Top 10 Rappers In The World 2016 | SuprTop

Top 10 Rappers In The World 2016 | SuprTop

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  1. please change the title to Top 10 English speaking rappers

  2. when the dislike bar is disabled

  3. where 2pac and biggie smalls

  4. whats the song i ll sub plss

  5. I said duck this when drake was put after 50 cent

  6. Where is Kendrick Lamar, Future, Logic, Joey Bada$$? You know, the good rappers.

  7. were the fuck is ice cube tupac eazy e WTF

  8. eminem first???where the fuck is tupac and biggie or even eazy e?….best rappers in the world?….dis nigga….drake better than 50 cent…..dis nigga is on coucain or some shit…xxxtentacion better than drake 100%

  9. notice 9/10 are black

  10. where is j cole and kendrick

  11. bull list half of them are not worthy of top 20

  12. №1 Travis Scott

  13. How tf you gonna be fucking drake at two but not even mention Kendrick Cole or logic, they actually have meaning in their words they don't just say random shit that rhymes

  14. Where is Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Chance the rapper, Future?

  15. You have no idea about rapper

  16. Tupac is the best rapper in the world needs to know that

  17. thats why i love Marshall(Eminem)

  18. Here's is a playlist of a guy who know nothing about hip hop/rap

  19. Fucking kiddin' me dude? If it is worldwide, what happens with Zico, Agust D, Rap Monster…? They rap even better than some of the list!

  20. r U Fucking Mad ? Where The Hell Is Tupac 😐Eminem Is Not Number 1 😑

  21. U put drake Jay Z and kanye ahead of Nas, 50 cent,

  22. Where is kendrick lamar, snoop dogg or ice cube

  23. Put eminem out of the list and change the title to top 9 baddest rappers in the world

  24. What the fuck is this list????

  25. Suga should be in this list

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