Top 10 Video Game Music Composers

It takes a talented individual to capture the player’s attention with a game’s musical score welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Music Composers for this list, we’ve chosen the best and brightest music composers who take us on musical journey from the first note we hear we’ve excluded composers such as Hans Zimmer and Gustavo Santaolalla who despite working on Crysis 2 and the Last of Us, respectively are mostly regarded as movie composers plus they’ve only really done one game apiece Number ten “Darren Korb” the multitalented Darren Korb was selected to write the soundtrack for the indie games Bastion and Transistor by game designer and director Amir Rao who just so happened to be childhood buddies with Korb his musical style blends different genres together lending an impressive sound designs to the games Bastion has a unique narration element with acoustic sounds evoking wonder in the exotic fantasy world the gamer is discovering while Transistor offers something more futuristic and electronic to fit its world much like the games themselves both soundtracks have received great reviews Number nine “Jesper Kyd” What do the Hitman, Borderlands and earlier Assassins Creed games have in common? besides being fantastcally fun, yet violent games their scores were composed by Jesper Kyd the danish composer beautifully crafts emotional yet harmonious musical pieces that fit the atmosphere of these games perfectlly using both acoustic and electronic elements as well as an orchestra and choir Kyd gets your heart pumping as you are about to assassinate someone as Agent 47 about to assassinate some else as a member of the creed or just murder a whole bunch of phychos as a vault hunter Kyd also composed the soundtrack for the vastly underrated Darksiders 2 Number eight “Harry Gregson-Williams” before Hideo Kojima approached him to score the much anticipated Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Gregson-Williams was a big-time Hollywood composer who never thought he’d work on a videogame luckily for us he agreed spawning a new age of high quality production values with the cinematic feel in videogames Williams has since worked on all Metal Gear solid games and he’s also composed the main theme for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare grandiose and epic Williams’ score set the stage for heart-pounding action and tense drama Number seven “Manami Matsumae” composing the soundtrack for one of the most influential games of all time Manami Matsumae also created the iconic sound effects and the title screen jingle for Megaman she was employed with Capcom in the late eighties to early nineties lending her musical talent to such games as Megaman 2 she began freelancing soon after her departure most notably, contributing to the soundtrack on the indie darling Shovel Knight she eventually reunited with Capcom and worked on Megaman 10 also fittingly enough her next work will be featured in the spiritual successor to Megaman Mighty N. 9 Number six “Jeremy Soule” synonimous with western RPGs is Jeremy Soule the man behind the music in The Elder Scrolls and Guild War series Soule started his career off in Square joined Humongous Entertainment and eventually formed his own musical production company Artistry Entertainment with which he has found his greatest successes he mixes various style of music including orchestral arreangements and tribal influences Soule has won multiple awards has a BAFTA nomination to his credit and most prestigious of all has been called the “John Williams” of videogames for his epic soundtracks now, that’s a compliment Number five “Yasunori Matsuda” with the help of the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu Yasunori Matsuda got his first job at Square as a music composer although he was really a glorified sound engineer he gave the then vice-president Hironobu Sakaguchi an ultimatum let him compose or we walks Matsuda was then offically assigned to work on a little game called Chrono Trigger his career took off and it never looked back composing music for such games as Chrono Cross, Xenogears and Soul Sacrifice with keyboard in hand he gives a minimalist approach when it comes to creating musical masterpieces Number four “Austin Wintory” the soothing sounds of flow and the emotional melodies of Journey are Austin Wintory’s claim to videogame theme the dynamic musical interaction between player actions and the gaming environment in Journey is a marvel to behold Wintory makes it high on this list because he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media for Journey this is the first and only instance where a videogame was nominated at the most prestigious award show for music giving videogames everywhere the recognition they truly deserve you can also hear his work in The Order 1886 but to do that you have to play it Number three “Yoko Shimomura” you’re gonna make it high on this list when your body of work consists of videogame exellence such as Street Fighter 2, Super Mario RPG and Kingdom Hearts the talented Yoko Shimomura has worked with legendary gaming companies like Capcom and Square honing her craft and creating fantastic musical scores mixing classical music with electronic elements we’re anxiously awaiting for the next titles she’s currently working on RPG behemoths Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 Number two “Koji Kondo” Super Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda we dare you to try to envision these things and not on their tunes in your head arguably the most iconic videogame composer Koji Kondo has created masterpiece after masterpiece for gaming’s greatest franchises if it’s a major release for Nintendo you can bet your bottom to all of it that Kondo composed the music showcasing his ability to create something magical and memorable his legacy goes hand in hand with Nintendo’s unending success Koji Kondo is to Nintendo’s music what Shigeru Miyamoto is to the company’s game design before we unveil our number one videogame composer here’s a look at some honorable mentions Number one “Nobuo Uematsu” hundreds of masterpieces have been gifted to the gaming world from Nobuo Uematsu’s incomparable imagination we get chills everytime we hear Final Fantasy VII’s one-winged angel his compositions demand attention mixing electronic guitars with classical and orchestral pieces blending both european and japanese influences but it’s not all heavy-handed melodrama since he also composed the theme for Super Smash Bros. Brawl Uematsu’s body work in the Final Fantasy series trancends everything we heard in gaming history we didn’t just make catchy tunes he elevated gaming music to unparalled heights creating unforgettable art that will forever be carved into our minds queue the victory theme Do you agree with our list? let us know which videogame music composer you would include on your list and for more awesome Top Tens published everyday be sure to subscribe to

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