught on the keyboard, Cole’s sound transitions from
hard bangers to soft melodies and he’s always trying to master
more engineering techniques to compensate for strings and choirs. In case you need some refreshers, here’s some of my favorite
Cole produced tracks: 2013’s Power Trip, 2014’s G.O.M.D, which, of course is Get Off
My (bleep) and Work Out. On top of that, he’s also
produced for other rappers like Wale on Bad Girls Club, DJ Khaled on They Ready,
Fabulous’ Louis Vuitton and Pusha T’s M.P.A
featuring Ye & ASAP Rocky. And of course at number one, I’m sure we’ve all guessed
it, it’s Kanye West. Earlier this month was
the eight-year anniversary of Ye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The arrangements, the production
and the overall mastermind of the entire project speaks for itself. It solidifies Ye’s legend and is arguably one of the greatest pieces
of work of all time. Kanye’s prowess as a producer can never be slept on or understated. In fact, that may be one
of the toughest things about his latest political rants, it makes us lose faith in Ye as a brand. But, contrary to his
questionable mental stability, he, still, is one of the best in the game. Just this summer he
did what most producers couldn’t even dream of, produced
five albums in one summer. Kanye might even have
gotten an album of the year producing credits on Pusha-T’s Daytona. So while Kanye is already
in the history books, don’t sleep ’cause he still got it. This was a HipHopMadness original. Make sure to stay tuned
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